Wealthy Affiliate -Review

A very good day to you my friends,  on this day I am giving you a review on wealthy affiliate,  let us start by understanding what you can accomplish by creating your very own affiliate market business. It can allow you to go from a life constructed by a lack of money to one where […]


  SINGLE-SET SYSTEM Throughout the many years there has been many systems incorporated into weightlifting. Today I;m going to outline many of those weightlifting systems. Let us begin my friends, first we will start with the single set weightlifting system, as the name suggests this system uses 1 set per exercise. Recommended are a single-set […]


Core training has become a quite popular fitness trend over the years also a common method of training. The objective of core training is to uniformly strengthen all the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and to move the trunk of our body, the muscles of the back and the abdominals. Historically a vast […]


There is so much Hollywood hype, locker rooms talk throughout the health clubs about PROHORMONES. I have come to the conclusion it is time for me to speak on this subject. I have done my research to come up with the truth, as it is said the truth shall set you free. A large variety […]


  With a healthy body and a healthy mind you can be unstoppable in all areas of your life. Like any other body part our brains are basically built out of all the food we eat, food also affects our emotions. “If”we give our bodies higher quality fuel it will work better from the top […]

At any age you can be FIT-HEALTHY

I’m here today to let you know, in the 20s, in the 30s, in the 40s, in the 50s, it doesn’t matter (YOU CAN BE FIT) . In your 20s you want to begin to lay down the materials needed to have strong bones that can sustain you through your life. The almighty Vitamin D […]


To keep being sharp, you need an army of minerals, vitamins and a host of other nutrients. A good example is, to ensure that messages are being exchanged between neurons you need magnesium, so you can create memories so you can learn. Unfortunately oven half of us Americans do not get enough magnesium, the bottom […]


You may not like what I am going to recommend you to do. Give up the TV, give up the headphones, give up the cell phones, when you’re on the treadmill or working out. I get it, you feel you deserve it, you’re putting your energies in to breaking a sweat you deserve a pat […]


Get the first ten minutes of your day right, expose yourself to as much light as possible, even if the sun is not up. Light of the morning has a biological stimulating effect, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are closed. It is how our internal clock knows it is time to start our day. […]


A trio of sentinel coverage area girls, Samantha Jefferson of ocoee, Cheyanne DuCharme of Hagerty, and Oviedo’s Alexis Jones, set Florida high school Athletic Association records while winning state championships at Friday’s Class 2a girls weightlifting stats championship meet in Panama City Beach Destiny Colgate of Wintere Springs won the 129-pound weight class to give […]