Over the years, you have heard me preach the many benefits of exercise, you have heard me speak on the importance of taking care of your body, your mind, and your spirit. Today I’m going to give you more examples and more information that will help, define, and open your mind in new ways to achieve your goals in having a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Also, today I will be giving a new door to open to see other areas in your life that benefit from exercise.


Exercise can help develops discipline, the 6 a.m. alarm goes off and you would just scream, except screaming is way too difficult. You had made a commitment to be on the computers for a conference meeting at 6:30, but your body has turned to lead. At this moment, there is only one thing that will get you out of bed: discipline. Discipline is a skill, it’s something that needs to be trained and built before that need for it arises.

Because working out is physically and yes, mentally difficult, it is the perfect discipline builder. People who exercise regularly are very good at keeping commitments to themselves. They commit to work out regularly, even when they are busy. Not anyone would know if they didn’t complete the 100 push ups or 10 miles that they committed to do, but they committed. So they do them. In return, they receive strong healthy bodies and disciplined minds. Use exercise as the tool to increase your own discipline and self-mastery. If you can keep squatting when your legs are like full of pure fire, you can make the computer calls that you promised you would.



Exercise increases our mental endurance, A learned mind is a tired body and mind, said every college student ever. Mentally demanding tasks can drain you just like physically demanding tasks can do. The research shows that physical fortitude is linked to mental fortitude.

In a 2016 study on professional and recreational cyclists, researchers discovered that professional cyclists outdid their recreational counterparts in the mentally fatiguing task, and my friends, they were not as tired afterward. Though the researchers think that this mental toughness could very will be hereditary, they also speculate that the intense physical training regimens of all the athletes strengthen their minds and their willpower. Working out can do much more than increase your physical endurance. It can definitely improve your mental and emotional toughness as well, it will help you stay engaged in all of your efforts, even in the face of challenges.



Exercise always boosts energy, in this fact-paced society, fatigue is all too common. People are not getting enough sleep, are not slowing down enough, and aren’t moving their bodies enough. And though some of you may be sick of hearing this exercise, exercise, exercise is the answer. A 2006 study at the University of Georgia concluded that exercise is much more effective in reducing fatigue and increasing energy than a prescription stimulant for narcolepsy.

The study also covered a wide variety of groups-including cancer patients, healthy adults, and even those with heart disease and diabetes. Exercise reduced fatigue in almost every group. Increased energy could help you put more time into building your career or even allow you to build with more enthusiasm and heart



Exercise also builds relationships, cue the Kelly Clarkson, because when it come to relationships, as it is said what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Couples who survive hard times usually end up being closer, knowing that their partner without a doubt will always be there to help them through any struggle that might come about.

Think back to the team sports of your youth, remember how very close you were with all of your teammates? You pushed through sweat and tears to victory or defeat, and it bonded your team, Conquering together, suffering together, laugh together, crying about soreness together created team intimacy and true friendships.



Create fun, trusting relationships with your team members, your customers, and the soccer mom who takes your son or daughter to practice by surviving a grueling workout together. Join or create a running club, a cross-fit gym, or a yoga studio and expand your contact list. Enhance lives (including your) by improving health, exercise, exercise, exercise while building meaningful relationships.

Exercise improves our confidence, working out can 100% increase confidence in more than one way. Trimming down and hitting your weight goals can increase your confidence in your appearance. However, it also goes much deeper than that, working out can sometimes be hard. Often your energy-conserving body would rather lay on the couch and watch a little TV than go for a run. But overcoming your natural impulses will always create a sense of self-worth. You’ve conquered that lazy human inside day after day, you’ve turned your body into a healthier, stronger machine. Is there anything you can’t do? Take this confidence and use it to share your passion in every part of your life.



Exercise will give you a schedule and goals, one of the most challenging aspects of being an affiliate marketer, building a home-based business is the lack of a formal schedule. Without having a boss telling you to be at work at 8:00 a.m. sharp, it is easy to let the day slip away from you. Create a schedule for yourself and following through with it, It is critical for your success.

Successful exercisers know the power of a well organized routine, a workout that is not scheduled is probably going to be the workout that will never happens. A consistent exercise routine will stabilize your day and give you a good daily goal to accomplish. Each and every time you create a goal, work toward it, and accomplish it, your personally improve and your ability to accomplish goals will also increase. Get up, crush that morning workout, then take that goal-achieving momentum, and use it to your advantage, in all that you do.



Exercise will help improve memory, It used to be a widely held belief that once you were an adult your brain couldn’t develop new neurons. Recent studies have now confirmed that adult neurogenesis, the development of new neurons in adult brains, actually does happen and increases with EXERCISE. Adult neurogenesis in the hippo-campus, this is the part of the brain in charge of our memory. Slowly digresses with age, exercise however, can slow or stop this unwanted age-related decline, helping to preserve your memory.

My friends, not only can working out fight our physical decline of our aging bodies, it will fight the mental decline as well. Let’s do your brain a big favor and hit the gym or the pavement a few times a week. When life become hectic, do not sacrifice your workout, exercise is the super tonic for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. It builds discipline, and good habits, both are critical for your success. It keeps our memories sharp and it increases confidence, it keeps our mental fortitude tough, and helps all of us bond with new and old friends. I leave you with this, EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.

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May you be always in good health, humbly yours Paul Earl.