In early 2018, I made one of the most powerful decisions of my entire business life. I decided to invest a few thousand dollars in an online business program. This was after being pitched for over an hour on a live webinar, and then they call, me on the cell phone, the call was from the person who generated me as their lead. I had so many negative doubts, I remember having a lot of questions about the program. It sounded like something I could do, it sounded easy.



However, there was that little voice in the back of my head that had been put there by a lot of years of conditioning from my blue-collar parents, the media, and society in general. I am sure you know the one: What if this doesn’t work? What if you invest the money, then find out it is harder than you thought? What makes you think you will be successful? Most businesses fail, and I’m sure the people that are getting results have a lot more money than you, more experience, and talent, you probably won’t be able to do this.



But then I thought about it a different way, I asked myself, at the end of my life, will I look back on this big decision to try to build a business online, and live an extraordinary life as a result of that business, with no regrets even if I do fail? or will I at least be glad that I tried, so that I don’t have to live with that what if, in my head? The answer was obvious, so I made that decision to buy right there at that very moment. With some enormous fear and excitement, I pulled out my credit card and purchased it.



I started promoting peoples products, doing affiliate marketing, making a little money here and there, however, I wasn’t making the money that I was promised I would make. When I try to get a hold of the program coach he became a ghost, there was no help to be found. I remember sitting at my dining room table with my head in my lap, with tears running down my cheeks, telling myself it was all lies, they ripped me off. I had question marks forever in my head, I hadn’t even made the money back that I invested. Then, of course, the little voice came in my head, you are so stupid, you were born in a blue-collar family, you are never going to be successful.



I did not even dare to tell, any of my friends and family what I was doing, and what was happening, sadly a lot of my friends and family did not believe in me because the ‘A’s and ‘B’s were typically employed by the ‘C’s and ‘D’s..the academics will not make it when it comes to running their own business successfully. I stood up from my dining room table, dry those tears off my face, in a very loud voice I said I will not quit, I will not give up, I will succeed no matter what, I CAN DO THIS.



Got on Facebook, begin talking to friends that were involved with affiliate marketing. All of them told me the same thing I needed to be educated in affiliate marketing, in order to succeed. I told my friend, I don’t have that kind of money to take a risk on some online affiliate marketing course. Then he said, I am your friend I want you to succeed, trust me on this. He then texts me and said, it will not cost you any money to join, the first month is free, the second month will cost you $19, the third month will cost you $49, with no increase after that. In that first month, you will be able to decide if you want to stay or not, and it’s not costing you anything, it is a win-win for you.



What is the name of this organization, and what are they going to teach you? The name of the organization is My Wealthy Affiliate. Some of the things that they will teach you are:


  • How to get inside the mind of your prospects
  • How understanding the buying spectrum can exponentially increase your profits
  • Choosing the correct business model
  • How to find the right niche
  • The value of targeted traffic
  • Learning the language of your market
  • How to attract your ideal customer
  • How to send cold traffic & generate commissions
  • How to generate large quantities of quality clicks
  • Free traffic vs paid traffic
  • How to scale performance-based media explained
  • How to use YouTube
  • How to increase sales with Emails
  • How to write content
  • How to get conversions
  • How to generate sales


Paul this is just the beginning, this is not even half of what you can learn. You can also have a private coach, it comes with the program. Every Friday, they got this guy by the name of Jay that gives life coaching, he is incredible, he is full of valuable knowledge. Then they got literally hundreds of videos concerning affiliate marketing that you can view anytime that you want. They even have affiliate programs you can join if you want to. To top it off, you can have up to 10 websites, and you build them with ease.




By this time I am blown away with all of this information he’s giving me. Then he says Paul, you will have all the tools that you would need, so you can become successful on the internet. Some of the biggest, successful people that you see around on Facebook, received their education concerning affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. This is a program that finally gives an average person everything they will need to become successful. Paul never let others define who you are or what you should be, Just because others have given up on their dream does not mean you need to give up on yours.



That night, that whole night I could not sleep, I tossed and turned thinking what should I do. The following morning, I called my friend and told him that I’m going to do this, I’m going to join Wealthy Affiliate. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. This business allows me the ability to enjoy time freedom while making more than a full-time income from my laptop-all while helping other people achieve their own dreams and goals. I get to do it on my very own flexible schedule and while traveling the world meeting people from all types of backgrounds.




No I do not own a $250,000 sports car, and I do not live in a mansion, however, I live in a very comfortable home, and I can buy anything that I truly want within reason, I am indeed extremely happy with my life. I can’t guarantee if you join Wealthy Affiliate, that you will be successful, however, I can guarantee if you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have all the training and tools that you will need to become successful. You don’t need a college degree, you don’t need a lot of capital to invest, you don’t need to be “tech-savvy” or great with computers. You only need to believe in you and have a will to succeed, I sincerely hope to see you on the inside. There is a link below that you can join Wealthy Affiliate today, do it for you, for true freedom, and your future, by the way, if you ever need me for anything, please reach out to me.



May Prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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  1. Hello Paul,

    This is an interesting article. I loved how you wrote about your experiences within online businesses. My situation is also somewhat similar to you. And I have to say that I am one of those lucky people who came across Wealthy Affiliate program and started their training merely a few months back. I am still learning. CIf it’s alright could you please tell me how much time it took for you to earn an income from your first sale? I am still new to this online marketing and I am still having doubts. That’s why I asked. 

    Anyway wish you much success in the future as well.🙂

    1. Good evening Anjali, thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. Everything that I said in this article was the absolute truth. I will never forget that moment sitting in the dark with my head in my lap with tears running down my face, it was something that felt like someone slapped me across the face and said stop whining, get up and do what you know you got to do. And since that moment, I have been pushing Non-Stop, everything inside of me refuses to give up. I have plans within plans and I will succeed. Wealthy affiliate was a blessing for me, and it is still a blessing for me. It doesn’t matter how much money I make, I’m always going to be a part of wealthy affiliate. The answer to your question, only a few months, however the good money only in the last 6 months, and it’s getting better all the time. Here’s some advice for you, let no one interfere with your dreams, never stop, never give up, believe in yourself, and believe in what you are doing. If it’s anything that we can do for you by all means please reach out to us, may you be always surrounded by prosperity, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. Your story reminds me so much of my experience years ago when I lost money in an MLM. Like you, I was determined to not quit. I knew affiliate marketing could work, it was just a matter of learning SEO and learning how to create my own website. That was when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to trust one more time and I am so grateful that I did. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who has been struggling to make money online. 

    1. Good evening Wendy, thank you for once again,  visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, it is good to see you. I feel the same way, I know it could work because others was doing it, and if they could, so could I. Yes indeed we both thought the same way, Wendy I too felt that it was a blessing from Heaven, to be a part of wealthy affiliate. And, after researching dozens of the so-called top affiliate programs, absolutely none of them come even close to wealthy affiliate. I made a promise to myself, if wealthy affiliate work for me I would spread the word, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, it has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with helping others to succeed. If it’s anything that we can ever do for you Wendy, please reach out to us. May Prosperity be always with you, humbly your Paul Earl.

  3. What an inspiring and uplifting post. Always interested to read about someone’s journey from a difficult situation to success. It seems you’ve come a long way in a short time, partly thanks to Wealthy Affiliate but mainly down to your own self-motivation and self-discipline. A big well done from me.

    1. good evening drinkteahub, thank you so much for your kind words, yes indeed I have come a long way however, I am not finished yet, I’m going to go much farther. Wealthy affiliate, I respect and love with all of my heart, this organization took me by the hand, and showed me the ropes and this organization is still showing me the ropes. For anyone that truly want to know this business, wealthy affiliate is the place to go. we think you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, if it’s anything that we can ever do for you please contact us. May Prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  4. Most of us have been so programmed into the employment mentality that getting out and starting an online business becomes the biggest fight of our lives. Your story is very similar. I also battled with online entrepreneurship and there were always those many doubts. After I got scammed, I still did not give up. I somehow found Wealthy Affiliate and the journey has been great. I have learnt and is still learning all there is about Affiliate Marketing. I now know that this business model works and it only requires hard work, dedication and patience. I am on my way to living a financially free life, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for this great and inspiring article.

    1. Good evening Caro, yes indeed you and I have experienced some of the same things, however it made you as well as myself stronger. We both have in our hearts we will not give up, we will not stop no matter what, and we will reach the top of that mountain of success. We both were blessed when we found wealthy affiliate, I myself could not have accomplished what I have accomplished without wealthy affiliate, and I made a promise if I ever done really well in the affiliate marketing game I would tell as many as people that I could possibly connect with, about this outstanding company. I’m making money now and I’m going to make a whole bunch more by helping people, as we have been taught you help someone to be removed from their pain they will pay you for it. It doesn’t matter how rich I may become I for one will be a part of wealthy affiliate forever. We thank you for visiting  weightlifting for a beautiful world, if it’s anything at all that we can do for you by all means please reach out to us. May Prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  5. This is a great story! It is too bad that scammers are still prowling the internet and that it also happened to you. It happens to so many of us … But you found a much better platform. I also signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, I did it last year, and it was also one of the best decisions I have ever made. You are absolutely right when you say that there is a lot of training, and Jay’s webinars on Fridays are so informative. I always learn something with him. 

    It looks like your story is on its way to a happy ending 🙂 Very inspiring, and I hope that more people will sign up. Wealthy Affiliate is an honest platform and it gives you a wealth of information, tools, and help. If anyone is looking to learn more about affiliate marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. 

    1. Good evening Christina, we thank you for visiting us here at weightlifting for Beautiful World. I am very happy that you enjoyed our article, and thank you for your kind words. yes Indeed scammers are out there, you have scammers out there even now with this crisis. They’re acting like vultures ready to take innocent people who are trying to build a home business for their money. It hurts my heart to know that these people are able to do this and not get kicked off Facebook, or other social media platforms. Yes indeed, I feel extremely blessed for being turned on to wealthy affiliate, this is the most honorable program that I have ever come across. And even when I am on top of that mountain of success, and I will be, I will always be a part of wealthy affiliate. May you have a blessed night, and if it’s anything at all that we can ever do for you, just give us a shout. May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  6. Sadly, scams and legit, but NOT worth the price type of products are everywhere in the internet, which makes it very easy to find something etchical. You’ve done a great choice by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m curious, from how much time are you in the platform, and are you earning a full paycheck from affiliate marketing by now, and if yes – how much time did it took you?

    1. Good evening Victor, and thank you for visiting us here at weight lifting for a beautiful world. Yes my dear friend, the scammers are everywhere, they’re even out there now in this crisis, giving all kinds of promises and taking good people’s hard-earned money away. To only lead them down a dark alley with a dead end, it is so sad.

      I began here at wealthy affiliate April 2018, within a few months I was making little money here and there from people joining wealthy affiliate through me. About the middle of 2019 I begin to make a little bit more money however, it’s just started to kick in at the end of 2019 and now I make a living doing what I am doing.

      The products that I sell from our website is CBD oil, my daily Choice CBD oil, and of course convincing people to join wealthy affiliate. I have a 4-man team that helps me with research, and the testing of products at Boston College for our website. Now I’m going to tell you something, it’s going to sound a little strange however, it seems to be true.

      When you hit between 250 and 400 articles, is when the money begins to fall from the sky for you. This has been true for a lot of people who are making big time money here at wealthy affiliate. Thank you again for visiting us, and if it’s anything that I or my team can do for you please reach out to us. May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours, Paul Earl.

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