When I first begin my journey meditating it was a very private matter. No one that I was hanging out with was meditated, and I was paranoid about what my friends would think, imagining they might regard me as a nutcase. However, any potential embarrassment paled into insignificance compared to my outrageously overactive mind that refused to become stilled. I was always extremely stressed at work, and my mind was continuously on overdrive, always in a state of anxiety and worrying about all the smallest things that may or may not really happen. It was always holding on to the stories of the past, replaying them over and over to justify the way I was feeling in that moment. Sometimes it would wake me up in the middle of the night with my bed full of sweat. The whole experience was totally exhausted, I felt very lonely.



Hanging at the pubs guzzling booze with my friends on the weekends was my only escape from the life, I was leading and my mind would never rest. Until, of course, I finally burned out. Since then a very simple, sustainable meditation practice had honestly changed my entire life and I truly believe my friends, anyone can benefit from meditation. I don’t see meditation as the answer or a big fix, but instead a much-needed vehicle to slow down and check in with myself. In this space I know and do understand myself much better and can make choices that are more aligned to what actually serves me the best. It has ultimately led me to creating a real life then I love.

To begin with, it will be helpful to break down meditation and view it afresh, let us begin.





There are many theories, approaches, and philosophies when it comes to meditation. In the beginning, these can seem overwhelming and confusing. If you have already been involved with meditation and found it to be difficult, it is important to know that this is to be expected, and is completely normal. Us humans are complex creatures but rather then give up before you have begun, instead let explore different ways of meditation as a way to truly know yourself a little better. What works for one person may not work at all for another. You can try movement meditations such as t’ai chi, yoga, or breathing techniques (pranayama) or explore different guided meditations in a class or online. They are all equally valid and very effective.



We all live busy, with complicated lives that involve attending to all the myriad tasks, looking after our family members, and solving problems. So my friends when you sit down to meditate, especially for that first time, do not be at all surprised when your mind almost immediately wanders. The art of meditation is noticing when your mind had taken a new direction and bringing it back to your focus.



See your practice of meditation as time and space being just for you. In the moments of quiet, you are completely free of life’s challenges and complications. You can let go of your responsibilities and the roles that you identify yourself. You more then likely have meditated naturally in your everyday life at times, but might not realize you were doing it. Unless you are following or involved in a structured path or approach to meditation, I believe with all of my heart you cannot ever do it wrong. You have to start somewhere if it is only a few seconds of quiet, a feeling of some deep relaxation, being free of distractions, or having a calming of your thought, you are meditating.



Western science now proves what Eastern philosophies have taught throughout the centuries-taking some time each and every day to simply sit quietly and breathe, listening to your heart and your surroundings, and quieten your mind has enormous physiological and, o yes, psychological benefits and will lead to a heightened sense of will-being. In our fast-paced society being able to take the time to be still is more important then ever. We remember to take care of our bodies, even our homes and our cars and also our pets but quite often we forget to look after our minds. The long-term benefits of meditation will not happen overnight, we must be patient, doctors, scientists and any long-term mediator will always tell you the practice is worth it.



You do not need to believe a certain thing or dress in any certain way, or have a certain outlook on life for you to benefit from meditation. Whether you are a C.E.O. of a large successful corporation trying to manage the pressures of running the company or a busy parent seeking to handle all of the family challenges, meditation is for you. Similarly, it really does not matter if you are simply looking for a way to balance your emotions or even if you are a spiritual person hoping to deepen your connection to the great spirit, everyone is very welcome. Always see meditation as your, your mind, your meditation. Whether it is being more mindful in your everyday life, carving out a few much-needed minutes each and every day to simply breathe, and be still with more awareness, or a more formal practice, it is for you.




The practice of yoga, which unites body and mind could pave the way for you to have a healthier, happier life. My dear friends, my practice of yoga has given me the beautiful perspective to realize that when I am feeling defeated or sad, this feeling will not be forever and I will grow and learn from the experience. I am happy to say to you, I now see the world in a new fascinating, beautiful way, which has open the doors to personnel clarity, understanding, tranquility and peace.



May your life be always filled with love and happiness. Humbly your Paul Earl.



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  1. Excellent article on meditation!  I’m so glad I stumbled upon it as I’ve been trying (not very successfully I might add) to do yoga in an effort to ease my chronic pain and my horrible anxiety and a lot of people suggest meditation as well.  But I can’t stop my mind from going crazy!  It will not just be still.  I always felt like a failure for that until you said that’s normal!  I might have to start giving it a try, thanks so much!!

    Quick question though, how long does it take for you to train your mind to stop doing that?  Or is it just normal all the time?

    1. Good afternoon Jade, I am so very happy that you had the opportunity to read this article. I have found that meditation has increase peace and tranquility within my life. It has also open the door too much creativity, I can honestly say since I began to meditate life has become a joy. It will indeed help with your anxiety, if you only will do 15 minutes a day you will see a vast improvement. How long will it take you to train your mind, it varies from person to person, However I do recommend that you do it a couple times each day everyday. You will see improvement in a way that you will be happy with. I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is anything at all that we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl.

  2. I’ll post on Website Comments too, but I wanted to tell you at the bottom of your post you have the Meta Title and the Meta Description visible for some reason. You don’t want them there! LOL!

    1. I have them in the same spot on every article that I have wrote, also Kyle has been through my website. However where are you recommending them to go, much appreciate

  3. I am also a big fan of meditation. It is really interesting how you tied it into your passion for weightlifting. Health and fitness is really an important part of my life too, so I appreciate your site and the insight and advice you are providing from a personal experience. It comes across very genuine.

    1. Good evening Marie, yes indeed it is so very important for all of us to keep our minds our body and our spirit fit, because it is the only way that we can truly live a quality life. I write these articles from my heart, I truly want to help people to live a better life, a quality life, it is my way of adding value into society. I think you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, if it is ever anything that we can do for you please by all means reach out to us. May you always be in good health Humbly your Paul Earl.

  4. I had actually just seen you site earlier. I was on the blog about eating out and staying healthy. I had no idea how important meditation was to someone’s health or how much it could help someone’s help. How does meditation work? I’m just curious as to how closing your eyes and breathing affects your health or how it causes you to be healthier?  

    1. Good evening Marlo, in order for us to truly be healthy, our minds, our spirit and our body must be fit. Meditation as I mentioned in this article begins when you let it all go, standing, sitting, or lying down with your eyes closed hanging on to nothing, letting your mind fly free throughout the inner Universe of thought. By doing this all of the pressures that  we may have throughout our daily lives will go away, anxiety will disappear. Leaving you with peace, and tranquility, it will increase your happiness. By meditating on a daily basis you will fine life becomes a pleasure. I think you once again for visiting Weightlifting For A beautiful World, and as always feel free whenever you need our help to reach out. May you be always in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl. 

  5. Thank you very much for writing an excellent article on meditation. I enjoyed reading this. We know that meditation is helpful for soul peace. It is important to have meditation regular for frustrated people’s to overcoming there a hard time. Also, regular yoga gets rid of many diseases of the body.
    Our soul’s strength is much more than physical energy. So the tranquility of the soul spreads to the body of the meditation.

    1. Good evening Khan, I thank you for visiting Weightlifting For A Beautiful World, everything that you have said is the  truth. Not only does it do that, it will relieve you of anxiety, tension, and the pressures of everyday life. Giving you more peace, tranquility and happiness, and now we have evidence that meditation helps the overall physical well-being of your body. I wake up each and every morning with a smile on my face as well as my heart because of meditation. If it is anything that we can ever do for you please reach out to us. May you always be in good health. Humbly your Paul Earl 

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