CBD oil gave the comeback King Tim Don his comeback. Try to imagine this, you are in the very best shape of your entire life, you have just crushed the Ironman world record by more than 4 minutes (7:40:23). Then, only a few months later you’re in Kona for the 2017 Ironman World Championships, you are one of the favorites to win. However, three days before the big race, out for a relaxing spin on your bike, then all of a sudden, like lightning striking a tree with no warning, you’re hit by a truck and your neck gets broken. Suddenly instead of that medal around your neck, you are now wearing a metal halo brace.

The nightmare begins, it takes four screws, sunk into your skull, in order to keep the halo and your upper spine in place. Your mind, your heart, your life is smashed, although everyone is being optimistic and encouraging, however, deep down they (you) know even Ironmen do not return from something like this. But somehow you do, you refused to give up, you secretly start going to the gym. Three months later that halo comes off, your brain is screaming Hallelujah. The holes in your head are finally healed. In April, you enter the legendary Boston Marathon and you run a 2:49:42. Six months after that you return to Kona and finish 53rd out of more than 2,000 competitors in 8:45.

As you’re crossing the finish line, you heard someone yelling you’re a hero man. This man is Tim Don, to look at him-only 5-foot-8, 143 pounds-you’d never ever expected there was so much strength, fortitude, and junkyard-doggedness in there. But, Tim Don is among the most ferocious comebacks ever. This amazing 41-year-old Brit achieved it all without losing his trademark grace and wit.

It was CBD oil that helped Mr. Tim Don come back, although he was not introduced to it until after the worst of the enormous pain from the accident had subsided, he contends it played a very big role. I’ve been a consistent user of CBD tincture for the past 18 months-five squirts each and every day, in the morning time and five at night [for a grand total of 50mg CBD oil per day], and I’ve recently started using its Warming Relief rub, says Tim Don. It, without, a doubt helps with inflammation from my daily training, and I do believe it helps me with sleep as well, which is a key component to having proper recovery.

There, were many hills and valleys during the 2018 “season-lots and lots of psychological swings from being restricted with my training, from all the fitness I’d lost, trying to qualify for the Ironman World Champs. I sincerely think that the CBD oil played a solid role during that rollercoaster ride. Good training is all about consistency. Consistency relies on very good recovery. So the bottom line: CBD oil is one of my tools that I used to train at my best possible level.”

Just like other elite athletes, Mr Tim Don, admits to being hesitant about trying CBD oil. But, when my managers suggested it I absolutely didn’t really know anything about CBD oil, says Don. There is also the stigma and connection with other cannabis products that naturally made me apprehensive. As a professional athlete, I’m cautious about everything and anything that I put in my body. But, I’m also, always looking for that awesome edge, and recovering more effectively is indeed a great edge.

As our man Mr. Tim Don works to make his way back to Kona, he is now encouraging other athletes to experiment with CBD OIL, however, only after doing their own homework on the brands and products. Let us keep in mind that despite all the excitement and hype about what CBD oil can and can not do, it’s an unregulated market with a very unfortunate broad range of quality. (VERY FEW COMPANIES HAS TOP QUALITY CBD OIL, AS MY DAILY CHOICE, HEMPWORX, DOES).

When it comes to setting goals and achieving the impossible, always remember that the best goals are usually a bit crazy Don says. He goes on to say, to an elite athlete, that’s what drives us. It is doing what the people say we can’t do, it is pushing our bodies to the max, to the extreme. I don’t want to ever stop and then say, well I could have, I should have, I would have, so why didn’t I? I much rather reach for something that’s very high, because you know what they say: When you are reaching for the stars, you might not make it, however, you’ll still be in heaven, now imagine that.

CBD-infused drinks are sweeping the USA: And with very good reason: They help us to calm down, hydrate, and recover. Here are a few of my personal favorites,

Pinkies out, you tea lovers, Neurogan balances the grassy, earthy flavor of full-spectrum Danish hemp with chamomile, and delivers 3ng CBD per tea bag. Sweeten it with a little good old honey and add, o yes a squeeze of lemon for a calming wind-down after that stressful day, or just before you crawl into bed.

Colonel Sanders would no doubt approve: These bubbly beverages are infused with hemp oil sourced from Kentucky (and Northern Europe). Made with sparkling water and fruit flavors and they are sweetened with organic cane sugar. (it is so very good I’m drinking one now), each can contains 25mg of CBD. With a trio of crisp, delicious bright flavors- cranberry orange, and blueberry raspberry pomegranate, cranberry ginger, and o yes, they’ll go great with that bucket of fried chicken, I know this for sure because that’s what I’m eating now.

Visit the South Ser island within your mind, made with freeze-dried coconut eater, and laced with electrolytes, and vitamins, and minerals, these powdered drink mixes are all free of any added sugars, sweeteners or colorings. They are packaged with a solid 25mg of CBD in a micro-encapsulated form that allows for faster absorption, (my team and I start our day with this every morning). The single-serve packets are ideal for any sports: toss a handful into your pack before running, hiking or even lifting weights. They will adjust your attitude, not your (high) your altitude.

My friends, the company that you can depend on for the best quality CBD oil, (this is not a sales pitch, it is a fact) is My Daily Choice, (HEMPWORX) and please believe me, I have tried a great many brands, and this company truly deserves the recognition for having some of the best top quality CBD oil on this planet, My Daily Choice can help support your health and your lifestyle goals. For more information on My Daily Choice CBD oil click the link below.

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May you be always in good health

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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  1. This is an absolutely amazing story, thank you for sharing. I know that many people use CBD oil to calm down, exorcism from anxiety, is this what Tim Don used it for? Or was it too help his pain tolerance while he started back through his training? I am a big proponent of CBD oil myself, I’m glad the stigma concerning it is slowly going away at a national level, although I live in a state that will probably be one of the last states to legalize CBD oil and cannabis in general. 

    1. Good evening Travis, thank you for visiting us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. He used CBD oil for pain and his overall health, as I stated in the article he is still using it and encouraging other athletes to use it. Believe me he is not the only athlete that is using CBD oil, I wrote about him because I admire him so much. Yes I know a few people that live in states that they’re not able to buy CBD oil legally, however they have been going out of state to purchase it, and I am in no way saying that you should do the same thing. CBD oil is changing lives throughout the world, there is so much scientific and medical evidence, to back up what CBD oil can do for the human body and brain, what a wonderful thing it is. Once again thank you for visiting us, and of course if it’s anything that we can do for you please contact us. May you be always in good health. Humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  2. You literally do not know how beautiful it feels to read this article right now. I really like this post because I was able to draw out the life lesson that makes the World a worthy place to live in. Mr Tim is really a legend and if I can, I would try to read more about him and the things that end up guiding him to the top. Cbd oill actually work wonders and I love every bit of it. Great one here

    1. Good evening Rodarrick, as always it is really good to see you, I sincerely hope that life is treating you very well. Oh yes yes Tim, is one of my personal Heroes, what this man has accomplished before and after the accident  is extremely amazing. My friend I am very happy that you enjoyed this article, it makes my team and I feel very good about ourselves, and what we are doing. As you know we are very sincere to help all that we can to live longer with a quality life. As always I thank you for visiting us, and as always, if it’s anything that we can do for you just let us know. May you be always in good health, humbly yours, Paul Earl. 

  3. Wow…Thank you for such a powerful article it really opened my eyes to my own emotional attachment even though it’s small things they too are still attachments.This has helped me make more of an informed decision. Only thing is that I thought it was going to be more on weightlifting but still great work.  

    1. Good evening Wes, my friend the name of our website is indeed weightlifting for a beautiful world, however the name represents, lifting the troubles of the human body, off the shoulders of mankind, by giving the knowledge to everyone possible, that will help to give Humanity a long quality life. My team and I are extremely sincere about our mission. We are literally investing thousands and thousands of hours in research, to gather the necessary information, to help our readers become physically mentally and spiritually fit. We thank you provision weightlifting for a beautiful world. If it’s anything that we can ever do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.



  4. Seeing what CBD has done to Mr Jim moto and what he was able to achieve even with such bad health within a short period, I say that is really a great thing that has happened. Wow! Thank you for sharing his story. Cbd has been generally addressed as the miracle product but I never truly believed that until I read this. Wow!

    1. Good evening Bella, I think you for visiting weightlifting for Beautiful World. Yes indeed my friend CBD oil is changing lives throughout the world, scientist and the medical world are now on stage with CBD oil, given the necessary evidence that it is indeed a  a miracle cure. However CBD oil is not created equal, it is a lot of garbage out there, the stuff at the party stores the grocery stores your gas stations are all garbage. There is one company that I recommend and that I trust, the company that I am a client of as well as my team is, and that company is my daily choice. This CBD oil does the trick I know for sure, it is the purest, grown right here in the USA, and the owners of this company care about Mankind, their involvement goes beyond money. If it’s ever anything that my team and I can do for you, please reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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