Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, sometimes your smile is the source of your joy, written by Thich Nhat Hank. I thought by starting this article out with this, it may open your mind to feel a little Joy. The way the world is today, and all that we are going through, a little more joy is always welcome, wouldn’t you say? Let me give you an example concerning money, because it is a way that money truly makes all of us happy and that way is, spending it on others. When we do things for others without any selfishness in our hearts we will always experience a feeling of joy.

However, let us realize more isn’t always better, global happiness readings routinely show that the richest countries are not the most happy, in fact my friends some of the very poor countries are landing near the top. So countries such as Vietnam outscore the U.S. and Japan. Other countries closely linked peace and general prosperity with happiness, giving nations such as Freeland, Denmark being at the very top. But the U.S., Germany and other rich nations still fall far down the list.

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We have learned, and we understand, by practicing mindfulness meditation, that it can give a strong helping hand to bring about happiness in our lives. We have learned that the connection between mind and body, between well-being and physical health is absolutely real. There is scientific evidence that suggests that we should take seriously the idea that the link between happiness and health goes both ways. First happiness is but one manifestation of positive psychological well-being and it is often considered a relatively simple state.

However, boys and girls, it also includes other facets, optimism, a sense of satisfaction, our emotional well-being and having a sense of real purpose, just to name a few. But keep in mind, we don’t absolutely know if each facet of positive psychological well-being is equally strongly linked with physical health, and I am sure, that most of us want to live a long healthy happy quality life. And let us absolutely not forget about gratitude, because appreciating what you got can help you survive and even thrive, through any rough times.

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As I grow older, I can absolutely say, I am getting more appreciative of the people and creature comforters that make me feel loved and contented. It has been a few studies, that suggest, people who are regularly grateful, who acknowledge the goodness in life and the source of it, are generally healthier and happier. We’re talking about gratitude here people, that some say, it opens up the doorways for all good things. And I for one, without a doubt absolutely believe this.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, can money buy happiness?, well, research shows you can use your hard-earned cash to improve the quality of your life, however, you need to really know what to spend it on, I’m sure going through your minds at this present moment, you might be saying, I know what to spend my money on. But sadly, the new science of happiness starts with a very simple insight, we are never satisfied, and if you go way down inside, you know it is the absolute truth, unfortunately.

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With all the horrors that are invading our world by each and every giving day, money is becoming harder and harder to earn, but it is a way my dear friends, and today, we are going to lay it all out. And hopefully, persuade you to embrace a journey that can lead to prosperity, happiness, and true freedom. A journey that I give gratitude each and every day of my life, and I sincerely want the same for you. Yes it takes dedication and sacrifice, but, all things that are worth heaven in one’s life always does.

Throughout this year, many of us have been confined because of this deadly virus that has made its presence throughout our world. More people than ever before, and I’m talking millions and millions of people are doing their shopping online and this is something that the experts are saying will increase by each given day, with the virus or not. People are finally realizing it is more convenient, less expensive and they can find a larger variety of all things that might appeal to them. It is a golden opportunity for all entrepreneurs who wants true freedom and large paydays.

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What I am talking about is affiliate marketing. Plain and simple dear friends, affiliate marketing is the ultimate business model of all time. What is affiliate marketing? First let me set your mind at rest, affiliate marketing is not shady in any way, no matter what you may have heard. Most companies need affiliates to help them make money, one or just a few people can only do so much however, thousands can build a marketing empire.and believe me there is nothing shady about getting paid a commission for connecting a company with customers.

With affiliate marketing you’re not becoming a salesperson, in fact you don’t have to do any of the selling at all, the website that you are placing ask for will do all the selling for you. Let me please explain to you how it works, let us say I had a new training product, to learn how to create a website and start to collecting beneficial leads for any product that a person wants to sell. And the priced is $500, and they are happy to pay the price because if they implement the strategy that I teach in this training course. It is very possible that they will be able to generate thousands of leads for their business, that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so $500 is a no brainer.

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So, I have this outstanding training product, and I have a website that explains all the benefits of this training product and how someone can buy it. But the problem that I am having is, no website visitors and with no one to see my website well, I can’t make a single sale. Now my friends, this is where you come in, you become an affiliate for my business by joining my affiliate program, and your role is very simple, to bring a potential customer to my website, that’s your only role. Once they are on my website, my team and I can sell her or him my training product. If they buy it, I agree to split the $500 with you. After all without you I wouldn’t have made the sale in the first place, it is only fair.

Different affiliate programs will pay different amounts for those who close the sells, some pay 10%, some pay a whopping 50% and some you receive passive income each and every month, and some even pay more. Let us get back to your roll, and that is to get people to someone else’s website, how do you do this? you will acquire an affiliate link from your new affiliate partner, one that is unique, only for you. Then you will place ads on online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media platforms, and if you can, on other people’s websites.

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Let me put it to you this way, a very large percentage of the ads on social media platforms are not actually place by the business owners their selves. They are placed by affiliates, so that the traffic will go to their affiliate partners, so that they can earn a commission, this is how it is done people. Some of the companies have the ads already made up for you, that they will give to you to use. Yes it is easy, however like every occupation in life you need the right training, because there are some big dogs out there that has been doing this for a long time. You have to learn the right strategies in order to compete.

And for this, you want to be apart of the very best training platform on this planet, and that my friends is Wealthy Affiliate. Who’s been around for over 15 years with over a million members. Wealthy affiliate is considered to be the best of the best, and they are. I know firsthand, I am a member, since April 2018, I make a very good living, and I can work any place in the world, all I need to have is my laptop with me.

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I am not saying this to brag, but only to assure you that Wealthy Affiliate training truly works. Because, before I join Wealthy Affiliate, I was a computer dinosaur for real, and didn’t have any real knowledge concerning internet or affiliate marketing. By the way, now they have their training platform set up so you can actually use your smartphone, you don’t even have to have a computer, how wonderful is that.

I can remember having a lot of doubts and a lot of questions about affiliate marketing, before I made a commitment, that this is what I was going to do. There was this little voice in my head that has been put there by many years of conditioning from my parents, the media, and society in general, I’m sure you know the one. What if this doesn’t work, what if you invest the money than discover it is harder than you thought. Most businesses fail what makes you think you’ll be any different. I am sure the people who actually get results has a lot more money, experience, and talent than I do. My God, I probably won’t be able to do this.

However, than I thought about it in a whole different way, I asked myself at the end of my life, well I look back on this decision to try to build an online business, and live an extraordinary life as a result of that business, with no regrets even if I fail? or will I be glad that I at least tried? Well I’m sure you know the answer, so I made the decision and give it my all. And made a promise to myself, never to quit no matter what. And if I succeed, help all the people that I possibly can, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, I always keep my promises.

My friends, after being ripped off twice on Facebook by two different so-called marketing gurus, I had nothing but doubts going up and down my spine. However, I have never been a quitter, and after talking to a good friend who turned me on to wealthy affiliate my spine became straight, I became brave and I took the necessary action and join wealthy affiliate. I am so very glad that I did, because my 9 to 5 job no matter how long I work for that company, I would have never made the kind of money I make now, and I would have never even imagine the kind of freedom that I have now. And this my dear friends is what I sincerely want for you.

You can walk through the door and become a member of wealthy affiliate without putting out any of your hard-earned money, and you don’t need to give out your credit card information or your cell phone number, with no commitments on your part. Wealthy affiliate will give you 30 days free to decide if it’s a good fit for you. Now let’s make this absolutely clear. This is not some guys off of one of the social media platforms with some group that have given you and everyone else a promise that he can do this or do that and at the end of the day, he’s trying to sell you something that you don’t really need. You find out he’s not really what he said he was, and he’s trying to sell you some training course that’s never proven to work in the first place.

Wealthy affiliate is a university, to teach you the correct way, so that you can be successful in Internet or affiliate marketing. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything to do with internet and affiliate marketing is taught. Including how to market on YouTube. And strategies for all the social media platforms. As I told you, wealthy affiliate had been around for more than 15 years, they are extremely well-known, and has received a 5-star rating. There is a lot of very well-known and wealthy entrepreneurs who received their training from wealthy affiliate and this is the undeniable truth, I know many of them.

This is your shot, to receive the necessary training, to be apart of the internet growth, to live life on your own terms. You have nothing to risk, nothing at all. If you truly want a new life, that can give you true freedom, to be able to do all the things that you have only dreamed about. To give your loved ones the good life, isn’t it worth checking out. Most of us spend most of our time at home now, so this is a golden opportunity to create that new life, wouldn’t you say?

My dear friends, don’t let this slip through your fingers because of doubt, or fear, be brave, at least take the action, and check-out Wealthy affiliates University. Strolling through Facebook, can’t wait till later, that television show you will be able to see it again. Rise up to the occasion, and create a life with no regrets. This is an opportunity like no other, and once again, there is no money coming out of your pocket. Do this for you, do this for your loved ones, take the necessary action now, click on the link below.

May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.