Weightlifting For A Beautiful World is always on a progressive mission in finding the very best Health products available for our readers. With our dedication to serving others, I am sure that most are aware of the many health benefits of CBD oil. W.F.A.B.W. has been searching for the purest form of C B D oil that is available, to day I’m very happy to say our mission was successful. From a company that is not just out to get your money, their products are made from industrial hemp plants grown on American farms.



Cannabidiol (CBD), is a constituent that occurs naturally in the industrial hemp, however it is only one of over 85 cannabinoids that has been identified in the cannabis plant. This amazing company CBD oil is CO,2 extracted, resulting in a solvent-free, extract that is pure. This company mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality product lines, to empower families from around the world through good health.

This company is not a one-product or a one-ingredient company, their industry-leading combination of products and services uniquely positions them to dominate multiple categories. My friends I will no longer hold you in suspense, at this moment I am feeling very proud and honored in having the privilege to introduce this company that is second to none in the CBD oil industries, the name of this company is MY DAILY CHOICET, ( HEMPWORX).



I’m now going to share with you a true story, how this company began, Jenna Zwagil was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disorder, she grew more and more passionate about alternative and holistic health. Jenna came to the decision to implement a gluten-free diet, and with all of his love Josh Zwagil her husband joined into support her. Although after some time her health began to transform for the better, however she felt that something was still missing.

She was still experiencing being sick after eating, Jenna doctors informed her it was something that she would just have to accept. Being a strong woman and not willing to just settle, Josh and Jenna began experimenting with CBD OIL in 2016 after reading about its many benefits. Jenna experienced some relief, but they both wanted much more, Josh began to search for the purest form of CBD available and finally found it here in America on a beautiful farm in Kentucky.



Just in a few hours of trying the oils Josh had sourced, Jenna began to feel better. Then something amazing happen, within a week Jenna health began to restore itself, however this was just the beginning, within a month, she no longer had any symptoms. After Jenny had experience this astonishing recovery, she wanted to share CBD oil with the world. In fact, Jenny told Josh if he didn’t get on the bandwagon to get this CBD oil to the masses, she was going to, with or without him, it was that amazing.



Together the dream was born and became a reality, the Zwagils created Hempworx, a product line inside of My Daily Choice, in May 2017. Since introducing HempWorx, My Daily Choice has become one of the most fastest growing MLMs in marketing.




Scientists are now calling it, the miracle medicine. A new amazing breakthrough that is helping people around the world of all ages with a verity of ailments to completely reverse and treat serious medical conditions. Doctor Sanjay Gupta on CNN: explains some of the benefits of CBD oil. Dr, Sanjay Gupta, who is a neurosurgeon, a medical professor, and an Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent concluded, the science is their. We the people have been terribly and systematically misled, for all most 70 years, here in the United States, CBD oil can truly help you.

Welcome my friends to the future, CBD oil had been found to have benefits in regard to neuroprotection, in limiting neurological damage following trauma and stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.



CBD oil is truly a miracle, that had been given to us by Mother Nature, my friends believe me the Pharmaceutical companies are not happy.

HempWorx products, which are created by My Daily Choice, are differently some of the most powerful and the most potent hemp products on the market. CBD, one of the cannabinoids in hemp, is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for its very wide scope of benefits thanks to a growing body of honest scientific evidence. It is also known for a lack of psychoactivity, which is typically associated with marijuana products.




CBD oil is in big demand, and that demand is growing rapidly by the day. Unfortunately, that means that the market is flooded with many imported and poor-quality CBD. HempWorx is very different, HempWorx work with a team of in-house scientists, geneticists, and botanists, and are partner with state universities to ensure unmatched quality. All of HempWorx products are made in the USA: HempWorx control the supply chain from seed to the sale. Mously Hippocrates famously once said, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food: HempWorx, does indeed take all of this very seriously, extracting their oil with a subcritical CO2 extraction method, which ensures that the potency of the phytochemicals and phytocannabinoids in their finished products.



My friends, I am extremely healthy, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, however I had one problem. I had arthritis in my left hand, some mornings after I had woken up my fingers would be curled over and stuck down. I would have to pull them open with my other hand, the pain was overwhelming, unbelievable. The pain had brought tears out of my eyes many of times. I had read many testimonies about CBD oil helping people with all kinds of health problems. I said to myself why not I got nothing to lose.



I tried CBD oil, from a couple companies, it helped a little but never took the pain completely away, never stop my fingers from curling over and being stuck. A few months later a good friend explains to me how the CBD oil that he was taken stop the pain in his knees, that he had been experiencing for years. Kevin knew of my arthritis, he said to me, try some of the CBD oil that i am using. Kevin explains to me it was a lot of poor quality CBD oil being sold. He gave me a bottle, I took it home, the following morning I began to take the CBD oil twice a day.



Two days later I woke up with my left hand and fingers being normal with no pain. I was totally amazed, I called Kevin, give him the good news and of course I wanted the information that I would need to purchase more. My friends CBD oil is not created equal, My daily Choice is my choice forever. I then turned on a few of my clients to My Daily Choice CBD oil, who had different health problems, and could not find anything to give them relief.

One of my clients had lower back pain, not anymore since he started taken My Daily Choice CBD oil. Another client suffer from anxiety extremely bad, not anymore since he’s been taking My Daily Choice CBD oil. This fantastic results is what inspired me to write this article. I stand here today humbly and truthfully with a smile in my heart saying to you, My Daily Choice CBD oil is a miracle, it does work. Weightlifting For A Beautiful World gives My Daily Choice CBD oil our stamp of approval with five stars.

My friends if you are suffering with pain or just want to increase your overall good health, I strongly encourage you to click the button below for life-changing results.


May good health be always with you. Humbly your, Paul Earl.



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  1. This is an excellent post. I am so interested in CBD oil that this post really helped fill in some blanks for me. I have chronic back pain and after reading your post I realized that I need to try cbd.  Now unfortunately I live in Canada and all the good CBD oil is in the US right now and they don’t ship to Canada.

    I am hoping when edibles and oil are legal here in a few months that it will be easier to buy. Great job with your post. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Good evening Coralie, I’m happy that you had the opportunity to read this article. If you remember I mentioned a client that I have, that  was also suffering from lower back pain. After using this particular CBD oil he no longer feels the pain. Also my other client if you recall who was suffering with anxiety in a big way is no longer suffering from that. I myself was suffering from arthritis in my left hand, it no longer affects me. Yes indeed all CBD oil is not created equal. My suggestion to you is to go back to this article click on the link below the article, because it is my understanding they will ship to Canada. It hurts my heart to know that you are suffering when you don’t have to. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. If it is anything that we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl

  2. Awesome Job Paul!

    This is an excellent post. I am very  interested in CBD oil that this post really helped fill in some blanks for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and of course doctors want you take this pill which leads to that pill, turning into a never ending cyckle of needing pills! I absolutely hate that idea! Our doctors should be studying ways to heal us naturally not add to it with symptom causing medication. 

    I think CBD oil is a great start!! It helps with the joint pain and swelling so I can enjoy sleeping again. As I do enjoy it, I don’t know that I enjoy this particular brand. So I think I will definitely be trying this one!

    I am super glad I had the chance to read your post! 

    Thanks again,

    Miss D.

    1. Good evening Miss D, yes indeed I agree with you, however, we all must understand CBD oil is upsetting the pharmaceutical world and the pharmaceutical giants are not happy. Our own government here in the U.S.A, have lied to us about CBD oil for over 70 years. This new discovery that is actually a old one is hurting the pharmaceutical giants in a significant way. Weightlifting For A Beautiful World search to find the purest CBD oil on the market, this company is second to none. I encourage you to try this brand. I sincerely believe that you will be extremely happy with the results. also please understand the medical field receives certain perks for using certain pharmaceutical medication for patients. It is terrible how money has become more important than the health of the human race, it saddens my heart in a most extreme way. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is anything that we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl.

  3. I appreciate you being on the lookout for the best health products and have bookmarked your site for reference. CBD oil is a big thing these days and with good reason. The health benefits of CBD and THC, especially in relation to pills, is pretty remarkable. I hope that we continue to see the trend toward full legalization of marijuana. If you think about it, alcohol is even worse than THC. Of course, marijuana would and does compete with pharmaceuticals, and so it must be the devil. I think intelligent people know where the real devils lies. With CBD indeed you don’t get the typical high as with THC, which is best for psychological complications such as anxiety and depression. I do like CBD for body pain, and I’ll be checking out your link further. Great post. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    1. Good evening Pentrental, yes indeed we know where the devil is, taking in consideration that the U.S.A. citizens has been lied to by our government for over 70 years concerning the extraordinary things that CBD oil can do for our body, however, we all must understand the pharmaceutical giants are not happy. Considering the very large amount of money that they are losing because of CBD oil. I personally suffered with arthritis in my left hand and fingers for many moons, with all of the pills that the doctors were giving me, they did nothing. I took this brand of CBD oil, it took all the pain away, so I know personally it works. As far as marijuana goes, it will be fully legalized, but not for the right reasons. The governments of this world now know they can make a lot of money, so it will be legal. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is anything we can do for you, reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl.  

  4. CBD oil is indeed a miracle medicine. All my thoughts was that arthritis do not have any cure due to many curing options one of my friend tried but all to know avail. It is so surprising to see that CBD can do this work and I will ask my friend to try that out too.For CBD to cure Alzheimer, arthritis and others diseases makes it look like jack of all trades. I just hope it work effectively for my friend. I heard that CBD can also be administered to the body through vaping. How true is this?

    1. Good evening Stella, yes indeed I suffered from arthritis in my left hand for many of years. All of the medication that the doctors were giving me did not work. I tried this brand of CBD oil, now I do not suffer with it anymore. The crazy thing about it is the U.S. government has been hiding the true facts of what CBD oil can do for the Human body for over 70 years, wow, and I’m sure that the giants of the pharmaceutical World had a lot to do with it. The question you had on CBD oil vaping, I am not sure of, however I will seek out the information for you, so please get back in touch with us. I think you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl.

  5. CBD oil is very popular now and it is really confusing to get a good one. So, how can we know that we are dealing with a genuine product? And this is really a new product for me, I have never used it and I know that it can help improve the quality of my health. But what should I be looking for in a CBD oil? Because I am in Africa and I do not know if I will be able to get hemp work products all the time, or is it possible? Do you have an outlet anywhere in Africa?

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Good evening Adyns, my team and I have search and search for the best CBD oil, after 6 months on this mission. We have found to be true, that my Daily Choice (Hempworx) `is the best of the best. I am extremely healthy from the top of my head to the bottom of feet. I’m a personal trainer, however I had one problem. My fingers of my left hand suffer from arthritis, the medication that I receiving from my personal position never took the pain away. However the CBD oil of my Daily Choice did. Yes the CBD oil from Hempworx can be ship to Africa, you can go back to this article and order from there. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is ever anything we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl.

  6. Wow, been reading about cbd oil for a while now and I’ve seen alot of people talk about how it works miraculously. I am eager to get one and I’m glad that I have finally come across one of the best oils in the market. My Daily Choice CBD oil should be able to cure me from the stress of work and constant body pain I feel. Thanks Karen for putting this up, I’ll definitely purchase this cbd product.

    1. Good evening Henderson, it is so much garbage out there it is pathetic. Everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon, as you can see gas stations, supermarkets, you name it everyone’s got it. However, the majority is garbage. I suffer with arthritis, all the medication that the doctors gave me didn’t work. I tried this brand of CBD oil, now I don’t suffer with it anymore. I did tried other brands of CBD oil, they did not work, yes indeed my friend My Daily Choice is the one that will help you 100 %. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is anything that we can do for you, reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly Paul Earl.

  7. Wow! I have read wide and large concerning Cbd oil products and I can say that this is probably the most detailed I have read about the cbd products. I have chronic back pain and sometimes anxiety disorder too. Though I’ve been on supplements but they’ve not been helping much so I want to give this cbd products a trial and I think I will go by this HempWorx products. Who knows if it will work exceptionally for me. I will try it out and come back to give a response. Thanks

    1. Good evening Darrick, it is good to see you again, yes my friend HempWorx ( my daily choice ), is some of the very best CBD oil on the market. As I had mentioned before I had arthritis in my fingers on my left hand, the medication that the doctor has provided me did not take the pain away or anything else. After using this CBD oil I didn’t have the pain anymore. I have another friend that had lower back pain since he started using this brand of CBD oil he doesn’t have the pain anymore. I had a friend who had anxiety big time since he’s been using this brand of CBD oil he doesn’t suffer with it. I am sure it will help you, please let us know about your success story after using it. As always thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. May you be Always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl

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