We’re going to manicure this first workout schedule with old school basics.

Monday – Chest

  1. BENCH PRESS – Remember when you’re bringing the weight back to the chest do it slowly-do 4 sets of 10
  2. FLIES – Use the amount of weight that you can do this exercise slowly, do 4- sets of 10
  3. PUSH UP TILTS – Get a set of dumbbells with the weight that you are comfortable with. Lie flat on your back on the bench, take the set of dumbbells, position them on your chest, push the dumbbells up when they are all the way up tilt them from the front towards the ceiling. Pause, bring the weights back down to the chest slowly, do 4-sets of 10
  4. PULLOVERS – Get yourself a curling bar, put the amount of weight on the bar that you will be comfortable with. Set the curl-bar with the weights on it 0n the floor at the foot of the bench. Lie on your back backwards on the bench-press bench, pull the curl-bar over your head in a half circular manner to a couple inches above your stomach, return the curl-bar to the floor that is 1-rep do 4-sets of 10.

Always remember you are not trying to impress anyone in that gym or health club, your body will tell you when it is time to increase the weight.

May your workout be all that you want it to be.

Humbly your Paul Earl

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