My friends, my friends, unless you are living under a rock, and you never go on social media, you do quite often see the scores of companies eager to sell you some cannabidiols oil, or other CBD products to provide relief for all sorts of pain and medical conditions. The thing is, you don’t just want to buy from just anyone. A 2017 scientific paper in the journal of the American Medical Association, reported that nearly 70% of all cannabidiol products sold online lack accurate labeling-this means they had either less or more CBD than indicated. Or that they contained THC. New studies have raised the specter of problematic ingredients.



However, none of this underhanded stuff, should necessarily come as a surprise: When the soaring public demand for CBD products has led to forecasts that the CBD oil market will surpass $2 billion in the next two years, also it is projected to hit $24 billion by 2024. The supplement market has long seethed with morally compromised opportunists, ( are you hearing what I am saying?) And because of big brother, (the feds) federal laws around cannabis, the government provides absolutely no regulation or oversight, Kyle Boyar says, who is a field application scientist for Medical Genomics, a company using genetics to develop testing technologies for cannabis.

This has been a problem for a very long time, Boyar says, who from 2012 to 2016 ran one of the nation’s very first labs that tested the potency of cannabis. What we are seeing now is that the mighty floodgates are open, because everybody is using CBD oil. However, the FDA is now on the case, albeit at its usual glacial pace. It held a public hearing last May, on the question of regulation and standards, and continues to gather more public input.



That could definitely go on for a while, in the meantime. Mr. Boyar says, customers need to be educated shoppers: (this is what I am attempting to do today), look for products made from hemp grown in the United States and that list per dose quantities of CBD oil. Look for rigorous third-party testing from a credible lab: specifically, inquire about the product’s certificate of analysis (COA), which will show how a product scored on tests checking for CDB and THC levels. A solid choice: is MyDailyChoice (HEMPWORX) sells products to both consumers, and retail websites, and is serious enough that it has a team of in house scientists, geneticists, and botanists, and they are a partner with state universities to ensure unmatched quality. All of their products are made in the USA: they control the supply chain from seed to the sale.



As for how must CBD oil to use? Dr. Amanda River, who prescribes medical marijuana via Natural Remedy MD in Norman, Oklahoma, says that she typically recommends a starting dose of 0.5mg/kg (milligram per kilogram), divided into 2-3 doses through the day. However, for some conditions, more may be necessary, but we should always start low until we know what side effects or what medication interactions may occur, says River. If the patients are taking other medications or high doses of CBD oil, it is best to always consult with their doctor, says River. Of course, finding your effective dose requires that your product actually carry the main ingredient. And yes indeed, that’s a great place for you to start. You can Google it.



CBD OIL is known to help promote the development of synapses and the growth of new neurons, which my friends, may account for a wide range of therapeutic effects. A study that was published in Surgical Neurology International noted that activation of the body’s endocannabinoid system-either by the body’s own cannabinoids, or by vaped, smoked, topical, or sublingual cannabinoids-positively impacts such brain busters as autism, pain, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive behavior, epilepsy, stroke, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s diseases, anxiety, panic, depression, and, whew, psychosis. The theory is this: Cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatories and neuroprotectants, hence the brain benefits.



YES, [CBD OIL] has possible effects of therapeutic over a broad range of neuropsychiatric disorders, say the authors of a pharmacology Research study that is entitled “Cannabidiol, neuroprotection and neuropsychiatric disorders.”CBD oil may help prevent brain damage from neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, and it may head off “psychotic-anxiety-and some depressive-like behaviors. CBD oil is well known to help promote the development of synapses and the growth of new neurons, which may account for a very wide range of therapeutic effects.



The Causes of Alzheimer’s remain the object of some intense research, as do the tantalizingly helpful effects of CBD OIL on the disease. With that said, the two frequently named culprits in the memory-destroying condition are (1) amyloid plaques, with clog up neural tissue, and for (2) inflammation, which develops along with those plaques and further hampers the brain function. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this intoxicant that is in cannabis, had been shown (in some mouse studies) to moderate that damage. And then it is the general neuroprotective effects of cannabis, that is mentioned above. So the question is, will it help you remember, where did you leave the keys? Will, the jury is still out. However, the possibilities are definitely worth considering.



You see, my friends, your skin is rich with cannabinoid receptors. They help to regulate such vital bodily processes as growing your fresh new skin cells, feeling (and also dulling) pain, taming blemishes and inflammation, supporting you with glossy hair, and maintaining homeostasis-the balanced state which is otherwise known as “health.” A very huge study that was published in Chemical Neuroscience put it this way: The skin possesses a robust capacity to synthesize and respond to cannabinoids. And, this study also notes, that “response” can come from endogenous cannabinoids-those produced by your own body-or exogenous ones: those that are applied topically.



It sounds like an invitation to a beautiful spa day, doesn’t it? Sandra Hinchliffe is all over it. She wants you to experience that spa in the comfort of your own home, (MY DAILY CHOICE, HEMPWORX, GOT YOU COVERED IN THIS DEPARTMENT), using products you believe in because you made them yourself. Cannabis use in a spa goes back to the Middle Ages. There were medical texts that cited it as a topical preparation even way back then.

Sandra Hinchliffe has had very personal reasons to update her own knowledge of cannabis cures. She had been suffered a baffling array of autoimmune symptoms and some allergies, and they resulted in some pain-management needs. The majority of doctors urged her to gulp handfuls and handfuls of prescription meds and then wished her good luck. She found the meds ineffective and dangerous, which led her to open the door into the 5,000-year-old world of healing cannabis. Herbal remedies turned her whole life around, and it became her calling to help others as well.



She became an expert in making cannabis infusions. That experience then led her to write her most recent book, title CBD Every day, which has an entire chapter about DIY spa treatments. Hinchliffe, encyclopedic array of balms, infusions, and bath bombs it reads like a menu you’d really would like to order from: Whipped chocolate body butter also Deep Relief Massage Honey, with Gooey Brownie Pie ( and yes, with 3 tablespoons of CBD-infused coconut oil).




This question has perplexed cannabis-and-sex enthusiasts for years. Does ingesting weed or CBD oil before naked sexy times make everything better because it is manipulating our senses-lowering our inhibitions and casting out anxiety-or because something physiological has been chemically altered? In other words my friends, is it your brains or your naughty bits?



The common assumption is that cannabis affects your brain in just the same way that alcohol affects your brain, by eliminating inhibitions and basically giving us the gracious permission to get wild and crazy. However, that is not the case, Jordan Tishler, Md, says, who is a Harvard-trained physician who runs the cannabis clinic Opens a New Window here in Boston. It’s not like alcohol at all, which allows individuals to make some choices that they later regret. Tishler says. What it actually does do is decrease anxiety, which can be a major obstacle to libido.



However, what cannabis does to your head can be even more complicated than just giving you some gracious permission to finally let your freak flag fly. Dr. Becky Lynn, who is an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Saint Louis University, said that cannabis can also slow down the perception of time and increase how you may perceive your senses. Once you actually find an approach that works for you-a pre-romp booster with CBD OIL, a THC and CBD mix, or more THC-you are not just going to want to do more, you will also appreciate more of it.



The founders of Lioness realized that they had a unique opportunity with the release of the company’s “smart” vibrator, this is a toy that records the biofeedback from a female orgasm. The precision sensors let you literally see your arousal, that includes very specific details of the muscle contractions that occur during orgasm, (your orgasms). Liz Klinger, who is the co-founder and the CEO of Lioness, a pioneering women’s sexual health company which is based in Oakland California. Klinger, tested her vaginal contractions after trying 2.5mg of a Breez Original Mint ( which is a THC/CBD OIL hybrid) and in Klinger’s words, her orgasms were OFF THE CHART.

My usual orgasmic pattern is pelvic floor muscle contractions that always start fast and then kind of slow down, Klinger says. However, with the edible, it was just a very intense orgasm that didn’t have that tapering off period. Anna Lee, who is the co-founder and VP of engineering for Lioness, measured her orgasmic measurements after sampling cannabis lube, and yes, the results were just as promising.



Under normal circumstances, Lee says, her orgasms typically will last for no longer than 10 to 20 seconds. However, with weed lube, Lee, experienced orgasms that lasted anywhere from 3 minutes to 5 minutes and 28 seconds, in other words, 16 times longer than her non-cannabis sexual experiences. But her research did not end there. Lee still experimenting with finding that perfect balance with CBD oil and THC ratios. I have found that CBD oil relaxes my body while THC amplifies my body sensations, says Lee. In your own bedroom lab, Anna Lee, suggests taking the time, play around with the CBD:THC ratio to find one that will work for you.




No-one, ever said when you get older it will be easy. Thankfully, CBD oil can make a senior life a little easier by alleviating some common health complaints. Creaky, painful joints? CBD oil anti-inflammatory, pain-fighting qualities have many people turning to it for help with arthritis, (I personally was one of those people, the CBD oil work, I no longer have arthritis). And a CBD oil-based drug has been shown to reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Some patients also have turned to CBD oil for relief from gout attacks. Very promising research has singled out CBD OIL as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease because of its neuroprotective qualities. And among all of its many other functions, the body’s endocannabinoid system plays an important role in bone metabolism, which makes cannabinoids a potentially attractive therapy for loss of bone mass and osteoporosis.



My friends, it is without a doubt that CBD oil can help you with a variety of conditions concerning the body. As I have said in other articles that I have written concerning CBD oil, and that is, CBD oil is not created equally. My Daily Choice (HEMPWORX) is a company that has proven itself to have some of the very best CBD oil on this planet, and that is worthy of your business. Because the founders of this company, Josh and Jenna Zwagil sincerely care about Humanity, it goes way beyond the mighty dollar. Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, endorses My Daily Choice (HEMPWORX) and gives it a 5-star rating.



May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.


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12 thoughts on “CBD OIL-THE REVOLUTION

  1. There was actually a time I was surfing through the internet and I came across a sure that was talking about CBD products, trust me I was bamboozled and really amazed as well as surprised to see different types from different marketer, I got to ready through their customers review and it was full of rubbish, it always advisable to make enough research before indulging in buying CBD products. Please, can CBD products be used to to correct CBD caused health issues?? 

    1. Good evening DreaJay, so very nice to see you again. I want to jump right to question that you gave me, because I am completely confused at this moment, maybe you wrote this Wrong by accident I don’t know, however I am going to address it. CBD oil my friend does not cause any health issues, it helps prevent any bad health issues. It is nowhere, and I mean no where on God’s green earth, that CBD oil cost a bad health condition for anyone, in fact the ones that are against CBD oil, would well indeed, verify what I have just said. CBD oil is the only substance on this planet, that we now know of, that helps so many medical conditions, that I did indeed mentioned in this article. CBD oil is now being praised by the medical world, the Science World, and the young and old for all the good that it does  for the human body, and also for our pets. And please my friend keep in mind all CBD oil is not created equal as I have mentioned in this article. We thank you for visiting us, and as always if it’s anything that we can do for you please reach out to us, may you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. Hello Paul, this is a very good post and i have to say that i have not seen anyone write so comprehensively on CBD oil before. I can tell you that I am very impressed with your writing here. I know that CBD helps with a lot of medical conditions and today i learnt about some new conditions it can help with as well and that’s a very good thing for me. I would like to know if it is true that full spectrum is the best type of Cbd out there.

    1. Good evening Henderson, so very nice to see you again, it has been a while. The reason why I am so entangled in writing these articles on CBD oil is because, I had arthritis in my two fingers on my left hand, and after several doctors examine me and gave me medication that did not work, I did not know what to do. A friend suggested to try CBD oil, so I did. However I tried a couple Brands and it did not work, when I tried my daily Choice CBD oil, the arthritis pain was gone within that first week of taking the CBD oil. Another friend of mine’s a weightlifter who had very bad lower back pain from weightlifting, begin to use the CBD oil, and he now has no more lower back pain. Still another friend who was going through some severe anxiety attacks, after the using the CBD oil, no longer had a problem. So I made a commitment to myself, to let the world know what CBD oil can do for them, I am on a mission. And yes I definitely recommend the full spectrum, because of all the research that my team and I have done, points to this. However, my friend, and this is not a sales pitch, my daily Choice CBD oil, I know for a fact it is extremely high grade and it works. so my personal recommendation if you going to use some, use my daily choice CBD oil. As always I think you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, and if it’s ever anything at all that we can do for you by all means reach out to us. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  3. This is all very good information! I have always thought that CBD oils and such were a much safer alternative than the opioids that are prescribed by doctors. I never thought about the idea of being given product that wasn’t legit. In my state we are only allowed to have CBD with less than .03% THC legally, will we still get all of the benefits with that? Or does the THC have anything to do with all of the medical uses for it? Thank you for the very informative article, it’s very useful!

    1. Good evening Travis, so nice to see you again. I wrote an article that is titled CBD oil not created equal, if you have the opportunity please read it, it is on this website, it will address all of your curiosity. CBD oil is indeed, the wonder drug of our time, and the research that my team and I has come up with, is that the American government knew that CBD oil would help cure cancer, you got to understand, the pharmaceutical companies, are not happy with CBD oil, evidence has shown from a huge amount of scientific and medical studies, that CBD oil, does indeed treat a host of conditions, the pharmaceutical companies are going to lose billions, they will no longer be able to get people to be come dependent on there poison drugs. CBD oil is the future, and it is here now. Once again we thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, and as always if it’s anything that we can do for you by all means contact us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  4. This is not the first time I read about CBD oil and it certainly looks like it is here to stay. But does it work? And does taking CBD do us any good? Can anyone just order it and use it or do you need to take advice from a doctor? Is cannabidiol legal yet or not? Is it safe to use or are there any side effects? If this really is taking off, will there be enough hemp to provide for the increased demand? Thanks for your replies.

    1. Good evening Jerry, we thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. Jerry let me show you my personal experience with CBD oil, I was suffering with arthritis in my two fingers on my left hand, the medication that the doctors were giving me did not work, my fingers would get stuck bent over, there were many of times that I woke up in the morning with tears in my eyes with me screaming, however in the first week of me using CBD oil I no longer had the pain from arthritis, and I still do not have it. I have a friend that had lower back pain severely the CBD oil got rid of it, I had another female friend who was suffering with anxiety in a very big way, CBD oil get rid of it. So yes and yes and yes and yes it works 100%, however CBD oil is not created equally, I tried a couple of brand, that did not work, however my daily Choice CBD oil does work 100%. And there are absolutely no side effects, I just wrote a new article called CBD oil wonder drug or snake oil, in that new article there are scientific and medical proof that CBD oil works and has no side effects, please take the time to read it. once again I thank you for visiting us and if it’s anything at all that we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  5. Wow, this is very good and I am very happy to see all the awesome uses of CBD here. I didn’t now that the oil could cure so many health issues as much as aging as well. This is very good stuff and i agree to the fact that the product is in a time of revolution itself. I am sure that in a few years, it will be the number supplement for everyone around the world. Is there a way to know how much one needs to use for a type of ailment and does it have side effects?

    1. Good evening John, good to see you, my friend, there are no side effects at all, in my article that I just wrote, which is titled CBD oil wonder drug or snake oil, I give the medical reports and the scientific reports, that back up there are no side effects in CBD oil, if it’s ever been a gift from heaven in the medical world, it is CBD oil. However my friend, As I have wrote in a previous article, CBD oil is not created equally, the brand that I know that works for a fact, and my team and I have tried many, is my daily choice, I have an article concerning that company in this last article that I wrote and in a previous article that I wrote, and yes I am a client as well as my five-man team my daughter my son and many other friends, with all of my heart mind and spirit I am telling you John, you need to be taking this CBD oil for your overall health in general. As always John I thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, and please know if it’s anything we can do for you, all you have to do is contact us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  6. Very informative. I have used CBD products to relieve anxiety and help promote relaxation in the past and they do work. Thank you for bringing Hemp Works to my attention. I’m so excited to find a product that is, not only organic and actually good for your body but also works to relieve stress and I’m especially excited to try the hair oil and shampoos., I will be ordering these soon.

    1. Good evening Carrie, very nice to see you again. My team and I are very sincere in helping as many of people that we can with this Heaven sent CBND oil. My daily Choice is one of the very best CBD oil companies on this planet. It goes beyond money and you can really trust this companies, Once again thank you for visiting us, if it’s anything that we can do for you, as always reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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