You now have a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this industry, to acquire a stake in dozens of potential dynamite companies that may rise quickly as the market expands.You can ride this wave,it is the new gold rush of our times. There’s no accurate way of really knowing prediction of how big this market can really be.

Investment bank Ackrell Capital predicted by 2029 the market for marijuana will reach $100 billion, A growth of 1,308%. The Boston Globe reported that legal weed in this state could bring in as much as $1.17 billion in revenue, We’re starting to see a shift from marijuana people getting into business, to business people getting into marijuana.

Legal pot is an unstoppable global trend. In Canada, a full legalization program is currently being developed, with the support of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Spain. Citizens can grow and consume cannabis. In Australia, the Federal Government announced that it would legalize the growing of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. In Germany, consumption is legal. Israel has approved cannabis based treatments for cancer, MS, and epilepsy.Uruguay became the first county ever to legalize the sale of marijuana. These are just a few of the countries that are in the ball field. California has legalized recreational use of marijuana. My friends, the smart money is moving into cannabis, These are exciting times, OH YES, new millionaires and maybe billionaires are about to be made.

I have personally invested in cannabis stocks. I have already made money and I believe I’m going to make a lot more with the stocks. Today I’m going to give you a few of my picks.

CannaGrow, in Colorado,

Canopy growth Corp, in Canada,(OTC. TWMJF)

Cannagrow Holdings inc.(OTC. CGRW) OrganiGram Holdings (OTC.OGRMF)

By the way, Microsoft has stepped forward publicly and unambiguously, it is now a player in the legal marijuana trade.

My friends, always remember that investment markets have incurrent risks and there can be NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE PROFITS, and i do not act as a personal investment advisor.

Humbly yours, Paul Earl Richardson

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  1. I got this website from the penny pots stock on 60 years oldand i have no retirement at all..i dont know wat im gonna do with my life..i started to invest in tje pot stocks.not alot just wat i can afford..i just want to thanyou for all your input that i do i make that website that uou mentioned in penny stock site

    1. My dear friend keep your head up keep doing what you are doing use the resources that i have gave you life will get better please please do not give up

  2. just read today that Vanguard Fund invested $47 million in APHQF, ACBFF AND CGC. That has given me real hope because a lot have been down for me…..I have all three of these. Thank you Earl, you give us all a brighter outlook everday you post.

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