Within the last couple years or so, smoke shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, even some gas stations are stocking CBD products. On every social media platform, ads on Google, even some of the best-known celebrities are doing their song and dance concerning CBD products. It’s almost like a modern day gold rush and everyone wants there slice of the pie. And the money is rolling in, Some cases faster than can be counted. And it is very true, this miracle drug from heaven has, is, and will help millions, however, many has found out, CBD products are indeed not created equal.

What Research Says About CBD Oil | Northwestern Medicine

I was suffering with arthritis in my left hand extremely bad, the medication that my private doctor prescribed to me for two years did not relieve me of the pain. Each and every morning, I would have to pull my two fingers out straight on my left hand because they were stuck bent over. There were many morning that tears roll down my cheeks, and some of those morning I would give out a scream because the pain was so intense. I took it upon myself to search and find something that would relieve me of this horrible experience.

Daily Dose - Can CBD Oil Provide Health Help Without the High?

My research led me to experiment with CBD oil, I tried four different brands, not one of them work well. What I personally found out, that it was a lot of garbage on the market and that there were a bunch of companies out there in the CBD business for one reason, and that reason was money, money, and more money and not caring at all about the quality. Lucky for me, a very good friend whose name is Brandon, told me about a company that has the real thing and that it work however, by this time I was completely skeptical about CBD oil in general. But at this point I said to myself, I would try one more time.

MyDailyChoice:: Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I ordered the CBD oil from the company that’s my dear friend suggested, and that company was MyDailyChoice (HEMPWORX). Within the first week, the pain has decrease considerably, within two-week the pain was no longer there, and to say the least I was overjoyed with happiness. The nightmare was gone, since then I have been taking it twice a day every day. And what has happened to my body seems to me to be a miracle. My overall health has become extremely better however, what I have learned from client and friend, the time period of healing can be different from one person to another. It can happen in one week, or it may take 30 days or more however, if the person is consistent the healing will come.

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I want you to understand however, this is not a sales pitch, and I am not saying that MyDailyChoice has the only CBD oil products on the market that is pure, or the very best. What I am explaining to you, MyDailyChoice ( HEMPWORX) CBD products are the real thing, and they work. I am still a client and I will more than likely always remain one because, this company has proven to me that I can trust them. There are other companies, that are trustworthy and has extremely high grade CBD products, as MyDailyChoice does.

Some of these companies, I’m going to list below for you to see:

  • Natur
  • Naked Leaf
  • Curaleaf Hemp
  • Mary Jane’s
  • Floyd’s of Leadville
  • RE: Botanicals
  • Coloradocraft CBD
  • Pure: XT
  • HempWorx

It is undeniable, CBD products are outstanding for:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • PTSD
  • Parkinson
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Epilepsy
  • Aging
  • Cancer
  • Deaver syndrome
  • Alzhelmer’s
  • Curbs anger
  • Treats crohn’s disease
  • Heals brain injury
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Arthritis
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Helps you sleep
  • Soothes rejuvenates skin
  • Fights graft versus host disease
  • Halts psychosis
  • Exercise

Scientists have observed therapeutic benefits for all of the above, and have seen few if any side effects. Which may be the greatest promise in this age of pharmaceutical that may bankrupt, addict, or even kill you.

  1. Always buy grown in the USA hemp, weather it is whole extract or isolate. Use the products that can be traced back to healthy fields where the herb or the cannabis was grown.
  2. Don’t purchase products claiming to be CBD extracted from any other plant other than hemp or cannabis. There is absolutely no evidence that any such sources exist in any legalmate botany or scientific journal. Only cannabis or hemp produce the precursor molecule of CBD.
  3. Always, expect verification by a third party lab. The lab results should include not only CBD and THC content, but also prove the absence of heavy metals, pesticides and microbial life.

Understanding the ABC's of CBD

CBD is not an addiction drugs and there is a ton of scientific evidence to prove this. CBD is the modern-day medicine, the new medical movement. This is the beginning of tearing down the almighty pharmaceutical giants. That has strung out our grandparents, our parents, our wives and husbands, and our children. This is the beginning of the fall of opiate painkillers, that has been poisoning our generation

Official Website of HempWorx:: Documentation

There are scores of companies eager to sell you CBD products to provide relief. The thing is my friends, you don’t want to buy from just anyone. A 2017 scientific paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that nearly 70% of all cannabidiol products sold online lack accurate labeling, meaning they had either less or more CBD than indicated. Or that they contain THC, which you should be able to buy with or without. Other Studies have raised the specter of problematic ingredients.

Can CBD Really Do All That? - The New York Times

None of this should necessarily come as a surprise, taken in consideration, soaring public demands for CBD products has led to forecast that the market will suppress two billion in the next two years, and it is projected to hit 24 billion by 2024. The supplement Market has long seethed with morally compromised opportunists, and because of federal laws around cannabis, the government provides no regulations or oversight. The bottom line is my dear friends, you must do your homework, before you make a purchase.

I have provided you here today, with a few of the best companies to make your purchase from, companies that already has a proven track record. And please understand, you no longer have to poison your body with opiates or any other habit-forming medication. CBD products are here to stay, and my team and I, are screaming it loud from the top of the roof. “So that” the world can truly understand, CBD products are indeed HEAVEN SENT.

As I explained to you at the beginning of this article, I purchased all of my CBD products from MyDailyChoice. A company that truly cares about your good health. For more information concerning this outstanding, remarkable company, or you just want to look around inside of the heart of MyDailyChoice, please click the link below.


May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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