I have been receiving tons of questions concerning supplements. What are the best workout supplements for men? What are the best workout supplements for a woman? What is the best protein powder?

Today i will give my opinion, hopefully this will answer your questions concerning nutrition and supplementation. Nutrition is defined by the sum of the processes which an plant or animal takes in and uses food substances for repair of tissues and growth. A basic understanding of nutrition is vital to the safety and the success of your workout goals.

Having a nutrition strategy can enhance the results from stimulus of exercise, improve your health and athletic performance, and reduce the risk of illness and disease. It can increase your energy levels, and nutrition can help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Before we go any further let me point out, I am not legally qualified to practice in the field of nutrition. I am only giving you my opinion and knowledge I have gathered throughout the years.

Let’s talk about protein. The primary function of protein is to repair and build body tissues and structures. It is also involved in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, and other regulatory. Protein can also be used for energy if calories or carbohydrates are insufficient in your diet.

Protein requirements can be affected by anaerobic and aerobic exercise, total energy intake, caloric intake, and carbohydrate intake. During a negative energy balance (or caloric deficit), amino acids are used to assist in energy production or (gluconeogenesis), wherein protein requirements may dramatically increase.

Protein intake can also be adjusted to aid in individuals seeking fat loss, who may benefit from protein by feeling full and  for energized throughout the day.  Protein can be useful to quickly get amino acids into the blood before and after weight training, to replace whole food protein for weight loss, in situations when whole food is not available as for bodybuilders, wrestlers, or weight conscious athletes preparing for competition.

My recommendations for best protein is 100% whey protein. The best place to buy is G.N.C or on Amazon. also a pre workout supplement is a good idea, my recommendations are N.O.FURY, by SIX STAR, for better muscle pumps, delivers A PRECISE DOSE OF ARGININE-A NITRIC OXIDE PRECURSOR.


Let us not to forget about CREATINE, which enhances muscle performance, and improves recovery between sets. My recommendations are SIX STAR X3. Before starting any diet or exercise program consult a doctor. I truly hope my recommendation will be helpful.

Humbly yours Paul Earl

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