The power of social media is everything, when it comes to making money online, however you must know how to use this power, and to never ever abuse the power. One of the things that I was taught when I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, from a gentleman by the named Kyle, who is one of the owners as will as one of the instructors of Wealthy Affiliate, was always be honest with your audience (potential customers), never lie. He also taught me if you can give the solution to someone’s pain they will pay you for it. It could be the pain of not knowing how to do a certain thing, or the pain of a marriage problem, or a physical problem. The point being is, if you have the solution, you will get pay for it.



What if you did one thing every single day?

See there’s a power, not outside there, not outside of yourself. But there’s a power inside of you that if you did one thing, every single day.

Your world would begin to change, to shift and to transform!

Posted by Setema Gali Jr. on Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Okay my friends, let us just dive into it, if you already been in the game of affiliate marketing social media, for some time, consistently generating some traffic but not making a lot of sales, than theirs an obvious reason: you’re unfortunately targeting the wrong group of people. It is like you’re selling new cars, and yet you are getting clicks from people who are very happy with there existing cars and have no desire at all to buy a new one.



You may be wondering, how do I search out these individuals who are at the end of the buying rainbow, ready to spend money? The very first and the moist obvious answer is to put yourself in there shoes and open your curiosity and ask, where would they most likely go? or, How would someone in that position behave? You must get inside the mind of your prospects. People’s behavior on social media can tell you a lot about who they are and how close they may be to buying.



Most people usually go through the same process when buying anything online. They begin as an uneducated prospect, always doing a heavy broad-based search on there options. Let us take the example of someone like me back in late 2015, who wants to learn how to make money online, however, I had no clue at all how to do it. One of the first places they’ll go to is Google, yahoo or even YouTube, using there search engines. Sitting in front of that very empty search box, they will begin, what, my friends, would that person type in?

You must start thinking about these sorts of things, so you can get into the minds of your potential customs, (affiliate marketing social media), Would this person type in a phrase for a search, like affiliate marketing? No, no, no, this individual doesn’t even know what affiliate marketing is. Instead, they’d probably start with a more generalized search like, how to make money online. Believe me, this five word phrase gets typed in on Google hundreds of thousands of times every month.



If you are in the business of instructing people how to make money online, or social media, and you can get your website ranked in the natural search results on this page (first page being the best), it can be worth a lot of money for you. It is also one of the most competitive search terms today, in the online moneymaking niche.

In December 2015, Google recommended you bid at least $2.15 per Google AdWords click if you wanted to use, (make money online), as your keywords, by the way keywords is how the search engines finds your article,(your content). That’s just clicks: there’;s no guarantee anyone will sign up for your lead capture page, ( affiliate marketing social media ), much less buy what you’re selling. Furthermore, other individuals will be getting there versions of the same Adwords online. So my friends right away, our prospect is presented with a variety of options they can click on. They’re always usually going to research (click) on more than just one.



And they start to learn, it is indeed possible to make money online, doing affiliate marketing, and there are many methods of doing it. They think, Hmmmm, sounds very interesting-let me learn more about that. So they go back in front of that computer or cell phone again, only this time for affiliate marketing. Now they have a new set of results coming up-totally different to the first. This phrase is searched for, 74,000 times per month, much less than make money online, we’d, expect that, taking in consideration, it’s a more specific phrase that fewer people would know about.



So the newbie starts clicking on all the different websites shown, and learning about how affiliate marketing social media works-about the business model, and about these things called cookies that track sales back to the marketing efforts of the specific affiliate partners. More than likely, they probably subscribe to a few marketing lists and are soon receiving emails from different marketers-people like me, who spend time and money to get there marketing in front of these individuals.



They begin to read all about different place where you can become an affiliate and start earning commissions. And of course, the vultures unfortunately are out there, showing pictures of them living in a mansion (supposed to be living in a mansion), showing pictures of them standing by a $250,000 sports car. Telling these newbies they can earn a $1000, $5000, $10,000 a day, all they need to do is joining there program, so the newbie joins there program. Only to walk down a dark alley with a dead end, with the loss of there money.

How sad it is, if only the newbie had understood before they go on that journey, they will need to be educated on the process, to learn the many things about affiliate marketing social media, before they ever begin that journey. I must admit I was one of those newbies walking down that dark alley. Then one beautiful morning I was enlightened by a friend who turn me on to Wealthy Affiliate, what a great day it was. I learned what I needed to learn, now I make money in the affiliate marketing game. Please believe me I have not learned it all, I am still a member of with over a million and a half other enterprises.



In every given day I learn something new, to help me on my journey to the top of that mountain of success. “After” I got ripped off by a few of those affiliate marketing supposed to be experts. I made a promise to myself if I ever start making, a decent income from affiliate marketing, I would write this article. To help the newbies to not make the mistakes that I had made. My friends if you truly want to be an affiliate marketer you must be educated on how to do it right, so that you will make money.

You will not find a more sophisticated platform on this planet than wealthy affiliate, you will not find an organization with all the tools that you will need to be successful than wealthy affiliate. You will not find a better community than it is in wealthy affiliate, you will not find an organization that will care more about your success than With all of my heart, my mind, and my spirit I recommend, I encourage you, to click on the link below, if you’re serious about being an affiliate marketer, if you’re serious about making money. Today the decision that you make can determine your future in the affiliate marketing world.



May Prosperity be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.