Core training has become a quite popular fitness trend over the years also a common method of training. The objective of core training is to uniformly strengthen all the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and to move the trunk of our body, the muscles of the back and the abdominals.

Historically a vast majority of physical therapists prescribed core exercises for patients with low back problems. More recently core training has become big time popular among many athletes to help improve performance. Core training is now commonly incorporated into exercise programs in the majority of our health clubs to help clients to achieve their goals ranging from a stronger lower back to a flatter midsection. A weak core is a fundamental problem inherent to inefficient movement that can lead to predictable patterns of injury.

A well constructed core training program can help an individual gain neuromuscular control, muscular endurance, stability, power of the core and strength. A strong and efficient core is 100% necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire human movement system. Numerous studies also support the role of core training for rehabilitation, in addition a proper application of specific core training programs can reduce pain also help improve function and performance.

The goal of core training is to develop optimal levels of neuromuscular efficiency, stability and functional strength (movement system) . Neural adaptations should become the focus of the program instead of striving for absolute strength gains. Increasing proprioceptive demand by using a multisensory environment and using multiple modalities (balls, balance equipment, bands) is more important than increasing the external resistance. Okay my friends listen up.the quality of movement should be stressed over quantity, the focus of the program should be on function.

Here is a list of core training exercises


. Marching                                                         . Ball crunch

. Floor bridge                                                    . Back extensions

. Floor prone cobra                                          . Reverse crunch

. Prone iso-ab                                                    . Cable rotati


I can not stress enough the importance of heaven a strong core. If you have not started a core training program please, please do, a strong core changes everything.

May your workout be all that you want it to be.

Humbly yours Paul Earl



META  Description  The importance of having a strong CORE



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4 thoughts on “CORE-TRAINING

  1. I work in a sometimes physically intensive working environment and since I’ve started focusing on mixing in more core training with my normal workout regime I’ve noticed a substantial increase in the ease at which I’m able to lift AND carry the heavy stuff. Many people don’t understand the difference between lifting and carrying. If you can be consistent about your routine you’ll notice quite the difference in the strength of your lower back and feel stronger in general. Some more beautiful advice from you Paul, thank you!

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words as you have probably gathered we do all that we can here at weightlifting for a beautiful world to help everyone to be in the best condition that they possibly can be you are absolutely correct in your findings of the core so many are unaware without a strong core your body could and will react in many different negative aspects I am so happy that you are aware of what a strong core can do for your overall health if it’s anything that you would like for my team or myself to research for you please reach out to us and as always may your workout be all that you want it to be humbly yours Paul Earl

  2. I think you so much for the information that you have provided I come on your website a few times a week Define out have you given more information I’m starting to understand that you give it out once a week this article about the core is outstanding I just recently started a program with core training and you are absolutely correct I am feeling stronger healthier and more in tune with my body thank you again for the information

    1. Good afternoon first I want to thank you for visiting weightlifting for A Beautiful World once again we were so very happy here to know that we’re helping you to stay in good health this is our self implied Duty we want to do all that we can to help everyone in any way that we can to be in good health to look their best and to live a longer life I was happy to hear that you have started at Core workout program this is going to make your body want to jump up and down with happiness I commend you for doing all that you can to remain healthy as always may your workout be all that you want it to be humbly yours Paul Earl

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