To keep being sharp, you need an army of minerals, vitamins and a host of other nutrients. A good example is, to ensure that messages are being exchanged between neurons you need magnesium, so you can create memories so you can learn. Unfortunately oven half of us Americans do not get enough magnesium, the bottom line we are falling short on our intake of nutrients that is critical for the good health of our brain.

A good diet of nutritious can make us sharper, and help us stave off dementia and also depression, it can even reduce the amount that our brain shrinks as a natural part of aging. However, our typical American diet of bookoo processed foods of refined carbs, big time sugar with the wrong fats does the opposite. Says Drew Ramsey, Md. Now listen to this it’s been linked to a smaller hippo campus, the area of our brain involved in our memory, also regulating our emotions, yes our emotions.

A good diet can actually help our brain by warding off a couple of its mortal enemies; chronic inflammation and vascular disease. Both of these conditions may lead to dementia, depression, and a stroke. Fortunately for all of us one of the most delicious diets in our world, which is the Mediterranean style of eating has the very best research creds when it comes to involving good brain health. By eating this way can make it 40 t0 50% less likely for us to develop Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. It can also cut our risk of depression and stroke by almost a third, according to a review in the Annals of Neurology journal.

The kicker is the Mediterranean diet is heavily rich in very powerful antioxidants like vitamin C in tomatoes, oranges, carotenoids in cantaloupe and spinach, vitamin E in almonds and olive oil also anti-inflammatory compounds like the needed omega-3 fatty acids in fish, which is reported by Catherine Feart, PhD. These nutrients can protect the arteries leading to our brain, and the brain itself. Although it can benefit us even if we start it in an old age, the earlier we adopt this way of eating, the better. Now listen to this, research found that the diet appears to preserve white matter that makes up half of our brain. White matter includes protective sheaths around our brain cells, which is involved in our learning and behavior.

OK the bottom line is what’s on your plate directly, let me repeat myself, directly correlates to how we feel, age, and think. Please take the time and Google up some Mediterranean-style recipes with all the multiple nutrients that are critical to heaven a healthy brain function. Started feeding your hungry brain the smart way,  you will not regret it.

May your workout be all that you want it to be

Humbly yours Paul Earl



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12 thoughts on “DIET- WITH- NUTRITIOUS

  1. This a great and simple to follow guide on dieting with nutritiousYou laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for my team. I have heard about dieting with nutritious before but I haven’t tasted its benefit this much. This is the most comprehensive information I have ever read on dieting.

    Thanks for the eye opener

    1. A very good evening to you, I am overjoyed that you enjoyed my article, and that you have found it to be interesting. You will actually feel better when you eat in this manner , we have to look out for ourselves because the giants in the food industries are not. The mighty dollar is being put before good health, shame on them however if we do our research we can find many good recipes from different cultures that will treat our bodies as royalty. I think you for your comments, I truly hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again, may your life be filled with good health, happiness, peace and love.

      Humbly yours Paul Earl

  2. Our choice of diet goes a very long way in affecting the type of life we enjoy. A good diet not only helps in body building, but can also help our body in fighting off diseases. I really would go online and check up some Mediterranean diet, I like that they are nutritious and filled with antioxidants and vitamins, and I also heard they’re spicy and tasty!

    1. Beautiful good evening to you, you are absolutely correct in all of your findings, as that old saying goes you are what you eat, oh my God is that so true.  the food that we eat affects us in every single way, from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. You are also correct, Mediterranean food is outrageously good, it can be addicting. If one eats correctly and exercise there are more less likely to catch the many viruses, diseases that are in our society these days. Also more then likely live a longer quality life, I think you for all of your comments, I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again, may your life be filled with happiness, peace and good health.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  3. I’m really interested in how the Mediterranean Diet works to reduce inflammation. I know that olive oil is good for the heart, or at least that’s what I’ve read. Do you think the abundance of Vitamin E contributes to that or is it a variety of things? I’m super eager to hear your thoughts. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Good evening I’m happy that you found my article to be enjoyable as well interesting, yes it’s a variety of things. There are several vitamins and other nutrients that are important to our well-being to help create a longer quality life that your body needs in the Mediterranean diet. With all of the preservatives and only God knows what else, that is being put in our process food these days, we are falling short in what our body needs.It seems  that the food industrious have put the mighty dollar before our health, especially here in America. I thank you for your comments, I truly hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again. May your life be filled with peace, happiness and good health.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  4. I am about to get started again with my home fitness program where I aim to build muscles from home and without going to a gym. Part of this challenge is, eating the right kind of food like you have shared in this article. I saw pictures of pasta food like Italian or Mediterranean style noodles and some tomatoes and peppers. If I am residing in Asia like the Philippines who used to eat rice instead of pasta, do you think rice is still good for this fitness goal of mine?

    1. Good afternoon, I’m very happy that you are beginning to be back into a fitness program, it is important for long life and good health. Since you’re moving into an area where you have the opportunity to indulge in big time good seafood by all means do so. Seafood is so good for our good health, your question about rice, lot of carbs however good carbs, there is nothing wrong with eating rice, how could 1.386 billion of the beautiful Chinese culture be wrong. I think you for your comments, I sincerely hope you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again. Humbly your Paul Earl. 

  5. I love the fact that you talked about diet with nutritious food and how it can help our brain grow stronger and healthier. You also said that the type food we take determines how we thing and age. Does it mean that without eating those Mediterranean dishes, we might age improperly or our thinking would not be good?

    1. Good evening my friend, this is just one diet that can put you on the road for your brain and body to be in very good health; There other diets that will do the same thing, however they all have one thing in common and that is they use some of the same ingredients, that give us  the nutrients. Our modern- day diets are bad for us, the main reasons is the almighty dollar, and the lac of caring. I think you for your comments I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again, may your life be full of good health. Humbly your Paul Earl

  6. Great article! Second chance to heard of the Mediterranean diet again. I initially heard of this wonderful diet style when the doctor prescribed it to my grandma having high blood pressure then. It is often promoted to decrease the risk of heart disease, depression, and dementia. The Mediterranean diet is a primarily plant-based eating plan that includes daily intake of whole grains, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, beans and other legumes, nuts, herbs, and spices. Other foods like animal proteins are eaten in smaller quantities, with the preferred animal protein being fish and seafood. I used to eat with her then because am chanced to live with her, and it actually a great diet and it’s delicious. Yes, they are heavily rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin C in tomatoes, oranges, carotenoids in cantaloupe and spinach, vitamin E in almonds and olive oil also anti-inflammatory compounds like the needed omega-3 fatty acids in fish as recommended by doctors. I learnt through this article that this wonderful diet is critical for the good health of our brain. Good for me, maybe that’s why am more clever than my siblings, not living with my grandma. Thanks for the article, Paul.

    1. Good afternoon my friend, I am so happy that you are aware of what this diet can and will do for you. You’re on the right road, please continue, also you’re so right about fish as you’re probably aware of most doctors recommend for us to eat all the salmon that we possibly can. I think you for your comments,  I truly hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again, may you always be in good health

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