Fitness will open your World, you went motivated? Focusing on what truly matters to you. Like where your body can take you, not what it can wear, however when you are fit clothes just look better on you, you will find a whole new kind of strength within you, you will celebrate your newfound strength. When you are fit and healthy you will experience breaking old patterns that are not good for you. Your body will help you to achieve a great many things within your life, that you may have thought was not possible for you. Your brain, your body, your spirit will work together, you will be most positive and confident in all that you do, you will experience a life-changing celebration with in you.

Throughout this article I’m going to give you information that will help you on your journey to be healthy and fit.

Let us now meet the warm up, Always do a warm up before doing any exercise, including walking or running.


(1) TO REACTIVATE GLUTS; HIGH KNEE TO REVERSE LUNGE: From you standing, draw your right knee up to ward chest as you are swing your left arm forward. Step your right foot back, lowering your hips so your left thigh is parallel to the floor, left knee over your left ankle. Press your left heel into the floor to return to standing; alternate sides.

(2) TO LOOSEN HIP FLEXORS; GRAPEVINE:  From you standing, step to the left. As your left foot hits the floor, lift right knee-high and cross your right foot over your left. Step your left foot out again, then cross your right foot behind your left. Continue alternating crossing trailing foot in front and behind your leading foot. Repeat in the other direction.

(3) TO STRETCH QUADS AND STRENGTHEN HAMSTRINGS; BUTT KICK: From you standing, bend your left knee to bring your left heel up to your left butt cheek as you swing your right arm forward and your left arm back (as if you’re running). Return to you standing, then repeat on your other leg, Alternate sides, speeding up to a running pace.

(4) TO IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION; LATERAL LUNGE: From you standing, step out to your left and shift your body weight over your left leg, keeping your torso tall and lowering until your left knee is at a 90- degree angle and your left thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat on your opposite side.




For so many of us, a yoga class is the first time that the mind-body connection is a major component of our work-out (matching the breath to movements, thinking about each muscle as it stretches or squeezes). However, the same concept should-and can-be applied to all exercise that we do. Your ability to focus on your muscles as you are working out can actually help you produce more growth and yes, strength, says trainer and physiologist Dean Somerset, CSCS, Also being mindful of how you move has a very positive impact on your brain as well.

Some individuals are just born with a better body-mind sense ( e.g., your super-coordinated and graceful friend), practice can help you perfect yours my friend. In time, a stronger head-to-toe feedback loop can lead to more power, a bigger mood boost with fewer injuries, from all of your workouts. Here are some steps that you can use, tailored for every stage of activity-at the health club, the gym, studio, park, or wherever your sweat may takes you Ready, set, now think!




Most all of us carry some stress in our bodies that can hold us back in our workouts, says Jen Esquer, DPT, a WH adviser. All of us can release it by turning on our parasympathetic nervous system ( basically our rest-and relaxation switch), which will nix our overall tension and will increase muscle activation and mobility. Here’s how; Take very slow breaths into your nose and through pursed lips. As you breathe, think yes think of filling up that space in your lower rib cage instead of your chest. Search your body for any tension (like in your shoulders and jaw) and let it all go. This body-scanning meditation-which you can always perform yourself or with an app like Headspace-helps guide you and warms up the mind-body mechanism, notes cognitive scientist Sian Beilock, PhD, president of Barnard College, also the author of How the Body Knows its Mind. Always keep going until you feel that your muscles are release and your body is relaxed.




Just imagining, that your session are going well can lead you to crush it. Does it sound too good to be true? Study from the Journal of Neurophysiology illustrated the power of seeing all your actions in your head. Study participants who had one arm immobilized in a cast were able to prevent wrist-stength loss just using thinking through the process of flexing their wrist (without really moving it) . “Practice isn’t very simply doing an activity over and over, says Beilock. “If you think about it, all the right way beforehand, you can practice how your body and brain will communicate when you’re in the moment. Take five or ten minutes before your workout to ponder, say, how you won’t slow your pace when you get to that steep hill on your running path. Instead, keep telling yourself you’ll swing your arms and drive your knees harder so you can maintain your speed. Picture that happening.




For us to avoid getting hurt, it is always crucial to know the difference between workout discomfort-normal post ( LIKE THE SORENESS) and cues of true injury. What to watch when you’re wrapping up or right after you are finish; pinching, pulling, snapping, or a deep aching. “If you feel a sharp pain that is lasting after an action is completed, or one that pinches at the very end of your range of motion, always back off that movement, says Esquer. If it continues to last longer that a week, you should meet with a PT or a sport’s doc to ID what may be going on. (And if you are feeling dizziness, or light-headedness, tingling while you’re sweating, please take a break, drink some water, and breathe slowly through your nose until it all passes, says Esquer.)




Pilates and lifting have recently been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Researchers are not really sure why. However one theory is that just you believing your workout will benefit your mental health actually makes you feel better, says Brett Gordon, a researcher who is a postgraduate at the University of Limerick in Ireland. One way for us to reinforce positive associations with exercise? Answering just a few quick Qs can help you prepare for the next session, making your body-mind connection more solid.




Let us give those jaw muscles a rest, Bulking up requires us to do a lot of chewing. I was eating sometime six meals a day, each consisting of 30 grams of protein. This is where the mighty protein shakes can help. I went with three meals of real food and then I incorporated three liquid shakes to help cut down on all that mastication. Always make the diet portable, pick smart and pack smart when you are away from your home., I hit some real bumps early when I went on one of my road trip. My friends, when you are out to eat, pony up the extra cash for a bowl of berries at breakfast time. And then leverage some protein for snacks: low-sugar protein bars, some beef jerky, nut-and-seed trail mixes. Prep for that meal prep. Bulking diets will require some structure to thrive. Try the schedule Carlin developed for my busy schedule: Shop on a Tuesday and meal-prep four meals for lunches and dinners for that night. Then go shop and meal-prep three more lunches and the dinners on Saturday to get you back to Tuesday. Yeah I know it sounds like it will be a lot of work, however once you set up a routine, it will be easy. Fiddle until you find what works. My friends take care of that body of your and that body will take care of you without a doubt.



May good health always be with you. Humbly your Paul Earl