The old school strategy workouts for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferigno, Steve Reeves, Tanoal Reed, David Prowse and a host of others including me. Old school strategy will also work for you, let us begin It is all about push and pull, never working on the same body part for two days straight. The body part that you start with this Monday you should not start with next Monday. You must always keep your body guessing, your muscles have memory. This is a usable workout schedule


  • Monday – Chest
  • Tuesday – Back
  • Wednesday – Shoulders
  • Thursday – Arms
  • Friday – Legs

The following week on Monday you will start with back, the week after that on Monday you will start with shoulders, the following Monday with arms, and the following Monday is legs. I am sure you got my drift, the point is to keep it mixed up never let your body become use to the same routine.

May your workout be all that you want it to be… Humbly yours,

Paul Earl



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