As a report in Inc. magazine underscores, this amazing group of super-achievers understand that time is unrivaled as a very scarce resource. In this article Mr John Rampton said he has found 12 habits that the world’s billionaires all seem to share. Those include daily rituals as:



(1) Always take time for family; Carlos Slim Helu, he was number 6 on Forbes’s list of the world’s billionaires. With a net worth of $49.5 billion, he is a telecom mogul who is currently the one and only honorary chairman of America Movil SAB deCV (NYSE ADR;AMX). He always devotes his evenings to his six children and grandchildren, Rampton writes. These execs are tough as nails in that boardroom, however they see it as a gift when they’re giving the time to read to their children or tuck them in at night.



(2) Taking time to exercise; Dole Food Co., Inc. Chairman David Murdock, is number 231 on the Forbes 400 list, with an impressive net worth of $3.0 billion, he is 93-and he plans to see 125. Mr Murdock credits his staying power to the practice of yoga, which he always does each evening. Wealthy people spend so very much time being so focused-and tightly sheduled-that they really need the workout time to stay sharp and fit.



(3) Taking time for real gratitude; Finally-and perhaps the most important of all, is having a habit that all of us should remember; and that is be thankful for what we achieve. As Rampton writes, Before their eyes are close for the night, an astonishing number of these billionaires will focus on what they are feeling grateful for in their lives. No matter how big or small, this had led many to feelings of contentment while adding a big jolt of joy to their lives. My friends it’s not just the vast majority of billionaires that understands that gratitude very useful-science also agrees. The research from best-selling author Dr. Sonya Lyubomirsky showed that gratitude exercises, if practiced regularly, improved the emotional and our physical health. The bottom line is, show the gratitude and improve your quality of life.



I could continue here, however I really don’t think that I need to; the pattern is clear….as is the message. The world’s richest people the folks who know the most about having wealth and what it takes to achieve it, all understand that our time is a scarce resource, meaning it is a resource that’s not to be squandered. Time can help you acquire a fortune, time can help you to hold on to that fortune. And time can help you to truly enjoy that fortune, which, after all is the very reason for amassing a fortune in the first place.



In regard to all of these billionaires, the main point to keep in mind is that these billionaires use their time wisely, even though they’ve already had reached the billionaire’s club. You see my friends, they long time ago grasped the secret to success I want to, and will share with you right now. Most people believe that money is the key to wealth, and to be sure it is important. Here’s the thing, however, money may be a key to meaningful wealth, but time, those precious ticks of the clock that once is gone can never be recouped, is the key.



The wealthy investors and the business leaders view those minutes as a very precious scarce resource, as a key to a fuller life, also as the raw materials for additional wealth. They always deploy and apportion those minutes judiciously-even shrewdly. They put those precious minutes to use in their business and also in their private lives. The wealthy also understand that passive income is a major- key to create and sustain wealth.



My friends, what if there was a middle path? A way for you to swim with the tide, rather than fighting your way through the dark stomach churning waves, of acquiring wealth. The very good news is, that there is a way, that way is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? many people mistakenly think of affiliate marketing as being somehow shady. It is not, most companies are not out to fleece the affiliates; believe me they need their affiliates to make the money also to scale their businesses. One or just a few individuals can only do so much; however thousands can realistically build a marketing empire.



And there is certainly nothing shady about you getting paid a commission for your time in connecting a company with a new customer. There are many businesses that operate this way. If you have bought a car, you are dealing with a commissioned salesman. The same is true for real estate agents, furniture sales people or for any other individual who brings a client into a company for a finder’s fee or a part of the income earned. This practice is many hundreds of years old; it is proven, time-tested, and is still very common today. It is a far better way to make you money than a 9 to 5 jobs that will only pay an hourly wage or a salary.



The big difference with affiliate marketing is that you are not a salesman. In fact, you don’t have to do any of the selling if you do not want to. Your website that you are placing ads for, can do all that selling for you. I’m going give you an example how affiliate marketing works, let us say, that I develop a new training product for some business owners who want to learn how to create their own website and start collecting some leads. I have it priced at $1700. And they are very happy to pay it, because if they implement my strategies I teach in this new training product, they will be able to generate many thousands of new leads for their business which be very will worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. $1700 is a no-brainer.



So I have this new product, and I have my website that will explain all the benefits of the new product and how someone can now buy it. However, I have absolutely no visitors. I can not make a single sale if no one see my website. That is where you come in to the picture. You become an affiliate for my business by joining my affiliate program, your role is very simple; and that is to bring a potential customer to my website. And that is it, Once they are on my website, I can then sell her or him my course. If they purchase it, I agree to split the $1700 with you. After all, without you being my affiliate, I wouldn’t have made the sale, it is only fair, right?



Different affiliate programs will pay different amounts to anyone who close the sale. Some will pay 10 or 15% and others will pay up to 50%. A rare few will pay up to 90%. It all depends on what is their cost of fulfillment, and of course, how generous or greedy they are. Now let us come back to your role; persuading people to someone else’s website. How will you do this? First, you will acquire an affiliate link from your affiliate partner, it will be one that is unique to you. Then you will place ads on other online venues. Facebook, search engines, forums, other websites, chat boards, etc. You may not know it, however a large percentage of all the ads that you click online are not actually placed by the owners of the business selling the products. They are placed by affiliates, people like you and me who place ads and get clicks ( traffic) in order to earn a commission.



Passive income is a most beautiful thing, sometimes I make money when I am sleep, and so can you. Choosing the right organization to work with and learn from in the beginning so that you won’t lose a lot of time and money and not being lead in the wrong direction is so very important. There are many wolves and vultures on Facebook that would do just that, take your money and lead you down a dark dead end street, as they are laughing all the way to the bank. I know, it happened to me a few times before I join Wealthy Affiliate.



Choosing the correct business model is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And this is one of the things that Wealthy Affiliate will teach and give to you, so you can have financial freedom. The First thing you need to do is to get started, Even if you don’t know much about computers or navigating around the internet, you can get started. When I started I knew absolutely nothing, I was a dinosaur, however Wealthy Affiliate changed all of that. With their huge library of training videos, also live training and every marketing tool that you will ever need, with a coach if you want one. You will also be provided with up to 10 websites build with ease, Wealthy Affiliate had one of the most sophisticated platforms on this planet. You will have the training and the tools that you need to be successful.

One of the great things about joining Wealthy affiliate is, you will need no money to start this amazing program. You heard me right, not one red cent need to come out of your pocket. The first month is FREE, the second month will cost you $19, the third month will cost you $49 with no increases after that. No hidden cost, no fine print no contracts to sign no credit card information to give and no cell phone information needed, this is the real thing my friends.

Today I am inviting you to come into the inside and join us, to begin your journey to financial freedom. It is no time like the here and now to begin to acquire your dreams. At the bottom of this page there is a link that is a doorway to your new life, I sincerely hope to see you in the inside.

May prosperity be always with you humbly your Paul Earl.

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  1. What a beautifully written article. I must concur it is not about getting rich(though a bonus) learning affiliate marketing is all about having TIME! Time freedom to do and help yourself and those you care about. We squander so much wasted time in a regular 9 to 5 job that ends up leaving us broke and without self esteem and self worth. time to take back our time freedom with affiliate marketing it can be done.

    1. Good evening Cathy, thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. You are absolutely correct I myself as you once were stuck in that 9 to 5, I’m here to say today I am living the dream. The reason for that is Wealthy Affiliate took me by the hand and show me the promised land. I help people to stay healthy, to have a long quality life, I help people to have true financial freedom. I am adding value into society, and at the same time I am financially free. So yes it can be done by anyone that truly wants it, with the training that Wealthy Affiliate will provide for them, I am living proof. May prosperity always be with you.

  2. Passive income is something that I really want to have, so I’m glad to find your article here. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate once from a friend. I am actually curious to try it, but can I know how long do you need to wait before getting your first passive dollar income? I want to plan how much time I need to devote myself before really going into it. Thanks

    1. Good evening Alblue, I signed up with a few programs, and got totally ripped off before I found Wealthy Affiliate. I can honestly say today I have passive income, and that I am financially free. I was a dinosaur when I came to Wealthy Affiliate with computers, I did not know anything. Less then 6 months I was making a few hundred dollars a week, now I make many of thousands a month. How long will it take you? if you’re willing to put in the necessary time , do the training and if you are hungry for prosperity, and refuse to let anything stop you, refusing to give up, putting your mind, your spirit into what you are doing, it will not take you that long to reach that mountain of success. I truly hope to see you in the inside, if I can help you in any way please reach out to me. Thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. May success and prosperity always be with you. Humbly your Paul Earl

  3. Hi Paul, I love how you explained the ropes of an affiliate marketer and how you mentioned that you’re not a marketer, don’t have to sell as long as you help people. I feel a lot of people forget this part and start to preach instead of teach.

    I joined Wealthy affiliate nearly a year from now and they taught me SO MUCH. I was never a techie person and had no idea what terms like meta, seo, css and so on is…now I do and I still learn every day. Great to be part of like-minded people.



    1. Good afternoon my Wealthy Affiliate Conrad, thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. I was exactly like you, probably a lot worse. I didn’t know anything about computers or affiliate marketing, however within six-month time, I was making money and today I am financially free thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. What a beautiful thing it is to add true value into society, helping others and being paid for it. Life is so good , I am living the dream, I so want to help others to break the chains of the 9 to 5, to truly be the masters of their lives. May success always shake your hand. Humbly your Paul Earl.

  4. Hey Paul

    What a great presentation!

    I think the beauty of affiliate marketing is to recommend products that will help your audience. And wealthy affiliate fits that description. When your product is helpful to your audience, selling it becomes easy and fun. 

     And the other advantage of being an affiliate marketer is to make a good commission. Wealthy affiliate gives almost 50% commission. So, you have the possibility to earn a sustainable income and live the life of your choice.


    1. Good morning adyns, I always feel so blessed, I am  affiliate marketer, I have total financial freedom yet I add true value into society. I help others to stay healthy, live longer quality lives, I help others to have financial freedom. And every time that I accomplish this I received a feeling of happiness, because I know that I did something good for my fellow Human. Yes indeed I am living the dream thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. When I came to Wealthy Affiliate little over a year ago I could barely pay my rent, now I can fly anywhere in the world and have lunch, and I can work from anywhere in the world. Yes indeed This is the life for me I am free, I will do all I can to give this freedom to as many people as I can. Think you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World. Humbly your Paul Earl.  

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