You may not like what I am going to recommend you to do. Give up the TV, give up the headphones, give up the cell phones, when you’re on the treadmill or working out. I get it, you feel you deserve it, you’re putting your energies in to breaking a sweat you deserve a pat on the back, for keeping your body in good shape. Hip hooray for you, however the experts are saying, toss away the diversions, bring into your routine a more mindful approach, by doing so it can pay off big time for your brain and your body. I am not talking about meditation, however if you want to throw it in go for it, I am talking about cultivating present moment awareness.

When you become 100% engaged in the light of exercising, You will not only improve your physical results you can also boost your appreciation with enjoyment of the experience which could very well ultimately help you to stay committed to a long term fitness routine. Yes it is challenging to be focusing on the here and now, especially when you are working your butt off, and can’t wait to get to that beautiful shower.

Luckily we do have some tips to make it all a little easier, as you probably know teachers of Yoga recommend centering one-self at the start of class. I recommend that you try that before your workouts, by taking deep inner body breathes. When you inhale imagine beautiful rays of the sun bringing particles of concentration into all of your body. When you exhale know and feel all the distractions, and stress,worries are drifting away from you, from your work-out. The inhale will provide the peace that is needed to be able to focus on the present.

Bringing all of your attention to the activity that you are involved in, that can make it easier to reach that flow, that state, when you are 100% completely immersed in your workout. When that happens your workout’;s difficulty will decrease, you will actually, yes, yes, perform better. When you finish working out tell yourself that you are grateful for your body’s ability to move, always show some self kindness, I assure you by adopting this more mindful approach your workouts can absolutely become beautiful, it did for

May your workout be all that you want it to be

Humbly your Paul Earl



META Description The importance of having a BODY and MIND CONNECTION when you are EXERCISING