From my heart and spirit I say to you, welcome THE JOURNEY HERE.

In 2002 I begin to lift weights with no trainer, with no real knowledge in what I was doing.


Other than picking up a weightlifting magazine here and there, I had no understanding of the importance of weight lifting supplements in what major role they played, however I was gaining muscle gross I was starting to look good. I did not have the slightest idea that I was hurting myself. I was piling all the weight on the bars that I could lift trying to impress others that were lifting around me.


By doing so I was always hurting myself, pulling out my shoulders a few times , screwing up my wrist for a while, and I even hurt my lower back at one point, which in turn created a lot of down time for me to heal. At one point I just completely stop. this pattern was on and off for years, then finally, a close friend who was a weightlifter sat me down and gave me some schooling. However, by that point I had screwed up my hips completely from putting on 600 to 800 lbs on the sled, a machine for your legs. I had to have both of my hips replaced. I screwed up myself so badly that I was on a walker, barely able to move, in pain 24 hours a day.


Being on a tons of medication it was not good. As I was planning for the surgery I made a commitment to myself that I would learn all that I could possibly learn concerning weightlifting and exercising to help others not make the mistakes I made. I am now a trainer I am in grade A CONDITION. I am on a mission to educate as many people as I can.




  • To give you true knowledge concerning weightlifting and exercising in general.
  • To educate you concerning supplements, only recommending the ones that we know truly do what they say they are supposed to do.
  • To keep you healthy
  • To keep you looking good
  • To give you the tools that will give you longer life.



We strive to create a foundation that you the public can believe in and trust.


For information, for help, for understanding.

If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at

I wish you all the best, may all your days be what you want them to be.

Humbly Yours,

Earl Richardson

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4 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY HERE

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  1. Very inspiring story! I’m so sorry to see you have gone through such pain to get to where you, hopefully, still are doing wonderfully. You are someone that people look up to when times are tough and times are very tough right now. I saw you had some videos I’m going to check out. Have a blessed day. Thanks again.

    1. Good morning Frank Roberge, and thank you for stopping by weightlifting for a beautiful world. And I thank you for your kind words. The path that we take is what moles are future, the necessary difficulties is our book of Knowledge, and no matter what the ups and downs maybe we must push on. And let nothing or anything stop us on our life Journey of value. Once again, thank you for stopping by and if it’s anything that I or my team can do for you please reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

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