Just chew and chill, edibles and more edibles, it is the new way to take care of our bodies, the future of good health in the fast lane. To put more pep in your step, to help people that are suffering with arthritis, and a host of other painful human experiences. CBD edibles, can help with insomnia, chemotherapy side effects, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety. The research points to CBD abilities to act on serotonin receptors in the brain, contributing to feelings of well-being and happiness.

What Are CBD Edibles [And is There a Real Advantage to Taking Them?]

When you are chewing on those little CBD gummy bears, it works with your endocannabinoid systems to influence receptors that regulate inflammation and pain. Recent medical research studies, as well as very strong anecdotal evidence, shows that CBD can be extremely effective at managing pain. In fact in a recent report published by the Natural Academy of Science, the researchers found that patients with chronic pain who were treated with products containing cannabinoids are more lightly to report sufficient pain relief than untreated patients.

CBD edibles: What are they and what's to know? | Leafly

With more than 40 million Americans suffering with anxiety and anxiety Related Disorders. CBD, gummy bears might be the solution to deal with fatigue worry and that constant stream of negative thoughts racing through so many peoples heads as they are going through their day. The National Institute on drug abuse reports that in animal studies, CBD has been shown to reduce stress. Lab rats showed fewer anxiety-related behaviors as well as improved physiology symptoms, such as decrease in heart rate.

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Those little cute CBD gummies, also look promising for people suffering from social anxiety disorder, (SAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and these cuties may also help treat anxiety induced insomnia. And you can keep these little daredevils with you when you are on the go. There are even CBD gummies that are for spirulina, sleep, detox, and for your hair and nails. And their are CBD multivitamin gummies for women’s and Men’s.


CBD Dark Chocolate Bar - 180mg - 62% Cacao Gourmet Chocolate

Green Roads, offers a 62% cacao bar that delivers 12 to 18 mg of CBD per square, without any of that funky hemp flavor. Just a rich chocolate nuance that nails the balance between butter and sweet. However, it is not cheap, but you can stop searching for your choco chilling fix, when you receive a Hershey munchie attack.


Coffee & Doughnuts Chocolate Bar

Coda coffee and Doughnuts chocolate bar, with 100 mg of THC with a big 20 pieces, 5mg per piece. So how much THC do you need really? Some used to subscribe to the more cannabis is better mentally that works with margaritas. But more cannabis sometimes equals more paranoia, Coda Coffee and Doughnuts helped us dial that back with a 5mg dose that produced a gradual, and long-lasting buzz. Carried on the wings of a scrumptious blend of coffee, honey, and cinnamon. It is indeed a go to end of the day reward.


CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar - CBDfx.com

CBDfx is offering a 300mg bottle of 60 apple cider vinegar gummies. My friends, when it comes to dosing, micro may be the way to go. You see my friends, many products with heavy cannabinoid payloads, can give you more sensations than we sometimes bargained for. So it is a relief to sample a 5mg hemp cannabinoid gummy, with subtle effects and zero overload, and that includes flavoring. Too many edibles have an over sweetened Willy Wonka experience, when in reality all we want is for the CBD to go down easy and tastes decent. This CBD supplements is cider tart, with vinegar’s legendary health bennies, yes, yes two gummies in one.


Vitaly Fargesen On Yooforic, CBD & What's New From CanaFarma – The ...

You say that you enjoy chopping on chewing gum, well now you can chew the gum and receive many healthy benefits. Yooforic herbs oil chewing gum 500mg, 10 pieces in a pack. Yooforic sugar-free chewing gum delivers a 50mg payload of hemp oil to Super-absorbing oral tissues, so that you will feel the effects after a few chomps. This is a CBD Wellness buzz, not a get high Buzz


How Do the Ingredients in Zebra CBD Peppermint Mints Support Wellness?

Do you have a hot date tonight? need something to freshen your breath? well my friends, these little mints, not only will freshen your breath but also your endocannabinoid system. Zebra mint deliver a smooth 20mg CBD each, so if you are nervous about that first kiss, or you had some delicious garlic bread, this is a fast absorbing way to get over both. The pocket-size case will allow you to pop one discreetly, and the mints are a gasp of beautiful fresh air.


Colorado edible news. Cannabis baked goods including brownies ...

As we have all experienced, everything, absolutely everything is better with butter. And yes, is also includes cannabis, it turns out. Since the well-known Sweetgrass chefs launched This outstanding bargain cannabutter, their website is bursting with recipes for lobster Benedict, and caramel pecan pumpkin pie, (I’m hungry already) with a high in ducing twist. These amazing Chefs, are using trader Joe’s beer bread, mix and elevated it with a half stick of cannabutter. The hoppiness of the beer, and the happiness of the cannabis, is proved to be an absolutely, delectable combination. There buttery dose is just a couple of milligrams of THC, but it proved an affected bedtime snack, oh yeah, a beautiful sleep aid.


Kin Slips Cloud Buster - SAVA

Edibles are indeed the scenic route to a THC induced holiday: Yes, it can take an hour or more for you to reach your bliss. Well my dear friends, no such problem with kin slips 10 mg THC sublinguals, which melts under your tongue and cross the blood brain barrier, 10 minutes later. Just enough time my friends, to make a snack and than enjoy the cloud buster of creativity. By the way, I wrote this under the influence, can you tell.

Yes indeed, Edibles are here to stay, what I have written about here today, is just a tiny, tiny portion of all the Edibles that are available. And more than unlikely, everything under the sun, that was once white sugar snacks. Will become a healthy snack, and that my friends is a most beautiful and wonderful thing.

May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for yet another illuminating article! Those edibles look irresistible and at the same time healthy. What intrigued me in particular, was the Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter! Do you think I could use it for making omelettes? (I love making them, and I often add a bit of melted butter in the egg mix before throwing it on the high-heat pan. It makes the omelettes fluffier and tastier. And now, when I imagine that there’s a bit of hemp goodness in it…a dream of a treat! 🙂 Thanks again for such a lovely post. Lucie

    1. Good even @Lucy, very good to see you once again and I thank you for your kind words. It does indeed mean a lot. To answer your question, I believe it will go outstanding with your wonderful, delicious, sounding omelettes, The Edibles by the way, oh my God they taste good and they do what they’re supposed to do seriously, and the great thing about it you could just stick it in your purse or in your pocket and be on your way, it is the future. Once again Lucy thank you for stopping by, and if there’s anything that I can do for you, give me a shout. May good health and prosperity be always with you humbly yours Paul Earl. 

  2. This is interesting.
    Over the years I have heard about the medical benefits of canabis and I wonder how that works and whether its long term effects on the body, especially the brain has been studied. Many people consider drugs as a stress reliever, ask most drug addicts and they would tell you how wonderful drugs makes you feel, while I’m not debunking the idea of its usefulness, as one who prefer to avoid drugs, I do wish to have some further research on the long term effects.

    Candy Benn

    1. Good evening @Candy Benn, thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. My dear friend, the marijuana plant has been around for thousands of years helping mankind all over this planet. Through the 17 and 1800 it was extremely popular with the medical society throughout Europe, it was never considered a bad thing until a racist politician here in the United States use it to attack people of color. I have the article that I wrote about it with scientific and medical evidence and the evidence about the political figure that did just this. This plant is a gift from heaven, the CBD products come from this plant, the pharmaceutical giant never wanted for it to become legal because of the money that they were making from society use their poisons. It was never a mystery about marijuana and its by-products being good for mankind, it has always been about the money and the political interest. Any and all information that you may need concerning marijuana or CBD oil or its by products you can find on my website with medical and scientific evidence. If you will keep an open mind you will agree that this plant was Heaven Sent. Once again, thank you for visiting us, if it’s ever anything that we can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl. 

  3. Thanks, Paul, another well-written article. 

    Yummy CBD edibles, you are so kind as to share. 

    I like the one you introduced “ZEBRA CBD PEPPERMINT MINTS”. I could feel the freshness popping out. Think it is a must-buy for any man. Can’t wait to get my hand on one of those, bro.

    Have a great day, my friend. Bye.

    1. Good evening my dear brother @Rick Lim, it is very good to see you once again, visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. Yes I’m going to have to get some of those myself my dear friend, it is without a doubt this is the future. No more of those horrible poison pills that the Pharmaceuticals Giant have con us over the years to take. To only relieve the pain and shortness our lifespan by giving us addiction and killing our livers. Now we can take the wonders of Mother Nature, that has been put in a form that taste good and take care of all of our body, Hallelujah on that. I think you my dear friend once again for visiting us and if it’s anything as always, that I can do for you please give out a yell. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly your’s Paul Earl.

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