One discovery, I have made through the years is that most people view all millionaire status as only a pipe dream, they always enjoy thinking about what it may be like to be wealthy, however view it as something that can not be attained. My friends,  that is the wrong way to think,  you see,  millionaire status is a goal that can be worked toward and achieved, just like earning a degree, buying a new house, or retiring early. In other words my friends, if becoming a millionaire is something you really want to do, you must establish it as a goal, you must want it with all of your heart, put a time frame on it, work backward to create a plan that will get you there. There’s no reason it can’t be, as long as you believe it is possible, but first you must believe in you. Our world’s richest people, the people who know the most about building wealth and what it will take to achieve it, do understand that time is a scarce resource, meaning it’s a resource that’s not to be squandered. Those precious ticks of the clock that once gone can not be recouped. One you truly understand this simple fact, you will no longer just dream, you will stand up to the plate, do the things you know you must do to acquire your dreams. In this time, that we are living in, we have amazing opportunities with unlimited resources, to build wealth, to be able to make unlimited amounts of money from the comfort of our home, or anywhere that we may choose, by engaging in affiliate marketing.



There is such a thing as being too attached to our money, I was once guilty of this. I’d spend many hours each day trying to write articles that I hoped would get ranked in the search engines, so I could get those free leads. I also spent a lot of money with those so-called marketing gurus, that promised to show me how to generate endless free leads. I never, found one that actually delivers. Just like any toddler who wants to learn to walk, will take many falls, before actually learning, I had to learn the hard way, that I needed help. If you want to get good at boxing, you’re going to take some punches along the way, if you want to become a great boxer, you will need a coach, or trainer.



I’ve always been a dreamer, and something of an outcast, I followed my dream and played music, I even spent two years attended Berklee school of music in Boston. I did achieve a level of celebrity in Massachusetts, but not enough to pay the bills. I ended up working dead end jobs to only survive, then I discovered Internet Marketing and decided to change my life, to learn how to build wealth. I, worked hard for almost a year, but did’t see any results, I was depressed and almost quit. Then a friend turned me on to Wealthy Affiliate, I was very, very, skeptical in the beginning, I said to myself here we go again another scam. However, my friend convinced me to give it a try, and it was free for the first month, only $19 the second month and then only $49 for the third month with no more increases, so I said to myself why not. Boy oh boy was I surprised, after joining wealthy affiliate I found out,  I didn’t really know anything about this affiliate marketing business.



I remember how hungry I was for success, I was willing to do whatever it took to build wealth. My friend told me if you want to build wealth with all of your heart and spirit, and willing to put in the work, do the training here at Wealthy Affiliate,  you can succeed. Oh my God,  and what training Wealthy Affiliate had. If you want a personal coach you can have one, they have live training with this guy by the name of Jay every Friday night that gave you the inside scoop on everything to do with Affiliate Marketing. There are hundreds of videos on every topic to do with Affiliate Marketing at your disposal anytime, 24 hours a day. It was no excuses now, I knew in my heart I had finally found an organization that was for real, that walk their talk, I could now learn how, the right way to build wealth. I could have up to 10 websites, build with ease if I wanted them, with every internet marketing tool that I would ever need. I felt so blesses I finally had the opportunity to build wealth for real.



It had been almost a year ago that I started this journey with Wealthy Affiliate to build wealth. No I am not a millionaire, and I don’t live in a mansion, and I don’t have a $250,000 sports car, however I make a extremely good living. I can work anytime that I want, from any place that I want, I am Free, with money in my pocket. With absolutely no worries about paying my bills, I can go anywhere in the world that I want anytime that I want, what a beautiful, beautiful feeling it is.



The reason that I wrote this article today, it is my way of adding value to this world. To help those who truly want to build wealth, to help people to get out of the prison of 9 to 5, to illustrate a way for everyone that truly wants Financial Freedom. I am now offering you,  yes you my friend,  and everyone, who reads this article to come into the inside and join Wealthy affiliate, to build wealth, to be free. I sincerely hope that I will see each and every one of you in the inside. May Prosperity always be with you, humbly your Paul Earl.












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    1. Good evening my friend, it is a great opportunity, and this is the time to be a part of WA. I an now inviting you to be a part of WA, is a amazing organization, where you will have the training, and all the tools that you will need. I hope to see you in the inside. By the way you can join us through this website. May Prosperity be with you.

  1. I think anyone looking to build an online business and who is looking for a mentor should take a look at this!?. Hey what has one got to lose? Really? Ask yourself that very question, as a matter of fact ask yourself are you successful enough to NOT take a look?. If you don’t have a mentor, INVEST in yourself! Right Now! Right Here! ? Stop procrastinating and start you journey to success. How bad do you want it? Are you HUNGRY? for it???

    1. Good evening, I think you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. You are absolutely correct, what I find is the average person does not realize , they must invest in their selves. Their dreams of financial freedom is not going to magically appear because he or she is wishing for it. It takes belief in oneself and dedication and also hard work. I can truly say with all the platforms that I have checked out Wealthy Affiliate has the best, also the best training available. If one is sincere about internet marketing Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. With all of the tools that one would ever need, I sincerely feel blessed to be a part of this organization. Please feel free to drop by anytime you are most welcome, humbly your Paul Earl

  2. I think you for writing this post, it has helped me a great deal, to be truthful I was almost ready to just give up until I read this article. Once again thank you so very much and may you be blessed, and I’m going to do exactly what you recommended, I’m going to tell him a few of my friends about this website also. I know they want to do this, they just don’t know how, your article is really going to help them.

    1. Good evening HewiH, I thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. One of the reasons I wrote this article way to help people from giving up, I have been there, and I know how it feels when it seems like no matter what you do it just doesn’t work out. I have been taken advantage of by the supposed to be guru’s of the internet, and left down in a dark alley with my money gone. I promised myself a long time ago if I ever got on top of this affiliate marketing game, I would help all that I could. Today I am very happy that I was able to help you, and point you in the correct direction. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams, or what you are doing, believe in you, believe in what you are doing, no matter what, and with the proper instruction I guarantee you, you will be a winner. You will reach your goals. May Prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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