You may not like what I am going to recommend you to do. Give up the TV, give up the headphones, give up the cell phones, when you’re on the treadmill or working out. I get it, you feel you deserve it, you’re putting your energies in to breaking a sweat you deserve a pat on the back, for keeping your body in good shape. Hip hooray for you, however the experts are saying, toss away the diversions, bring into your routine a more mindful approach, by doing so it can pay off big time for your brain and your body. I am not talking about meditation, however if you want to throw it in go for it, I am talking about cultivating present moment awareness.

When you become 100% engaged in the light of exercising, You will not only improve your physical results you can also boost your appreciation with enjoyment of the experience which could very well ultimately help you to stay committed to a long term fitness routine. Yes it is challenging to be focusing on the here and now, especially when you are working your butt off, and can’t wait to get to that beautiful shower.

Luckily we do have some tips to make it all a little easier, as you probably know teachers of Yoga recommend centering one-self at the start of class. I recommend that you try that before your workouts, by taking deep inner body breathes. When you inhale imagine beautiful rays of the sun bringing particles of concentration into all of your body. When you exhale know and feel all the distractions, and stress,worries are drifting away from you, from your work-out. The inhale will provide the peace that is needed to be able to focus on the present.

Bringing all of your attention to the activity that you are involved in, that can make it easier to reach that flow, that state, when you are 100% completely immersed in your workout. When that happens your workout’;s difficulty will decrease, you will actually, yes, yes, perform better. When you finish working out tell yourself that you are grateful for your body’s ability to move, always show some self kindness, I assure you by adopting this more mindful approach your workouts can absolutely become beautiful, it did for

May your workout be all that you want it to be

Humbly your Paul Earl



META Description The importance of having a BODY and MIND CONNECTION when you are EXERCISING






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20 thoughts on “BODY-BRAIN C0NNECTION

  1. Awesome!What an incredible blog post; Thanks for this wonderful enlightment.This is an expensive information that is very hard to comeby on any blog and i must say its an eye opener for me. Exercise should be done on daily basis in order to stay giant and effective.I have decided to put myself of daily exercise routine in order to improve my physical result.

    Thanks for this indepth analysis

    1. Good evening, I am very happy that you enjoyed the article I am also overjoyed that you are going to be exercising. Keeping your body fit, creating a better quality life for yourself,. I just want to jump up and down and scream and yell with excitement. Please keep in mind the body and mind connection it will serve you well. I think you for your comment and I truly hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article. I found it simple and precise. It’s good to at times take a deep breath and do some yoga in order to refresh the mind and keep it cool. Though staying away from headphones, smartphone and the likes maybe difficult at first am gonna try this. Thanks again. 

    1. Good afternoon, I am very happy that you enjoyed the article, you are absolutely correct in everything that you have said. Removing yourself from devices when you are exercising is like giving yourself a gift from heaven. Breathing exercising will increase your motivation your tranquility it will make the outcome of your workout extremely satisfying. I thank you for your comments, I sincerely hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl. 

  3. This is an excellent post and I really learn more from it. A friend of mine once told me never to create distractions whenever I want to learn and grow, try to learn and grow naturally he said. Reading it from your website really gave me a clear view about what I needed to do during my gym hours, would love to read more of great contents like this from your site, keep up the good work. 

    1. Good afternoon and thank you, well your friend definitely had the right idea. The body and mind connection is outstanding for any sort of physical exercise, it is like serving exercise on a silver platter, the benefits are so many. I thank you for your compliments and comments I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again

      Humbly yours Paul Earl.  

  4. I’m agree with your article here. There was a day when I can’t get my phone working because the battery is very low, and I must survive that day walking with my friends going around in the city. It’s actually refreshing without distraction. I can imagine if I give up on any modern devices and other distratction when doing exercise or any other productive activities. I’ve tried yoga and it really works to improve the connection with my body and brain. Maybe I will start to do it more frequently. Thank you for article.

    1. Good afternoon my friend, people are insanely committed to their cell phone use in the health clubs. I was so upset about it a few months back I wrote an article about it. If you have the opportunity read it I am sure you will receive a smile, the article is named cell phone lock up. Yoga goes hand-in hand with weightlifting it really does, the body- mind connection is absolutely fantastic for weightlifting it changed everything for me, then I found out the giants in weightlifting do exactly that. I thank you so much for your comments, I truly hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again, may your workout be all that you want it to be. Humbly your Paul Earl

  5. Your article, interesting as it is, brings a bit more questions than answers I think. But I also think that is on purpose. No?

    Why is there a 0 and not an O in “connection”?

    Why is the domain name challenging my brain and my conformity?

    Apart from that, I agree. Focus on the task at hand and you will get so much more from your workout/session.

    1. Good evening my friend, you are correct we do make posts that encourage you to ask questions, this way you get to know us better, we get to know you better, so we will have a bridge of trust. Also it gives our readers a opportunity to ask about thing that they are truly concerned with. To answer your question about the zero instead of a (o) that was a typo error, I think you for bringing that  to my attention as for the (u) that is not in beautiful it is a inside joke  among us, it will always remain that way. I have found out through the years from my interactions with many different trainers and a few of the big boys of weightlifting the body and mind connection leads to many benefits which includes muscle tone a faster increase of the size of the muscle, enjoyment, removal of stress, building more confidence to name a few. I am here today to tell you it works, I thank you for your comments I also sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World  again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl.  

  6. I hear what you are saying about centring yourself in the moment, and when I am doing an activity that is relatively easy to achieve. Not only do you push even your mental efforts into your exercise but it is far safer as you are also aware of your surroundings. However I fail to see the benefit of remaining in the moment whilst pushing yourself through a gym routine.

    Tell me is there any scientific data around the benefits gained?

    1. What I am explaining is by using the connection of the brain and body it will increase your benefits, you will find that the majority of the great bodybuilders used this technique. By focusing on that body part that you are pursuing, your workout will develop faster. Instead of having your mind maybe on our dear President  have your mind on your bicep. By connecting the body and the mind in your workouts your workouts will become much more intense, enjoyable, and the results are usually positive. Whatever body part that you are working on that day, that moment connect your mind to that body part. By the way you are absolutely correct it is far more safer to be aware of your surroundings. I think you for your comments I also sincerely hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl.

  7. I enjoyed looking over your site.  It is informative, easy to navigate and well written.  I am 70 years old.  An athlete in college, I have enjoyed physical activity my whole life.  I have spent a great deal of time in the gym on my own and with personal trainers.  Over the last year I have altered by routine to maximize cardio and to maintain some kind of muscle tone without the impact on my joints of free weights.  Do you see any advantage to free weights throughout life over weight machines.  I have switched exclusively to weight machines for all exercises.  Also, I am now doing 1 set of 30 or 36 with as much weight as I can move that many times rather than 3 sets of 10 or 12 reps with more weight.  Is there any advantage to doing more sets at heavier weights.  My rationale is maintaining strength and tone not building muscle.  For example, rather than 3 sets of 10 reps of presses at 90-100 pounds, I will do 1 set of 30 -36 reps with 60 pounds.  it feels different, but it seems to work for me.  I enjoyed the site and will keep reading.  Great work.

    1. I can relate to all that you are saying, I am 67, and I can do anything a 30 year old can do. I do not do sets of 10 anymore, I do sets of six I also combine machines and free weights, because they hit the muscle different. A good routine for the chest as well as the arms is drop sets, if you’re not familiar with that technique this is how it works, use all dimes and nickels put your max on the bar. After each set take a dime off on both sides of the bar, until there are no more weights on the bar. It will blow your mind how this will increase that muscle part, as you probably know when you use heavy weight that is to increase the size when you’re using the lightweight it will give you definition more muscle tone. You are absolutely correct the machines will affect your joints a lot less than free weights . If what you are doing is working for you keep on doing it, but please try to connect the body and mind it does work wonders. I think you for your comments, I also sincerely hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  8. Thanks for this educative article, It is obvious that maximum attention needs to be given to enable a successful body to brain connection during exercise. This post goes further more to explain that the more we keep physical fitness, the more our brain works and the smarter we become. Definitely going to boost my body and thinking with this approach.

    1. Yes, yes you understand the connection, your body will improve faster, better, if one does this. You will find that the majority of the great bodybuilders use this technique. I think you for your comments I truly hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  9. What a challenge and I’d say I am up for it.

    Most people I know who love to work out in order to stay fit say the only way they’ll be able to enjoy spending time on their treadmills is when they do it while watching their favorite TV show. They reason that sweating it out on the treadmill is a lot healthier than eating chips on their couch while watching TV. They also say that having listening to their kind of music keeps them focused and motivated while doing their regular morning jog. 

    And as someone who does the exact same things, I can honestly say entertainment definitely helps keep me stay on track. And here you are telling me that these are actually diversions that need to be set aside so as to be completely immersed in my work out. 

    But hey, if the reward is greater, why not. I’ll give it a try and I’ll come back to let you know it goes.

    1. Many years ago my trainer told me as we were working on chess that I should always focus with my mind on that muscle part that I am working on. He went on to say if you will  do this you will become one with that muscle and that muscle will become what you wanted it to be. He was absolutely correct, I do understand, yes I get it, a lot of people don’t really want to work-out so they use the T.V. or music to block out what they’re doing. However if they become one with the muscle, the results in what they’re seeking will happen much faster. I can not stress the benefits that you will receive if you combined body and mind. Thank you for your comments, I truly hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again. May your workout be all that you want it to be.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more, the time for working out is not the time to be listening to top list songs. The body has to be in synchronization with the brain in order to free it from any troubling thoughts, that’s what works for me. I’ve seen a lot of people with earplugs while using the treadmills and I wonder if they get the best out of the time spent. 

    Usually, working out is a time to refresh myself which I call it “rebooting my system” so I try as much as possible to avoid any distraction. Thanks for the information. 

    1. You are truly on the right road, as you have mentioned about so many people with the ear plugs on I to see this myself each and every day. This is one of the reasons I wrote this article, because they are truly not becoming  one with their body. Whatever muscle part that you are working on you want your attention on that muscle part. Thank you for your comment I hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again. May your workout always be the best.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

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