We all want to know how we actually measure up, and that my dear friends is a good thing. Exercises do a lot better when they are test and retesting theirselves. Being a personal trainer, I have learned feedback motivate people when it is positive, and helps to redirect their efforts when it is not. It is not just about winning your age group in the local fun race either, having an honest benchmark of your own fitness level gives you a concrete number to beat. It is essential for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound goals. (S.M.A.R.T.)

That is why it is a very good idea to regularly assess your cardio, strength, power, balance and flexibility: the four pillars of physical fitness. Go ahead and put yourself to the test come-on, then use the strategies that I have laid out for you to improve your score on any or all front, (you can do this).


How Aerobically Fit Are You? Here's a Simple Way to Find Out

How will you find out, walk a mile.

Not everyone is a runner and you don’t have to be in order to be fit, but if you can walk a mile you can estimate your VO2 max, this is the measure of how efficiently your body uses oxygen. This is important because studies have suggested that, whatever your weight, higher levels aerobic fitness may be protective against health conditions like diabetes and yes, even early death from all causes.

How Running Can Make You Aerobically Fit –

>Lets try it, head to the track or use your car’s odometer to measure out a one-mile course. Walk the distance as fast as possible, timing yourself with a stopwatch. As soon as you are finish, check your pulse. If you have a heart-rate-monitor watch, you are set. If you do not, DIY by feeling for it on your wrist. Count the beats for 10 seconds and then multiply by six to get your beats per minute.

>Score it, search on the internet for the Rockport Walking Test calculator and plug in your gender, weight, and age, time for the mile walk and your heart rate at the end. Or you can calculate it yourself with this formula: 132.853-(0.0769 × your weight in pounds) – (0.3877 × your age) + (6.315 × 1 if you’re Male or 0 if you’re female) – (3.2649 × time in minutes) – (0.1565 × your heart rate).

Rockport Walk Test Calculator | Taste For Life

A score of around 40 is good for men that are in their 30s and 40s. And if you’re 48 or higher, my God you’re a stud. For women that are in their 30s, 37 or above is very good. Female and over 40? Aim for 33 or higher. A number of 40 or above is exceptional.

>Get faster, To improve your score, add intervals short bursts of higher- intensity effort to your cardio. Workouts. Since they push your lungs and heart to work harder than they’re used to doing, they deliver faster results than if you were to continue at your regular pace. We used to believe that intervals were only for the super fit, because they’re very difficult, however, they can benefit everyone.

Everything You Need to Start Biking Like a Pro – Robb Report

You can reap the benefits of intervals with the cardio of your choice, biking, running, and etc. After warming up at a conversation pace, pick it up to a new level, where it is hard to get a full sentence out for a few minutes. Slow down to recover for three or four minutes and then repeat, now aim for 20 to 30 minutes total. As you become fitter, incorporate intervals in a variety of speeds and duration to challenge all of your muscle fibers. What that means is, short and fast effects of just 20 to 30 seconds all-out as well as longer intervals of 8 to 10 minutes at a pace that you can just maintain for that amount of time, followed by a period of recovery.


Concept illustration of flexing biceps. Illustration credit: Kaitlyn Beukema

> Want to find out: See how many push-ups and squats you can do

While the truest measure of strength is the greatest amount of weight that you can lift with any given muscle group, those tests can be grueling and a little risky. Instead, try testing your muscles endurance on two key exercises, push-ups and squats

>Try it

  1.  The push up test, get into a plank position with your elbows bent and your hands planted below your shoulders. You men should extend your legs, supporting yourself on your hands and toes, your body in a straight line from head to the heels. Women should do a modified push up on hands and knees. Always keeping your abs tight, straighten your elbows to press-up. Repeat and count how many that you can do until you can’t go any longer.
  2.  Squat test: Stand with your feet hips width apart, your toes pointing forward. Always keeping the weight on your heels, bend your knees and sit back. Aim to lower until your thighs are parallel with the ground, keeping knees behind your toes. Push into heels to stand. Count how many reps you can do until you need to rest.

Score it. For the push-ups, 13 to 19 is a solid count for women that are in their 30s. For men that are in the 30s, 17 to 21 is a good score. For our squat test, about 30 is a good number for women, between 36 and 45, for men that are 36 to 45, aim for a count in the upper 30s. If you’re up to a decade older than that, subtract five from your goal number, if you’re younger, add five.

13 Ways to Maintain a Strong Company Culture as You Grow

>GET STRONGER: The recipe for getting stronger is to create what we call an overload. By regularly challenging your muscles to do a little more than they’re used to. You can do this by using weights, resistance bands or body weight exercises, like squats and push-ups, two to three times a week. If you do it only once a week, you just may find that you feel sore after every session. Shoot for 8 to 12 reps, for each exercise.

While practicing push-ups and squats, to make sure you hit all your major muscle groups, you should include moves that will involve pushing, pulling, squatting and twisting. Also, exercises that use just one leg or arm at a time tend to be very effective.


5 Simple Ways To Become More Flexible - The Fresh Toast

>How to find out: Since your hips and hamstrings link your upper and lower body, they are a good gauge of general flexibility. The tests here are preferable to the classic sit-and-reach, which can sometimes aggravate back pain.

>Try it. Lie face up on a bench or an exercise table with your legs hanging off the end. Bend your right leg and pull your knee toward your chest. Next, lie fully on the table or bench both of your legs extended; lift your right leg toward the ceiling without bending your knee. Do both tests on each side.

>Get more flexible. Lie face up in a doorway, left your knee bent and your right hip near the right side of the door frame. Extend your right leg to the ceiling, back of your leg against the edge of the door frame. Flex foot, pressing your heel toward the ceiling. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat this on your left leg. Do this three to four times a day.


How to Create a Balanced Life: 9 Tips to Feel Calm and Grounded

>How to find out: Lets us do the Romberg test. Balance may be the easiest component of fitness to ignore while we are young. It’s the unsung hero that keeps you from totally wiping out when you step on a patch of ice and will help you stay upright on a moving train. A will-tuned connection between your body’s sense of space and your muscles firing is essential to every move that you make, from standing on your tiptoes to reach the top shelf, and from walking to running.

The Romberg Test: Measuring Balance Impairment in MS

If you have a sedentary job or life, you may not even realize that you have a balance issue until it’s too late or a fall happens. And it is not just about preventing falling. The research shows that not only is poor balance, a risk factor for musculoskeletal injuries like ankle sprains, but also, training your balance could actually make some positive changes in your brain to improve memory and spatial reasoning.

>Try it. Stand near a wall with your feet together, your arches touching, and cross your arms in front of your chest. Set a timer and close your eyes. The goal is: stand this way without you wavering or falling for one minute. If you can do this, you have a good baseline for balance. (Overachiever?) Try the sharpened Romberg test: stand with your feet in line heel to toe, with eyes closed.

>Score it. If you can do the sharpened Romberg test for 60 seconds, it’s a very good sign.

>Get better balance. Practice the Romberg test. Go to the level that feels safe for you, even if that’s sitting on the edge of your chair with your feet together; aim for four 30- seconds holds. Progress to standing with a narrow stance. If you ace this test, incorporate balance into your strength training with one-legged exercises like lunges or by turning two-legged exercises (like a bridge) into one legged ones (extend one leg).

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Well alrighty my friends, there you have it, don’t just put this article away and forget about all you have learned. You know exactly what I mean, we are all guilty of it one time or another. While it is fresh on your mind, take action people, just kidding, hahaha however, don’t forget about this, make the time and take the action that is needed.

May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl

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  1. It’s very important for us to keep track of our health, I mean how healthy we are and this is really based on how we live, keeping fit at all times helps healthy living and also what we eat determines too. There are so many times people day that of you master nutrition,you don’t need exercise, do you think this Is right?

    1. Good evening Bruce, thank you for stopping by. It is very important that we eat the right and correct food for our body and our lifestyle, and if possible work your food combined with your DNA. As far as exercise, your body is like a car. If you don’t keep it tuned up and put the oil and brake fluid in that car, it’s not going to serve you very well. Your body is the same way, if you don’t exercise and eat the right food and have the correct nutrition,  your body will not serve you well,or last as long as it should last. You cannot have a healthy body without exercising, that is the bottom line. Once again, we thank you for coming to visit weightlifting for a beautiful world. And if it’s ever anything that we can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. Hello Paul, Been fit is something we all want but sometimes we get too lazy to do the things that will make or keep us fit. For me exercising is a daily ritual and even with the current lockdown I have been very religious with my exercises. My wife could make do of this fitness tips you have given and I will like to share with her. Great article

    1. Good evening Justin, thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. I am so very happy that you understand the importance of exercising and I am hoping that you understand the importance of eating correctly and having the right nutrients within your body. if so I see only a beautiful long quality life for you and your wife. If you ever need anything at all don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of my team. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  3. Oh, this is very good and I’m happy that you can tell us that we can be healthy and also how we would be able to eat good to stay healthy as well. I have learnt so much from reading this post which is really good stuff for me. I’m sure I’ll be coming here more often too. Thanks!

    1. Good evening Sue, my team and I thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, and I am so very happy that this article was helpful for you. If we want to live a long quality life with happiness, a long quality life with happiness within our spirit, we must exercise, we must eat properly, we must maintain a good balance of nutrients. And we must have mindfulness, I sincerely wish you a long healthy quality life with sincere happiness Within. Once again, thank you for stopping by and if it’s anything that we can do for you, by all means reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with, you humbly yours Paul Earl 

  4. Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is interested in healthy and fitness. Every one knows that health is everything, but doesn’t know how to realize healthy and fitness goal. Your article gives useful guidance on how to measure health and fitness.

    I particularly like your SMART benchmark. Health and fitness goal needs to be specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. This is what I need to do. 

    It is my first time heard about the four pillars of physical fitness. I am definitely going to keep in my heat in terms of maintaining my physical health.

    1. Good evening Anthony Hu, I am happy that you took the time to stop by weightlifting for a Beautiful World. And I am Overjoyed that you truly understand the importance of exercise and living a healthy life. There are so many people within our world that truly don’t, and thank you for your kind words. Yes the pillars of fitness is a beautiful thing. By keeping a benchmark on what we’re doing on a weekly basis it gives us an understanding of our strong points as well as our weak points, it’s sort of like a roadmap to have an excellent health. If it’s ever anything that my team or I can do for you please reach out  May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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