My friends we just may have a lot more control over our happiness and our physical well-being then we ever thought to be possible. To begin, in this article, I’m going to give you some information, that may change your thinking completely, concerning your joy and your good health.

Here's what you can do to build a happiness habit - The Globe and Mail


  • *50% Genetics

Studies of twins suggest that about half of our propensity for happiness is inherited.

  • *10% Circumstances

Differences in external factors, such as income and beauty, have the smallest influence.

  • *40% Behavior

Much of our ability to be happy is governed by our choices, such as exercising and socializing.

How to Sleep Better - HelpGuide.org


People who get adequate sleep well have a much better shot at achieving emotional will bring. According to a 2014 analysis. Our happiest people receive an average of 8 hours each night, 42% of U.S. adults receive less than the recommended, which is a minimum of seven hours.

How to Exercise if You Have an Ectomorph Body Type | Everyday Health


Physical activity be will boost the actions of endorphins, which may be natural mood enhancers, and not only in the short term. And my friends, Exercise is increasingly becoming a standard part of the treatment for major depression and preventing relapses.

Going outside appears to offer plenty of upside - The Boston Globe


While it’s very true, that too much sun can be a bad thing, by getting enough exposure may be important to our mental health. Studies have found that the sunlight booster synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate our mood and may help to combat depression.

Standing Up Straight with Women - negromanosphere


A2014 study had found that New Zealanders with upright posture reported feeling more excited, enthusiastic, and strong.Their slumping counterparts were more fearful, passive and sleepy.

Best and Worst Fish for Your Health


Omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods like cold-water fatty fish have been linked to a decreased risk of mental disorders. In a review of 26 studies on this topic researchers found that the people who ate  the most fish had a 17% lower risk of depression than those who ate less

Wrinkles From Smiling - Why Wrinkles Form on Your Face


A study in2012, found that smilers enjoyed lower heart rates during stress recovery and a smaller drop in positive emotions during stressful tasks. Research has even shown that artificially reducing the ability to frown (through Botox) may help relieve depression.


Heart Health | Johns Hopkins Medicine


A study in 2005 found that the happiest people had an average heart rate of about six fewer beats per minute. In a 2010 study, showed that over 10 years, for every one-point increase in positive emotions (on a five-point scale), an individual risk of coronary heart disease drops 22%.

Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain - Colorado Pain Care


Psychologists found that when a woman suffering from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia had more positive emotions, they felt lower levels of pain in the following weeks (and vice versa).

Waning immunity | Science


In a study, researchers assessed volunteers on their tendency toward positive or negative emotions and later exposed each person to rhinovirus, the happier subjects were less likely to develop a cold.

Longevity and Your Retirement | Blueprint Income


Recent research suggest, that happiness may not cause longevity, however, a lot of research has linked better moods to a longer life. A2011 study found that unhappy seniors were twice as likely as their happier peers to die within five years.

Obesity - Wikipedia


Gallup published a report in 2010, linking obesity with lower emotional will-being. Among everyone, obese individuals were more likely to experience worry, stress, anger and depression.


Currently Americans are





32% Employed

31% Not in the work force, or retired

17% unemployed

Perhaps is not really surprising, it’s significantly more difficult to be happy while being involuntarily out of work.


How to Make Peace with Your Family | by Elizabeth Marchetti | P.S. I Love You

Studies have shown that married people are happier than those that are not married. However, the results are less clear when you add children.


Stimulus check money: You and your family might receive $1,200 or more with an additional relief payment - CNET
Yes indeed, money can increase happiness, however, the rates of happiness have definitely not, kept pace with the trend of our rising incomes.


63-year Study Reveals How Personality Changes With Age
It seems youth is overrated. Here is something for all of us to look forward to. The studies have shown, seniors tend to be the happiest among all adults.



From Wailing to Worship - Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada
Across all the faiths, and consistently over decades, happy, happy are those who pack the pews.


42% of American workers say they have fought about politics at work

Regardless of any power shifts, the Republicans, particularly extreme conservatives, have the happiness all bagged up, having the edge.


(Source: General Social Survey by The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago)

  • Clergy
  • Firefighters
  • Architects
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Pilots
  • Butlers
  • Police
  • Realtors
  • Physicians
  • Economists
  • Electrical
  • Engineers
  • Hairdressers
  • Athletes


  • Gas station attendants
  • Roofers
  • Machine operators
  • Construction workers
  • Amusement park attendants
  • Food prepares
  • Dry cleaner operators
  • Legal assistants
  • Bartenders
  • Dressmakers
  • Cashiers
  • Auto mechanics
  • Prison officers
  • Messengers
  • Door-to-door salespeople
  • Furniture salespeople


PSA in Good Health April Tips - PSA Insurance and Financial Services

Let us talked about your good health, I am a firm believer that you can have all the money in the world however, without good health, you will never truly enjoy it. One of the hot topics in our world of health today is gut health, for the past few decades, the conversation around healthy eating and nutrient has been focus mostly on finding magical foods and miraculous supplements that can help us burn fat, lose that unwanted weight, and for you females building buns of steel.

Boys and girls, listen closely, gut health is extremely important. Gut health influences optimal digestion, efficient absorption of nutrients’, a diverse microbiota, and a very strong immune system. It will not only affect the bodily functions involved in the digestion of food, like nutrients’ absorption and bowel movements, but it also affects our overall health. Studies have shown that it plays a critical role in our heart, skin, kidneys, immune hormones and our mental health.

Discover the 10 keys to good health

It is absolutely vital for people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, races, and socioeconomic statuses to nurture gut health. Although my friends, digestive disease are found in every segment of our population, there are some groups that are disproportionately affected by specific gut-health conditions. Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and Native Americans have the highest death rates from digestive-system cancers, like pancreatic and stomach cancer.

In the United States, around 60 million to 70 million people suffer from digestive diseases that directly affect gut health, like colon cancer, autoimmune diseases like Celia, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, functional gastrointestinal disorders, foodborne infections such as salmonella, and digestive conditions, such as chronic constipation, that is related to food and pharmaceutical intake. While we may think, frequently suffering from an upset stomach or having constipation may not seem life threatening, it can lead to severe health complications in the future. The IBS Global impact Report in 2018, found that it takes four years for a person to receive a definitive diagnosis of IBS.

Your Digestive System: 5 Ways to Support Gut Health | Johns Hopkins Medicine

What I am attempting to point out to all of you, please start taking your gut health seriously. And here are some things that you can do just that. These are attainable, and realistic affordable changes that you can implement.

  • *Eat a plant-centric diet, that is high in fiber, and prebiotic rich foods to nurture gut-friendly microbes and will promote healthy bowel movement. Foods that are rich in fiber and prebiotics, include garlic, onions, bananas, leeks, beans, cauliflower, seeds, nuts, lentils, and brown rice.
  • *Try to eat in a way that fits your budget and culture identity. Purchase affordable whole foods that includes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that you and your family will find familiar and delicious. When your time and budget allows it, explore some ways to incorporate new gut-friendly foods into some of your favorite family recipes. Such as, you can add fiber-rich vegetables like carrots or broccoli to your curry, stew, or a pot roast family recipe.
  • *Please do not ignore digestive health issues. If for some reason you are uninsured, Google, and find yourself a community health center that provides low-cost medical services. And check your eligibility for affordable health insurance at healthcare.gov.
  • *try to build an open and honest relationship with your primary care physician and gastroenterologist. Request from your doctor a referral for a registered dietitian, or look for one at eatrightpro.org.

My dear friends, it is time to stand tall and take care of your overall health. This is extremely serious, especially with everything that is going on throughout our world. We cannot sit on the sidelines and hope for someone else to take charge of our health. Public health efforts, to actually improve digestive health must bring together hospitals, departments of health, research universities, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and public health organizations to implement new policies and regulations that will raise gut-health awareness. And you know that this is going to take forever and a day, we must take responsibility for the health of our families friends and ourselves now.

May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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  1. Very interesting article Paul!! I feel people think happiness is having a better house, a great car, wonderful holidays and good clothes. So they spend all their lives working really hard to make the money that will allow them to reach those things they believe will make them happy. In this race towards money, they don’t realize it’s much more important being healthy. And the sad thing about this is, once they get the money they wanted they finish with health problems that money cannot solve. It sounds negative and ironic but that’s how it is. People don’t appreciate heath until they lose it. Thanks again for your article! I hope a lot of people read it and start concentrating more on their health rather than making money!

    1. Good evening NatiOH,and a big thank you for coming by and hanging out with us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. As you have said in a nutshell, it’s a vicious circle, that does not have to be that way. If our brothers and sisters of this world will only and sincerely understand to always put their health first. And then understanding, their dreams and their goals can still be attained without losing touch with the fact that good health is the most valuable commodity, that we can have. And this my dear friend, with all sincerity is what weightlifting for a beautiful world, mission is all about. We thank you, once again for spending time with us. And if it’s ever anything at all that we can do for you, I asked you please to reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. Hello Paul. Your post is informatively helping me to organize my lifestyle. I try to go for an 8-hour sleep and often go out for exercise as my distress. 

    I have one question about fish oil. Is Alaska salmon Omega good for overall health like fish oil? Any side effects of consuming fish oil every day?

  3. Your website and post are really very informative. Everything I could read was obvious, and I say ‘Yes’ to it. But it is a pity a big screen was coming up over the side, trying to force me to leave my email. I couldn’t remove it, so I was forced to stop reading. The screen blocked my reading your post. That is a pity! I really liked very much what I have read. Maybe you could give a possibility to stop the screen by leaving people their choice if they would like to give you their email address. The first part of your blog was perfect! Thank you very much! 

    1. Good evening Sylvia,thank you for stopping by, and hanging out with us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. I am happy that you liked what you have read, it is our mission to help as many people that we possibly can to live a long healthy quality life. Let us talk about your concern, with the email, this is not my doing it is the doing of wealthy affiliate. I never ever, since I began this website in 2018, April, has anyone complained. It shouldn’t be a problem with anyone to leave their email. Once again, I thank you for stopping by and if it’s anything that we can ever do for you by all means reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  4. I love the fact that this article has been made as simplified as possible to make people understand that we have  all the power to control and contribute to our happiness and good health. These two should be able to work in accordance to make one has a good Life. It’s good to read through, thanks for sharing

    1. Good evening Shavo, we thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. And it makes me extremely happy that you appreciate this article, and understand the viewpoint. You are correct in all of your findings, it is with in our power to make the educated choice of being healthy and being happy. Unfortunately the majority of people look in all the wrong places,it is in our hope, that this article will open some of those doors that have been closed, so that people can be happy and have a long quality life with good health. once again, we thank you for stopping by and if it’s ever anything, anything at all that we can do for you by all means reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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