*Please, read this newsletter until the end, for the sake of your wealth and your future wealth.*

My readers, President Biden signed an order that wages war on all Americans. It is an order that could make it 100% legal for the government to track our every move, and even confiscate all of our hard-earned money, with no warning. I have never seen a more urgent or more dangerous threat to every American and to our wealth, we do need to be prepared. For the first time since the depths of the pandemic in 2020, the stock market has a small breakaway momentum, however, it is still extremely risky. I for one do not trust the market, I’m saying this as a stock trader. And bonds are suffering their worst year in decades.

Reckless debt ceiling deception threatens government services, national and global economies | The Hill

Yet another, beaten down space that’s rallying now is cryptocurrency, although down today alongside the broader market, Bitcoin has rallied over $20,000 and continues to hold this line. $20,000 is an important psychological and technical number for Bitcoin, so a rally above this level is definitely good to see. However, still many would-be crypto investors remain put off by all the recent fraud and scams allegations that plague the space. I personally believe we are quite a long way from seeing crypto standing up to the level it was, during those pandemic heights.

The United States hit its debt limit on January 18th 2023, the current ceiling is about $31.4 trillion, this could trigger a financial and stock market cataclysm and crash the retirement savings of millions. In fact the government might not have enough cash to keep paying social security payments, veterans, or federal workers, every American could get hurt.

How Much Is Too Much Credit Card Debt?

In our credit card world, the average interest rate on credit card debt has soared to nearly 20% from just over 16% at the beginning of last year. That is the largest one year increase in four decades. The Federal reserve has been aggressively raising interest rates in an effort to beat down inflation. Each time the central bank raises rates, the cost of carrying a balance on your credit card goes up as well.

Many of us have heard about how the Dollar Days as the world’s leading reserve currency are numbered. Much of our world wants a new monetary system that isn’t based on the dollar. The US weaponization of the dollar against nations is deems hostile, like Russia has only intensified the call for change. What exactly will replace the dollar standard, is a matter of debate, however, many agree that it is just a matter of time, it may not happen overnight, but it will without a doubt happen.

Coronavirus and the economy: How the Fed is 'printing' dollars

The number of dollars in circulation has super exploded in the last few years, in fact more than 80% of all dollars to ever exist has just been printed since 2020. Which is why some of our financial experts are saying inflation could soon explode even higher than it is as of now to 20% or more. If you are at or near retirement age, you must take some serious actions now to protect yourself otherwise you take the risk of losing everything. However, it is a safe way out of all of these financial nightmares. That you can increase your wealth without risking what wealth you have now, so I asked you to please hold on to your seats, I am going to lay it all out for you.

Gold and silver became de facto money around 600 BC when they were struck in Lydian coins as stores of value used for trade. For over 2,500 years, silver and gold monies has proven themselves as the ultimate monies and always have had the best history track records as money. The first metal used as a currency was silver, more than 4,000 years ago, when silver ingots were use in trade. Gold coins were first struck on the order of King Croesus of Lydia around 550 BC.

From the 1970s to today most countries have run on a system of flat money, which is government issue money, that is not back by a commodity. Our US dollar is flat money, which means it is backed by our government, however, not by any physical asset, do you understand what I am explaining to you?
Under the Microscope: The Real Costs of a Dollar

The dollar of 1913 is now worth about $0.3, there are some very bad people controlling our world at this very moment. They are not embarrassed about what they have done. There will not be any apologies, no trials, no justice. Watching the world economic forum last week, the bad guys are riding higher than ever. The only one that’s going to truly take care of you and your loved one’s, is you.

Gold is on a collision course for $2,000 for the first time since August 2020, silver is also in play, it has more than doubled goal’s performance in Q4. Confirming that we are seeing some serious momentum into the precious metal space. The largest gains in gold prices are yet to come and today my teammates are telling me that goal is poised for historic gains.

The bull and bear case for copper price - MINING.COM

Let us now turn the spotlight on copper, yes, you read correct copper. Copper has skyrocketed 80% from March 2020 to December 2022. Many of the experts believe this is only the beginning for this shiny metal. It turns out people, copper is a desperately needed material to power the green revolution of clean emission-free energy. The transfer to electric vehicles will not be possible without tons of new sources of copper.

Nothing is more essential to American life than the electricity we use, delivered through our nationwide electric grids. Electric power is distributed from power plants through a complicated network of more than 600,000 circuits, miles of transmission lines right into our homes. Copper is needed in virtually all stages of electric infrastructure generation, transportation, distribution, and consumption. Not only is copper key to protecting our national grid, it is also a key element in the world’s transition to renewable clean energy, such as solar and wind.

Copper Prices Fall Despite Signs of Looming Crucial Metal Shortage - Bloomberg

But, despite strong demands, supply is significantly lagging. It is only going to get worse, with analysts forecasting copper demands could rise 350% by 2050. We all need to act quickly, we could be in for a huge copper rush, like we have never seen before. This means the door is wide open for a serious opportunity. Gold, silver, copper, is a major opportunity to preserve and increase our wealth and the future wealth of our love one’s, and actually it is safer, than the majority of all financial investments, within our world today.




Biden Admin Takes Steps Toward a Digital Dollar - The American Conservative

The Federal reserve in cooperation with giant global Banks, has launched a 12-week pilot project to test the message systems and payment processes on the new CBDC dollar. A pilot project is not my friends research and development, that’s already done. This pilot means what we call “Biden Bucks”are here, and the backers just wants to test the plumbing before they roll out the system on the entire population. This project is due to be completed next month, in other words, Biden Bucks are getting closer to be coming a real reality for us all.

There is another big development to keep everyone up to speed. This month the digital dollar project (DDP) released an update version of its white paper called “Exploring a US. CBDC” the project expanded the paper in order to examine Central Bank data currency project internationally, though its focus is still on the United States. Since it’s original white paper release in 2020, CBDC projects worldwide has increase from 35 to 114.
The Digital Dollar: The Fed Exploring Whether a U.S. CBDC Might Make “Cents” - Frost Brown Todd | Full-Service Law Firm

Here is one statement that one of my teammates was able to attain in the update paper. (It is imperative that the US government consider ways to maintain the use of the dollar in digital global payment systems, and develop a strategy related to the use of an alternative payment system).my God, “alternative payment systems”is simply a technical term for the Biden Bucks, which means replacing our cash (flat) dollars we have now.

What does this mean for us? Let’s first consider the kind of freedom that physical cash offers all of us. Above all, cash is basically untraceable and anonymous. When you buy something with cash, there’s no way to trace the purchase back to you individually. Like silver and gold it doesn’t leave a digital fingerprint. And we believe, that’s one of the reasons why our government wants to eliminate cash. With cash out the way, our government can and will trace anything and everything. At that point, all of our money will be locked in the banking system.
What is the future of cash?

Biden Bucks would also allow for account freezers, tax withholding and outright confiscation in some cases. After all, this is a government-approved digital wallet. Without any access to physical cash as we know it now, and please, don’t allow yourself to even think a little bit, that this could not happen in the United States of America.

As I promise, I will lay out the way that you can protect your freedom and your savings. So that, you can create more wealth without a risk. The time to prepare is now, before it all hits all of us in our pockets. Gold, and silver, is real money, it is private, secure and remains incredibly valuable today. It is also greatly undervalued for now, and copper is a very wise investment.

When the bugs hit the windshield, gold, silver, and copper will likely explode in value, and will quickly become out of reach for us small investors. This is why I strongly encourage you to get your hands on some physical gold, silver and copper now before the panic buying begins. I also recommend you purchase from the good people at 7K metals. There is a link below to learn more about 7K metals and all the options they offer you. I personally have been buying gold and silver for the last 2 years and copper recently. With all of my heart, please take the time, to check out 7K metals. Do this for the future of your wealth and the future of your loved one’s wealth, and your freedom.

I have given you the facts, I have laid it all out for you, you know in your heart what’s really going on within our world of money. There is no more that I can do, it is now up to you to do what you know you should do. Protect your wealth, protect the future wealth of your loved ones, above all, protect your freedom. The time is now, to do all that you can, to stand up with your head high and your shoulders back, in opening the door to protect your hard-earned money, to create more wealth, without a risk. Once again, for your convenience there’s a link below for you to be introduce to 7K metals and learn what they are prepared to do for you.

I made a promise to myself, in 2018 when I became a internet marketer, that I would sincerely do all that I can to help others. I feel good inside at this moment because I know I have took a major step in helping others to protect their wealth, to protect their freedom. My mother and dad has left this world, I believe with all of my heart and spirit, as they look on me from heaven as I do believe they are now, that they are happy and proud of what I am doing this day in helping others. May prosperity and good health be with you all, always.

7K metals 







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  1. Thank you for this sobering article. I just have a question. When you talk about purchasing metals like gold and silver, are you saying it will be an investment in precious metals or do you literally get product. I would prefer to invest as having product on you does make you a target for thieves?

    1. A very beautiful evening to you Michel Making, and thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. Without a doubt it is time for everyone to invest in their future and their freedom and the future of their loved ones. And the only way that one can stand up to this tall order is to invest in something that isn’t going to be a major risk, of them losing their hard-earned money. I laid it all out, with the facts to back everything that I said, it is now up to each individual to do what must be done to protect their wealth and their freedom. To answer your question, the good people at 7K metal, provide a couple ways for your precious metals to be stored, they can send it to you as I have them do for me, or they will store it for you with the legal documents in your hand to prove that they are storing precious metals on your behalf. I personally have a safe in my house and I have been buying bars of gold and silver for the last couple years and recently copper. So once again, it is what you think is right for you, one last thing, no one should know what you are storing in your house, and without you or someone within your home screaming to the public that you have these precious metals, they will never know. I think you once again, for stopping by weightlifting for a beautiful world, if it is anything, anything at all that my team or I can do for you by all means reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  2. I’d want to express my gratitude to you for writing such an informative and exhaustive piece about gold, silver, and copper. In all honesty, I was completely unaware of these 7k metals until just now. However, it looks like a worthwhile program. After reading this piece, I finally understood how critical it is to maintain some of my wealth in the form of physical gold. Continue to post in the same manner. I will most certainly pass this along.

    1. A very good evening to you pasindu dimanka, we thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. Yes my dear friend the world Is not the same and no one is going to look out for us or for our loved ones but us. These are very scary times, and we must prepare for the worst, by buying precious metals, our wealth can only increase not decrease like stocks or digital currencies. The banks are no longer safe, and we all now understand that our governments are not going to take care of us, or our loved ones the way we should be taken care of, it’s all in our hands. I think you, once again, for stopping by, if it’s ever anything that my team or I can do for you please reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  3. How well laid out article and it comes as great help to me in my research for future of money. I agree to each and every point you have laid out here. The metal will still hold its value when the paper is gone. Hence, it is extremely important to keep such hard physical assets in order to future proof your money. This practice was used in the past and is still quite relevant.

    Thanks and for sharing your thoughts on this eye-opening subject.



    1. A wonderful good evening Rohit, and thank you kindly for stopping by weightlifting for beautiful world. My dear friend, these are dangerous times and the majority of the population are not catching on, because the governments of this world are keeping them in confusion, and they are not doing their research. Because of this fact, it’s a great possibility they will lose all of their money as they know it, and their freedom as they know it. Yes without a doubt, these are dangerous times and we must prepare for them, and the way to do that as you know it, is to buy physical gold, silver, and copper now, as much as you can possibly can buy with the money you have. Because you will not lose, you will only gain wealth and it can and will protect your freedom and your loved ones freedom and secure wealth for your loved ones in the future. Once again, I thank you for coming by, and if it’s anything that my team or I can do for you by all means reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  4. This article is a good one it brings to mind several conversation’s I have had with friends and family about protecting their money and assets cause government doesn’t care they ready too steal everything they can or everything we will let them have they will take. There were hardly any links I seen one or two but that was it you remained on topic that was good and you made sense so great article. Great job !!!!

    1. Good evening Tom, my team and I thank you for stopping by and for your very warm words. These are very dangerous times, our hard-earned money and our freedom are in jeopardy, and no one, no government or anyone else is going to take care of us or our loved ones, it’s all up to us. We cannot have step this, we must be prepared, and the only way we can do that without a major risk, is with precious metals, gold and silver it will secure our freedom and give us the means to purchase what we need for ourselves and our loved ones without the government trying to control everything that we do. Copper is a outstanding investment because of what I have laid out in this newsletter. I am happy and proud of you my friend for understanding the importance of this. Once again,, I thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for a beautiful world, and if it’s anything that my team or I can do for you please reach out, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  5. I do not live in the US but my eldest sister does, along with her family of 3. They (legally) immigrated to the states more than 15 years ago because they know that they would be better off there. Of course, who does not want to go to America where the poorest is the richest in third-world countries?

    But during the pandemic, we have been reading and watching about the economic situation there and we find them very alarming! Imagine not getting the retirement money you’ve been saving up for many years; that would be devastating! I was just talking with my sister the other day and she said she’s lost confidence in your government leaders because of how they handled the covid crisis. 

    More importantly, my sister is now considering putting her hard-earned money somewhere else that is safer and if possible, guaranteed. Thank you for sharing this valuable information on gold and silver investments. I’m just wondering if investing in gold and silver is like investing in the stock market where these are just paper assets that you can buy or sell. 

    Should my sister decide to buy gold or silver, will she be able to have and keep them? 

    1. Good evening Alice, and thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. These are very dangerous times, and all Americans that have done their research understands that are freedom and our hard earned money is in jeopardy. But it’s not just this government, it is the governments around the world, they’re changing the rules, with the central banks, and if we’re not careful it will be Nazi Germany all over with total control and our money will be worthless. Our president, who I think is a puppet and whoever is pulling his strings have created that digital dollar and they’re planning on using it making flat money worthless, it might be even illegal to have in time. The only thing that has been proven for hundreds on top of hundreds of years to not lose its value as money, because it is real money is silver and gold. It is the only thing that you can be sure that you can use anywhere on this planet as money, and it will only increase in value. Another good investment as I have mentioned in the newsletter is copper because it is needed and it is supposed to go up in value up to 350% by 2050, this! Is given by some of the best analysts around. You have your head in the right place however, and I’m saying this in a good way you need to do it now, it is dangerous to put it off because if the government takes control of our bank accounts because of this digital dollar then you’re not going to have the money to buy silver and gold or copper if the government doesn’t want you to. Because the government will have complete control and that is not a good thing. It has proven to be a disaster throughout history when the government has that much control, and history does repeat itself. Once again thank you for stopping by and if you need any help at all, please reach out, my team and I will be there for you if you need us. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  6. Your text was interesting. I think it was somehow ahead of its time. You paid attention to points that few people pay attention to, and now I’m thinking that the best way to save my money is to convert everything I have into gold, copper, and silver. Considering the changes that have occurred in the stock market and international currencies in the past few years, I think all the issues you mentioned will happen soon.

    1. A very good afternoon to you Liam Tremblay, thank you kindly for stopping by. Yes we are seriously in very uncertain times, our hard earned money is at risk, also our freedom. Now is the time to get rid of your flat currencies, holding only enough to get you by. And when this nightmare begins officially, you and your loved ones will have a serious shot of staying above water, and holding on to your freedom. I have converted 80% of my flat currency  into silver, gold, and copper. I will not allow myself or my loved ones to be a victim of the government of this world, and I don’t want you or anyone else to be, this is why I am writing what I am writing. Once again, thank you for stopping by weightlifting for a beautiful world. We sincerely appreciate you, if it’s anything that we can do for you, please reach out, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  7. This article is very exciting.  I agree with you completely that there is really no commodity back most dollars.  Many years ago bartering was a way to live.  Service for goods.  With a precious medal base for money there was something real behind the currency.  This has changed.  I think the purchase of gold and silver is a wise decision.  Several times I have let opportunities for this kind of thing pass me by.  I am going to take you suggestion at this point and try this out.  Thanks for this information.

    1. A very wonderful good evening to you Anastazja, thank you kindly for stopping by. These are very dangerous times, not only for our hard-earned monies, but also our freedoms. History repeats itself, when the government has control of our hard-earned money, I can only sense disaster. With precious metals, your money can only increase, and the government doesn’t have control over your wealth. However, in this time and age, we must prepare, we cannot sit down on our behinds, and give too much thought, because in an instance, the world as We know It can change, and not in a good way. I think you once again for stopping by here at weightlifting for a beautiful world if it’s anything at all that my team or I can do for you please reach out, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  8. Man, its such scary times we live in. To think about the potential economic crash from the United States debt, and honestly, stupidity we have driven ourselves into. Even today, the average American family follows suit of our own Government and gets into debt that will take them years to get out of if they do not increase their income and live off of nothing for a very long time to pay it off. And this is the only formula to bring this nation to ruin.

    In a perfect world, American’s will stop wasting money, getting into more credit card debt — live off of nothing while paying off debt — and once out of debt, put all of that extra income from less debt into silver and gold to protect themselves from the upcoming events that will probably soon take place.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this informative post, and I know that it will be a valuable resource for many people who are looking to safeguard their financial future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!

    1. A very wonderful good afternoon to you Eric Abbott,, I think you for stopping by, our team and I appreciate it. You have done your homework my dear brother, yes everything that you had said is the truth and a valuable point. One of my team members just came back from doing some major researching, and what he has found out the Chinese government and the Russia government has been stockpiling gold and pushing for their digital dollar, as I have said in this newsletter America’s digital dollar is close at hand, when that happens the government will know every step that we take involving using our money, that will be locked in to their digital dollar system. This is dangerous time and history has proven when the government has control over your hard-earned money, heaven help us. There is only one way my brother to remain free and to hold on to your wealth and that is to invest in precious metals as I have laid out in this newsletter. Once again I thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for beautiful world, if it’s anything that my team or I can do for you by all means reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  9. Man, its such scary times we live in. To think about the potential economic crash from the United States debt, and honestly, stupidity we have driven ourselves into. Even today, the average American family follows suit of our own Government and gets into debt that will take them years to get out of if they do not increase their income and live off of nothing for a very long time to pay it off. And this is the only formula to bring this nation to ruin.

    In a perfect world, American’s will stop wasting money, getting into more credit card debt — live off of nothing while paying off debt — and once out of debt, put all of that extra income from less debt into silver and gold to protect themselves from the upcoming events that will probably soon take place.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this informative post, and I know that it will be a valuable resource for many people who are looking to safeguard their financial future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!

    1. A wonderful good evening Eric Abbott, we appreciate you stopping by. Without a doubt, these are very dangerous times, nothing like we have seen in hundreds of years. We must prepare, before it is too late, history has shown Us in the past, what happens when the government controls your money’s and your freedoms. There is only one way out, to always have control over your wealth, and that is remove it from the place that the government can attain it. With precious metals, you have your wealth in your hands, and no government can control it, or you, and your wealth will increase. However, the time to act is now, before it is too late. Once again we thank you for stopping by here at weightlifting for beautiful world, if it’s anything, anything at all that my team or I can do for you by all means reach out, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  10. I found this topic about gold, silver, and copper very interesting. It was informative to learn about the history and properties of each metal and how they are used for various purposes. I also am troubled on how investing in precious metals can be a way to save and protect your wealth, especially during times of economic uncertainty. I don’t know if I can afford those precious metals. Where again can we buy them at a reasonable price?

    I also think it’s important to consider the potential risks and drawbacks of investing in precious metals, such as the high upfront costs, the potential for fluctuations in market value, and the need for proper storage and security measures. 

    Good point abpout explaining about the value of USD. It is alarming that the a powerul country like US is in debt big time.

    1. A very good evening to you Raymond, thank you for stopping by, we appreciate you. What pulses me about your questions, would all do respect. Every question that you have asked is self explanatory within the newsletter, it is a unlikely possibility that you could have missed any of those answer if you had actually read what has been wrote. It makes me think that you’re using some format and not reading anything at all. So I say to you with all due respect, if you want those questions answers, read this newsletter again, because this is a waste of my time. I have serious people that want help in their lives to keep the wealth that they have, to increase the wealth that they have, and to have their freedom survive throughout these very dark times. When you are serious, and if you need our help reach out. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  11. The photos of the ancient leaders and their shields and gold was very interesting.  I understand your concern about inflation, but feel that the political statements can be a bit assertive that may cause others to lose interest quickly in the overall content as they may not see past the comments to the true heart of your concern, which I am understanding to be inflation, the devaluation of the US Dollar, and the concerns of the stock market not being able to maintain the current value and most likely lose revenue instead of saving for the future.  I find stating historical and verified facts to be more appealing to my audience than to make statements that could incite fear into the public mind. Thank you for this interesting perspective. Best Wishes on your endeavors.

    1. A very pleasant evening Angela Working, and thank you very much for stopping by. What you need to understand is, I have been doing this for a very long time, and I have a very large following that know that I do not half step around I give the fact as they are. The problem is too many people do not put the facts out the way they are and because of this nature of the way things are, you are only hurting people when you sugarcoat it. Every single word that’s involved and that is used for this newsletters are facts true facts. My team and I, self-appointed goal is to enlighten humanity to any evils or wrongdoings that may cause humanity to lose their monies or freedoms, we will not act like politicians and pretend that everything is all right by not giving a complete truth. These are deadly and dark times, and the public must be aware of what’s going down in the near future and now. There are too many false hopes that are given by our politicians and those that are in power. My team and I will not sit around and let the public be manipulated in any way if we have a say to it. And because of this fact, people listen to me because they know I will tell the truth the way it is without hiding anything, nor will we ever keep our readers in the dark, this is the way that the press used to be before they were taken in control by the wealthy. If it’s ever anything that my team can do to enlighten you or help you by all means reach out humbly, yours Paul Earl.

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    Работникам, обучающимся очно по таким программам,
    для прохождения промежуточной аттестации дается 10 дней
    в учебном году, для прохождения государственной итоговой аттестации – до двух месяцев.

    К ним добавляется время, затраченное на
    проезд от места работы до места обучения и обратно (с сохранением среднего заработка).

    Следовательно, совместителю в период сессии необходимо либо продолжать работу в свободное от учебы время, либо оформить на это время отпуск
    без сохранения зарплаты. В таком случае работнику по согласованию с работодателем может быть предоставлен ежегодный оплачиваемый отпуск либо
    отпуск без сохранения зарплаты.
    Однако учебный отпуск положен не всем обучающимся работникам.
    Однако в магистратуре их гораздо меньше, чем на бакалавриате.

    Специфика программы обучения
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    В некоторых случаях, если вы уже успешно
    справляетесь со своими обязанностями и
    вам необходимо иметь лишь «корочки» с высшим образованием – именно диплом бакалавра
    может стать подходящим решением.
    Как и когда можно стать студентом Красноярского ГАУ рассказала слушателям представитель университета Ощепкова
    Н.А. 120 000 руб. Средний дневной заработок Иванова составит:
    120 000 руб. : 12 мес. За этот период Иванов получил: 10 000 руб.

    × 12 мес. Этим объясняется довольно высокая стоимость
    обучения – 15-40 000 евро в год. Твердая красная обложка для диплома о высшем образовании с отличием (для выпускников, завершивших свое обучение на отлично
    с категорией “Красный диплом”,
    обложка государственного образца, принятого к использованию
    на всей территории РФ с 2014 года) –
    стоимость 580 рублей.

    Подтверждение подлинности диплома
    о высшем образовании в России может осуществляться по
    одной из следующих схем. Те, у
    кого уже был первый опыт работы, знают, что для успешного решения задач бывает недостаточно иметь диплом
    о высшем образовании. Если говорить простыми словами, то диплом магистра –
    это следующая ступень высшего
    образования после бакалавриата или специалитета.

    Для получения права на
    предоставление гарантий и компенсаций работникам, совмещающим работу с получением среднего профессионального и высшего образования, действует единая форма справки.

    Также отметим, что гарантии и компенсации лицам,
    совмещающим работу с обучением, предоставляются только
    по основному месту работы (ст. 287 ТК РФ).
    » (ст. 177 ТК РФ). Право на учебный отпуск имеют работники, которые учатся
    в вечерней школе (ст. 176 ТК РФ). 6 ст.
    174, ч. По общему правилу для предоставления работодателем учебного
    отпуска вами должны соблюдаться определенные условия (в
    некоторых случаях данные условия не являются обязательными) (ст.
    ст. 173, 173.1, 174, 176, ч. Людям, которые совмещают работу и учебу, Трудовой кодекс предоставляет определенные гарантии и компенсации.
    Для оформления отпуска работодателю необходимо представить заявление на
    отпуск и справку-вызов из образовательной организации.
    Учебный отпуск студентам вузов
    дают только после того, как они
    принесут справку-вызов учебной организации.
    Учебный отпуск оплачивают исходя из средней заработной платы сотрудника.

    1. Beautiful good evening to you, I thank you so much for stopping by. I pray that you were able to understand what I have given, and that this will be a blessing for you. With all of my heart, May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours, Earl Richardson.

    2. Thank you for coming by as the world is today we need to stockpile as much as gold and silver as possible if it’s anything I can ever do for you please reach out

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    1. Once again thank you so much for stopping by I appreciate you now is the time to stockpile gold and silver before the governments of this world take away our paper currency in order to maintain our freedom

    2. Thank you so very much for stopping by, now it’s the time to buy all the silver and gold that you possibly can. So when the government send this world take away your paper currency you will still be able to maintain your freedoms. If it’s anything that me or my team can do for you by all means reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you.

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    1. Thank you,in this upside down world,This is a time that we must do a lot of research and not believe everything that we hear or read in the news. It’s time to prepare for any darkness that might come about within this world concerning our wealth. Thank you for stopping by.If it’s anything I can do for you please reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you

    1. It is my pleasure,Thank you for stopping by, Have a wonderful holiday season. May prosperity and good health be always with you.

    1. With all of my heart my team and I think you for stopping by, we must protect ourselves within this world, because the darkness of the government is reaching out for total control. The only way that we can be in control of our destiny is by purchasing as much silver, gold, and Carper, we can, so that our freedom cannot be controlled. Once again I thank you for stopping by, If it’s anything that I can do for you, please reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you,humbly yours Paul Earl.

    1. Thank you, these are challenging times, And the only way that we can truly protect our wealth is to buy as much gold, silver, and copper as we can. That way the government cannot control every step that we take. Thank you for stopping by, If it’s anything that I can ever do for you by all means reach out. May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

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