I know a lot of people are nervous, skeptical, and freaking out, not knowing what steps to take next, however, if you have been watching and I’m sure you have, everything is beginning to increase, now is not the time to sell keep the faith. Today I will give you a golden nugget, that’s right boys and girls and it is not going to cost you a dime. Why? because I sincerely care about all my readers, I sincerely want all of you to acquire wealth, so let us dive right into it.

The "Triple-Halving" Ethereum Merge. Is It Priced In? - Ethereum World News

It is called Mergy, unless you follow Ethereum updates closely as my team and I do you probably missed it however, it is a major moment in crypto history. And as you will see today it could be insanely bullish for Ethereum in 2022 and beyond. But, it’s set to happen as soon as June, it’s not even close to being priced in. Please let me explain, put simply the Merge is when Ethereum will move from a proof-of-work network to proof-of-stake network.

This means that, rather than using energy-intensive miners to secure the network Ethereum will use a decentralized network of nodes “staking” (holding) their funds in some special wallets. There are three main reasons this could be hyper-bullish for Ethereum.

  1. Dwindling supply
  2. Better incentives
  3. The triple halving

Ethereum Staking Taking Off With Over 1 Million ETH Primed For 2.0

Let us start from the top, DWINDLING SUPPLY, August 2021, Ethereum introduce the EIP-1559 protocol, which destroys (or burns) a certain amount of ETH with each transaction. EIP-559 is meant to create pressure on the circulating supply. And, that my friends is exactly what it’s doing. A leading crypto intelligence firm revealed that since August, Ethereum has burned over two million ETH tokens, the worth, $5.86 Billion, of that, 766,720 ETH (worth $2.27 billion) were burned in just the last three months, are you listening?

What will change in the crypto world with Ethereum 2.0 - The Cryptonomist

This means Ethereum circulating supply is already dwindling however, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Right now today proof of work miners need to sell a sufficient portion of the Ethereum they earned to cover their electricity costs, the move to proof of stake will eradicate that selling pressure. Although (listen carefully) the stakes will earn less, they won’t need to sell to cover electricity costs, infact boys and girls they’ll be incentivized to hold and stake their ETH because ( here it comes) the yield from staking will go from 4.8 to 10-15%.

Behind the Markets Podcast Special: Ethereum, The Triple Halving | WisdomTree Europe


Finally, my sisters and brothers, Ethereum will undergo what we call a TRIPLE-HALVING it receives its name from Bitcoin “halving event” when the rewards, for mining Bitcoin transactions is cut in half reducing the number of Bitcoins entering circulation. This planned event cuts the inflation rate in half, previous halving have been correlated with big boom (and bust) cycles, always and always ending with higher prices than prior to the halving ( are we catching on?).

Ethereum Price Prediction - Can Ethereum Break $6000 In 2022? ETH Price Forecast | UseTheBitcoin

For example Bitcoin last halved was on May 11, 2020 (at $8.880) cutting the inflation rate from 12.5 Bitcoin to 6.5 Bitcoin over the next 6 months, it tripled in price (now, do you get me?). What does this have to do with Ethereum? let me put it this way, once the merge is complete Ethereum’s yearly inflation rate will go from 4.3% to 0.43% this is my friends equal to three halving at once.

Add it all up, ALREADY-DWINDLING SUPPLY plus, more long-term holders plus, the TRIPLE-HALVING equals SUPPLY SHOCH oh yeah. With potentially an insanely, outstanding year for Ethereum, and please believe me when I say, my investing money is with my big mouth. As far as my team and I can tell the merge is nowhere priced in. What beautiful doors are open, and not too late to walk through them.

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May prosperity and good health be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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