(1) Weightlifting Gloves

Gloves will give you a much better grip,

Gloves will keep the calluses from forming on your hands. You don’t want to rub the legs of your partner with calluses on your hands, they will scratch them. You girls don’t want to be rubbing your male companions face with calluses on your hands, as it would be a complete turn off.

Weightlifting gloves will give you a much better grip. If the gloves have a strap on them they will give extra support for your wrist, which is something that is always good to have. For me, when i put them on, I am ready to lift.


You will need good comfortable tech tank, shorts or jogging pants or leggings,(COMFORTABLE is the key word here.)


You will need shoes, I humbly ask you to please not be cheap with your shoes. Get yourself a pair of QUALITY running shoes or tennis shoes to workout in .


You should use a workout belt, it will help protect your back. Most health clubs will have them, however it is nice to have your own. Also, a pair of straps for that heavy weight, and now for that last item but not least a nice water bottle to carry around with you as you are working out, you need liquids when you.re working out.

As always i wish you the best, may you stay healthy, beautiful, and happy.

Humbly Yours

Earl Richardson

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