At a young age, Daniella Leifer leared, in order to see some positive results in her life that was the real thing, she would have to show up every day and put in the work that was necessary. The 28-year-old master instructor is in-charge of the United Martial Arts Centers (UMAC) in Newburgh, N.Y.-she began instructing tae kwon do as a staff member when she was just the tender age of 14-and her very first book is expected to be out later this year. She also trains in the gym five or six days every week, runs casually and practices yoga. Leifer considers her fitness regimen and her martial-arts training the backbone of her success in her business ventures and personal life.

When I look back on it all, if there was ever a time when I was feeling disconnected or off, or even a little lost, most of that time was because I wasn’t nourishing an important part of me, Leifer says. A lot of the time it was because I was not being disciplined with my martial arts training (tae kwon do), gym routine, or my nutrition, Leifer says. She has witnessed students of all ages grow outside the classroom, thanks in large part to their training. I taught a woman who was having a lot of challenges within her relationship. She is a mom; she recently became the caretaker of a house that she really did not plan for.

However, this hit at a time when she didn’t think she could handle it at all emotionally or financially, Leifer says. I knew that Tae-kwon-do and UMUC would provide certainty consistency and community not to mention some real stress relief in a time when a lot was changing for her. If nothing else through her training she has become more confident and she now, recognizing herself as a powerful woman who can tackle all of these things being thrown at her. In younger students, Leifer has witness their training Translate to better behavior and habits at school and at home.

The relationship between success and exercise is a talking point of some of the world’s most rich and Powerful investor and enterprise. Mark Cuban has said cardio training riles his competition spirit. Serial entrepreneur Richard Branson cites Health and Fitness as a major key of his achievements. Closer to Earth, a 2012 study in the Journal of Labor research found that employees who were regularly exercising earn 9% higher salaries than less active counterparts. Many of the most successful and innovative companies throughout the world, including Google, have an on-site exercise facilities, which is growing throughout the world by each passing day.

Why does exercise Prime us to success? According to Leifer, striving for health goals helps other accomplishments fall into place. When you set a fitness goal, let us say earning your first belt in a martial art program, you set up granular action steps. You learn and master techniques, memorize patterns, earn Stripes; you start breaking boards. All these little successes build up your confidence. With your 1st accomplishment comes that little tiny voice that screams, wow, if I can do that, maybe I can actually do this. With that confidence you begin to take more risk, you begin to take on bigger challenges. This confidence eventually will spill over into a lot of other areas of life.

If exercising can give us the necessary tools and motivation to work towards goals outside of the gym or health club, how much of an impact does that translate to? Heather Sanderson, an assistant professor of nutrients, health and human performance at Meredith College, has probed the measurable effects of exercise on college students, academic success. In a 2017 study, Sanderson and her team found that participating in recreational physical activities at the college level may hold a big key to improving classroom performance. The researchers study the physical activity, habits and academic performance of more than 20,000 undergraduate students over a 16-week semester to simulate performance of a complete academic year. For every hour or physical activity in a week, a student can increase their GPA by 0.06 Sanderson says.

So my friends, if a student went from exercising zero times a week to their 50 minutes sections Federal guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week that students could up their GPA by 0.18. Sanderson’s team also found that by doing regular exercises it will increase the odds of graduation by 53% (however spending too much time exercising beyond the nation’s guidelines can take too much time away from academic activities and could have a negative impact on GPA and graduation rates). Sanders and her team controlled for factors that would predict already higher discipline students, such as high school GPA and SAT scores.

When final exams’ comes around again, Sanderson urges students to always keep moving. On a neurological level exercise can stimulate and an immediate response with the prefrontal cortex, where decision-making happens, Sanderson says. If a student has a paper to write or needs to take a test or problems solve, exercising beforehand can activate the prefrontal cortex at a higher level and it’s able to totally increase one’s attention and focus.

Safeguarding the mind is essential for achieving success as we all age. Our brains power over decision-making and fuel Innovation and strategy. As we all know, exercise is well-known to improve our mood, reduce stress and anxiety and helps many of us to sleep. But the benefits of exercise comes directly in how it affects the health of the brain and protects our memory and thinking skills, two necessary elements of success both in and out of the workplace Mr. J. Carlson Smith, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, has research how exercise has a direct impact of the aging brain. Smith’s team, look at physical activities in older adults as an increased genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

These individuals carry a susceptibility gene for the disease, the apolipoprotein e4 allele, however not everyone who has the gene develops Alzheimer’s. Smith found that the brain function and cognition of more physically active e4 Carrier’s different from those of carriers who do not exercise. Their brain function and their cognition are protected over time, Smith says. They don’t show decline in cognitive function as much as the physically inactive e4 carriers.

Prioritizing brain health is one of the most impactful ways that we can ensure that we can achieve our goals as we age, and physical activity can help regulate the brain blood flow. In people who have been experiencing cognitive decline or have an early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease, their brain shows an increased flow of blood. In this case the brain is trying to compensate for some of the conditions neurological tangles and plaques, however, having more blood flow in those cases is not actually in any way a good thing.

Smith found that physical activity has different effects for those with a mild diagnosis compared to those with healthy cognitive function. We now see increasing in people who are cognitively normal, Smith says, of the brain blood flow. But in people who are actually experience memory loss, what we see is that exercise reduces their blood flow and actually helps to normalize it, which in my book is outstanding.

Smith’s team found that the brain decision-making ability, really can be affected by just one workout. We see that the performance of executive function improves with just one single session of exercise, but also the brains network that are related to this performance also increases in their activation, Smith says. So all the areas of the brain that are communicating with one another in order to perform a certain task that requires you to inhibit a certain response to making a decision when there are competing stimuli that are distracting you? These areas are more likely to have intense activation after exercising than they are when you are resting.

Is there a real difference between strength training and cardio in terms of protecting our brain for lasting success? Smith says the best kind of exercising gets you moving over and over again: Any physical activity that’s at least of a moderate intensity that people can enjoy is something that is going to definitely help them. People should be doing physical activities as a lifestyle, making it a part of their everyday routine. It’s time for everyone to wake up, to the fact, by keeping the body moving can help them live longer and help the brain to function better.

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