The majority of people will experience problems of sleeping as some stage within their life-according to the American Sleep Association, over 35% adults notch up less than seven hours during a 24-hour period. However, the official guidelines suggest, between seven and nine hours are needed for our sleep to perform the healing restorative work in all adults over the age of 20, so my friends falling short on the Zs on a regular basis is not great news. There are many reasons why sleep may give us the runaround. Stress as work, financial concerns, relationship worries-all tend to crowd our minds just when we want to relax, which is why it is well worth spending the necessary time making the environment we sleep in a tranquil one. Essential oils, which have grown in a big way as an aid to slumber, could help.



The research suggests that certain scents, derived from the essential oils of plants, are particularly effective for reducing anxiety and stress and aiding sleep. Essential oils can directly impact the body through our nervous system. The olfactory nerve is responsible for our sense of smell and starts from the nose, before entering our skull through tiny holes directly to our brain and sending signals to the limbic system and amygdala, which are linked to our emotions, memory and mood.

These systems are also in charge of regulating our autonomic nervous system, which my friends can either trigger the fight- or-flight response, quickening the breath, raising blood pressure, and heart rate, or turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which can relax the body. This is part of the reason why the scents can trigger physical reactions so quickly, often leaving us with lasting effects after the scent has gone. The theory being that essential oils react biochemically in much of the same way as anti anxiety medications will do with certain neuroreceptors.



Professor Tim Jacob of Cardiff University in the UK did, put this theory to the test. The Professor study looked as whether an odor could condition someone to enter a presleep phase ans sleep state, inducing the physiological changes being associated with rest and relaxation before and during sleep. In laboratory conditions, 24 women and 23 men were all exposed to a particular fragrance every single night for 28 days. The fragrance was lavender-based, blended with orange, cedarwood, and ylang ylang as other major ingredients.

During this time all the participants reported that their quality of sleep improved and the researchers recorded a significant reduction in the subjects, respiratory rate when exposed to the odor, which became greater as the study continued. Interestingly, researchers observed that in the women there was also a significant impact on there blood pressure, however no such effect was evident in men. This study concluded that a positive feedback loop occurs as the fragrance is repetitively paired with the presleep state. In other words my friends, it is possible to condition our body’s to relax, ready for sleep, when we are using certain scents.



There are many ways that essential oils can be used to aid our sleep. They can be diluted with some water and diffused into the air or rubbed gently into acupressure points on our body. A few drops can also be added to a bath or a soothing, aromatic candle lit before our bedtime. Pillow mist sprays are become increasingly popular as they allow you to sleep in such close proximity to the scent. You can always make them yourself, but there are plenty of lovely sprays that are available to buy.





A half cup of water

Half a teaspoon of witch hazel

Four to five drops of essential oil to a spray bottle and shake it up well.

Gently spray the mist over the pillows before you go to bed.

MY friends, we all are different-be prepared for some trial and error to find that scent, that will work best for you to entering the world of Nod. Here are a few ways to make your life more comfortable, more relaxing, better environment for you to get those Zzzzzz.




There is something so very comforting about being surrounded by our favorite belongings and our sentimental items, and as you know, nothing will say, home sweet home, more than the things that bring us joy. Think about some new ways you could display your photographs and your treasured possessions. Be confident and be bold with your choices-beautifully illustrated floral tea cups, record covers, or maybe a gorgeous purse. Let nothing stop you from enjoying all the thing that make you smile.




Light and shade can always transform the feel and look of a room and it is definitely something you can address when creating your calm space. Take a good look as the brightness and the color of your lamps and, if you have any lampshades, look as how they soften and direct all the light. Sidelights and freestanding lamps are a fantastic way to tone down the light and will add atmosphere. Many of them can be positioned to give you the complete control over where light is projected and help you to create a softer and much more relaxing mood.




Always before you introduce anything new into one of your room, take a good look as what’s already in there. If the space is limited or you prefer a slightly more minimalist look, you may want to declutter. Removing anything and anything that no longer serves you or has a real definite purpose, can make a very huge difference to the space, especially if you are a person who finds it hard to relax in a busy or cluttered environment.




Whether you like a cute cacti or if you like large palms, there’s no way we can deny that houseplants can bring life to a room. If you introducing some greenery you can create a natural and serene environment with amazing echoes of the great outdoors. It is so lovely to display plants with all the different patterns, textures and colors to re-create the calming essence of mother nature. It is also a beautiful thing to return to your home to some greenery during the winter months when the flowers are thin on the ground and many trees are bare. Houseplants are lovable housemates, and are relatively inexpensive.




If you have spent a few moment considering what really relaxes you, then you may have an idea of your preferred colors. Maybe you’re drawn to the warm greens of the forest or the blues and turquoises of the sea. Whatever your choice maybe, introducing a few calming shades should change how the room feels and looks. If you don’t feel like getting out your paintbrush or you live in a rented accommodation where redecorating is not permitted, you can introduce accessories instead, such as rugs, cushions, or throws. This can inject your favorite color with minimal work.




Candles which are naturally scented, reed diffusers, joss sticks, essential oils, and pomanders can be used to introduce a beautiful welcoming aroma to a space. Choose fragrances that you love and ones that will promote relaxation. Unwinding with some soothing music and a magazine, and the scent of lavender is a beautiful way to ease the pressures of the day.




My friends, may your life be full of peace, joy, happiness and tranquility. Humbly your Paul Earl