My friends, I’m going to introduce to you an extreme athlete who faced big-time extreme challenges-multiple surgeries, chronic pain, and the big evil of dependence on prescription medications. However, this athlete was fortunate to be open-minded enough to adopt cannabidiol (CBD OIL) into her health-and-training regimens. And today she claims it’s giving her a competitive edge.

“In all of my 15 years of managing athletes, I have not seen a category like CBD oil ever”, says Frank Vatterott, the founder of the Human Interest Group, a sports marketing and business development firm located in Boulder, Colorado.

“It’s exploding.” However, athletes are very hesitant about admitting that they are using it. In fact, this is the first time any of these athletes have spoken to the public about their CBD oil use. Although it is no longer a substance that is banned, there’s still a lot of controversy and stigma that is surrounding it.

Let us keep in mind, that our featured athlete is sponsored by iKOR Labs, which manufactures and sells CBD oil and it’s offsprings, and she heads a research and a consulting firm that advises on the use. So she is not just using CBD oil, she is working for it as well. An endorsement deal with Advil would with-out-a -doubt pay much better, but she made her green choice.

When you are at the elite level of sport, your patience with placebo, and especially anything at all with negative effects, is short. Also, important to note is that, among the athletes who are still competing, it is not THC that they’re using, it’s CBD oil. THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that causes people to get high. While there is evidence that THC and CBD work best together, especially for any pain relief, THC is still banned by the WADA and is therefore not an option for her. And finally, although the science concerning CBD and athletic performance is somewhat limited and the effects that you’re about to hear are purely anecdotal. After reading about her experiences and hearing some of her advice, just maybe you’ll decide to experiment.


She was extremely disappointed by her performance in the 2012 Olympic marathon trials. However, rather than just giving up, Thorvilson, doubled down, finishing eight marathons and a 50-mile ultra, all within four months. But the stress led her to a hamstring tear, some knee damage, and four surgeries over a four years span. “I ended up with cadaver bone in my femur all because it was so eroded,” says Leah Thorvilson, the Little Rock, Arkansas, resident. “It led to a complete meltdown moment for me because who am I, if not a runner?”

On top of all the physical challenges, there were also emotional ones: A training partner died in an ATV accident, on top of that, her very best friend’s mother was kidnapped and then murdered. If that was not enough- the wife of a track coach at the college where Thorvilson worked, committed suicide, and a prominent local runner died during a marathon of a heart attack. “All of this sadness happened in three to four months of 2014,” she recalls, “It was just way too much.”

She then began taking an anti-anxiety medication in addition to the Ambien that she had been popping every night since 2012 in her effort to deal with insomnia. After her final surgery in 2015, under doctor’s orders to avoid any high-impact activity for a whole year, Thorvilson realized that she had to do something or risk losing her mind. However, relief came from two unexpected sources: CBD oil and cycling. A close friend recommended a virtual riding platform called Zwift, which simulates outdoor cycling and racing on a stationary trainer. She got hooked and entered a Zwift competition which awarded a pro contract to the winner.

“Never in a million years did I really think that it would be me”, Thorvilson says. “I’d only owned a bike for three months.” However, she beat all the competition and joined the Canyon/SRAM pro team in Europe for the 2017 racing season. As this new career accelerated, Thorvilson reconnected with a friend that was developing CBD products for athletes. Because CBD oil is reputed to help with recovery and anxiety (and it was no longer banned), she tried it.

Thorvilson began with five squirts of the hemp extract iKOR under her tongue Daily, morning and evening (50 mg CBD). After experiencing absolutely no negative effects, she then upped that dose to eights squirts twice daily (80mg CBD) with an occasional extra squirt (5mg) after hard training sessions, race, or when fighting a cold. She will rub iKor’s Warming Relief, a topical hemp extract (125mg CBD) after the races to help reduce all inflammation. “Do I receive any sleep benefits from CBD? Well not really, Ambien is very strong,” Thorvilson explains. “But I was worried about Ambien’s long-term effects, and CBD helps me sleep most nights. Same with anxiety: it’s not like ‘Wow, this stuff is really amazing!’ It’s more like, maybe this is helping, it’s certainly not hurting, so I do continue.”

Thorvilson says that she’s seen the best effects with muscle recovery. For some of the elite athletes, that may just be the effect they value most, because it will allow them to hit the road again when their competitors might be hanging it all up for the day. “I’ve made absolutely no other changes to my training that would help me to recover faster,” Thorvilson says, who is now riding for Eastern Overland and is sponsored by iKOR, “and being 40 years old I naturally recover much slower.”

“Overall, I just don’t see any reason at all to be afraid of CBD oil”, she adds. “My very best results have been very good, and my worst results have been neutral, so to me it seems harmless.” However, she cautions, “Just because I was able to get off my own medication doesn’t mean that you should replace yours with it. CBD oil is just another solution to explore with your personal doctor.”

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May you be always in good health.

Humbly yours,  Paul Earl.