Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech is definitely a treat to listen to. You will hear a most beautiful inspiring speech. Steve Jobs enticingly suggests, follow your heart for a life of immense passion, vision, and insane wealth. Jobs eloquently explains in that Stanford speech how all our lives we have only been taught to listen to and follow others such as all of our leaders in polities and at work. Mr Steve Jobs was absolutely right when he said, what we should follow is our own heart. He implores the graduating students of Stanford not to listen to all the authority and to instead follow their own hearts. In other words my friends, he is saying, discover and do what you love to do with your life and become wealthy doing what you LOVE TO DO!



Following your heart, discovering and also doing what you love to do with your own life -at any age – will require for you to uncovering something we called your FRIDAY-NIGHT ESSENCE. Your Friday night essence is work that you love so much you could actually be happy doing it on a Friday night, when all your friends are all out partying at the local clubs, concerts, or bars, it is your deepest motivational root. If you can apply this to your internet marketing, you can become super happy and insanely rich. Living that life you were meant to live, that exhilarating creation-driven life that Steve Jobs lived, taking you my friends through the momentous and wonderful leap from a value producer to a value creator. A value producer works a worthy job, and is stuck in a routine rut following others, stuck in that 9 to 5, following others expectations.



That my friends is exactly what your leaders expect from you. None of us are wealthy or much excited about life doing what our leaders expect from us. A value creator, a Steve Jobs on the other hand works an open-ended job, such as internet-marketing and creates and elevates values and makes a difference while following his or her heart, (marketing money on the Internet, while at the same time helping others). The human mind is the only thing on this Earth that can create, the human mind was meant to create, it lives for creation. Steve Jobs created and was insanely successful and wealthy, when you learn to create, you will discover a deep harmony with yourself and your purpose in life. When you my friends learn to create, you will discover your true self, as an internet- marketer you will be creating, the key is to help others, give people the solutions to their problems.



People are looking for solutions to heal their pains, and I am not just speaking of physical pains, it could be a financial pain or a marriage pain, or a pain of not knowing how to do a certain thing or how to lose weight. The point being, if you can give a solution to their pain you will make money online. Seeing common-denominator needs, is the key to making creative breakthroughs that a lot of people want, and the result of creating something a lot of people want is wealth (sought after or not) as Steve Jobs discovered.



Making a living doing what one love to do is everyone’s ultimate life-ambition. Becoming wealthy doing what you LOVE TO DO is just pure amazing Heaven on Earth, this can indeed be done by being an internet marketer. I’ve always been a dreamer and something of an outcast. I was born in California, Hollywood, one of the richest and crazy cities in the world. Instead of going to a university, I attended Berklee Conservatory of music in Boston Massachusetts. I achieved a level of celebrity in Massachusetts, but not enough to pay the bills. I ended up working dead end jobs to survive, including delivering pizza and being on the road 6 to 10 hours a day for peanuts. Then I discovered Internet Marketing and decided to change my life. I worked hard for about a year, but I did not see any results, I was depressed and almost quit.



Then I found Wealthy Affiliate, everything change. I received the necessary training, which is vast and precise, nothing short of incredible, I had a coach, I had live training every Friday night with this guy who named is Jay, who’s like a doctor of the internet, he is incredible. My world change, it was no more listening to the so-called marketing gurus on Facebook who was taking my money, laughing all the way to the bank, and sending me down a dead-end street. With Wealthy Affiliate I had the opportunity to have up to 50 websites built with ease with all the necessary tools for affiliate marketing that I would ever need. I was in Heaven I was making money it was no more just a dream it became a reality. Now you are probably wondering how much it cost me, now this is  going to blow your mind. The first month was free, the second month I paid $19, the third month cost me $49 with no more increases. I did not even need to provide my credit card information,  or my cell phone information, these guys are the real deal, my God life became beautiful.




This is one of the things I was taught at Wealthy Affiliate, let me tell you a story that will give you the perfect example. Let us now focus on the nature of making money by putting a microscope on the smallest, simplest money-making unit, and that is the one-man, one -cart business. Once it is in focus, we can see that to make money, the small one -man, one- cart business requires deceivingly complex integration.



The street vendor selling his tasty homemade candy creation, for instance, must develop and then produce the candy, he must purchase all the equipment and all the supplies, he must attend to maintenance of all of his equipment, he must keep track of the money, account for profit or loss, he must provide the service with his push cart. He must handle operations of the inventory and sales, advertise (yell), market his product by determining the best places and the times to sell his tasty homemade candy creation, innovate and be creative perhaps through appetite-inducing designs on the side of his cart or through special fans designed to blow the sweet aroma in the faces of passersby, and, of course, he also must apply his crude form of research and development in order to continually discourage or beat the competition



To make big money, in order to grow into a mighty empire as did Milton Hershey, the entrepreneur cannot be just a secret ingredient developer, or just a money-wise accountant, or just a tip-top service man, just a shrewd negotiator, just a marketing expert. He must be everything needed to gain power and wealth, he must integrate everything. As his business grows and begins to bring in, more money, products, workers, and markets, the need to integrate grows, and he must always attend to every nitty-gritty detail. To become wealthy and powerful, he must successfully integrate everything into smooth control from the distribution system of his candy to the cleanliness of his workers’ carts to the secret ingredient of his chocolate. He must successfully integrate everything into that magical winning combination that makes a few dynamic men go down in history as money/power giants. As this, also holds true for internet, marketing. I am now inviting you, yes you, my friends, who took the time to read this article, to come into the inside, to join wealthy affiliate, for your journey to prosperity, to begin for real. With all the training, with all the tools that you would ever need to be successful, making money online.

May Prosperity be always with you.

Humbly your Paul Earl.