I work out five days a week. Five days a week i get aggravated, upset, nervous and extremely concerned. :et me tell you why.


Everywhere I look it’s not good, not safe, When you are working out your mind should be one hundred percent on your workout.


When you’re lifting those weights, you should be focused on the body part you are working on. Not on social media. I’ve even seen a guy that was supposed to be spotting his workout partner with all of his attention on his cell phone.


What really brought fire to my heart and eyes was when I saw a trainer who I know and respect big time, doing the cellphone thing. Of course i checked him, and he realized how off beat it was of me.

Listen my friends, I am humbly asking you to please STAY OFF THE CELLPHONES when you are working out. Anything can happen. You must be focused when you are in the health club.


I know I don’t know most of you personally, however with all of my heart i am sincerely concerned about your health, your life, and your well being,


Humbly your Paul Earl

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