At any age you can be FIT-HEALTHY

I’m here today to let you know, in the 20s, in the 30s, in the 40s, in the 50s, it doesn’t matter (YOU CAN BE FIT) . In your 20s you want to begin to lay down the materials needed to have strong bones that can sustain you through your life. The almighty Vitamin D plays a major part in your bone health, says Mike Roussell, PH,D.shoot for 600 IU OF Vitamin D daily, Eat lots of tuna, egg yolks, sardines,salmon, Swiss cheese and milk.

You are now in your 30s,( the nutrients you need now) healthy fats my friends- the hallmark of the Mediterranean diet. Studies have shown the risk of heart disease may be reduce which is the top killer of men. Seek out polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats including omega-3 fatty acids. Eat more nuts cashews, almonds, macadamia, eat more avocado, mackerel, anchovies, oysters, and do more olive oil.

You are now in your 40s, Fiber, it fights heart disease, it fills you up and will prevent you from filling out the pants. Hear this,  science shows it is a fighter against cancer, colon cancer particularly which can start forming around the 40s. Fiber can be delicious, however if  you must,  psyllium-husk supplements may work for you. Try to eat more squash, collard greens, asparagus, raspberries, mangoes, guava, blackberries all very good for you.

Now for the big 50s (Potassium) our risk of hypertension increases every year, Potassium can balance sodium in our diet, it also supports healthy blood pressure. Greens that have potassium, as a bonus also tend to be rich in fiber that will help with the control of blood sugar. My friends please remember Potassium supplement can be dangerous, it can lead to heart issues if too much of it is use. Try to eat more clams, brussel sprouts, potatoes, lima beans, beets, lean ground beef, artichokes, and apricots.

Let us talk about nuts once again, all nuts are packed with many nutrients, also are very rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and minerals, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin E, and many antioxidants, also anti-inflammatory phytochemicals (Ros 2010). Peanuts are very high in protein, Pine nuts and walnuts are higher in polyunsaturated fatty acids, cashews, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts have a higher proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids. Walnuts are the only nuts really rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid. It is a very small amount of (ALA) in pecans. Almonds are higher in vitamin E and calcium than other nuts. There is no downside to any nut, (EAT MORE NUTS MY FRIENDS)

As you are aware of exercise plays a major role in staying fit, It doesn’t matter how old you are, you still can incorporate an exercise plan in your life, doctors urged to prescribe more exercise. Alarmed by all of our overwhelmingly sedentary and unhealthy population, our healthcare leaders are now reaching out to physicians and to their industry to routinely prescribe exercise. In the U.S. just half of the adults meet the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines. How did we get this way? Community plans just didn’t pay enough attention to sidewalks and biking trails,  Lack of opportunities for active commuting discouraged biking and walking to school, to work and to the stores. A lot of our schools began neglecting physical education, placing their attention on academic subjects, not recognizing the notable benefits to attention, executive function and academic performance when physical activity is incorporated into a school-day. With the overwhelming popularity in video games, has also become a danger for incorporate a lifelong exercise plan Even with all the benefits of the basic exercise like walking so easily in reach, so many people are still not taking advantage of it. My dear friends I am urging you no matter what age you are to begin to eat healthy, to incorporate an exercise program in your life. If you truly want the possibility to be in your favor of living a long quality healthy life, you must incorporate healthy eating and exercising.

Before you start any exercise program please check with your doctor to make sure, that you don’t have any health issues that will prevent you from starting an exercise program.

May your health be all that you want it to be. Humbly your Paul Earl.


The article was design to help people to stay FIT-HEALTHY by eating the right food and exercising