If you recall we did chess on Monday which was (push) to day will be Tuesday, the mighty back which is (pull) .

(1)-{SIT DOWN ROW} We are going to use the sit down cable machine, get yourself a long bar place each one of your hands at the end of the bar. Place your feet on the footrest in front of you , with your knees bent slightly, keeping your back straighter. As you pull the bar towards you keep your back straight with little or no movement, pull the bar towards you until it touches your body that is one rap. Do (4) sets of (10) with a comfortable weight. Doing the same exercise movement place your hands six or seven inches from the end of the bar, do (4) sets of (10). Now I want you to place your hands next to the connector that connects the bar to the cable, doing the same exercise movement. Do (4) sets of (10).

(2)-{T-BAR ROW} Place your stomach on the pad in front of you, place your hands on the connecting bar.Pull the bar towards you without your stomach coming off of the pad, do (4) set of (10) with a comfortable weight.

(3)-{SIT DOWN T-BAR ROW} Place your hands on the bar in front of you, pull the bar slowly towards you. When you reach the end of each pull hold it a few seconds before you let the bar back to it beginning position, Do (4) set of 10 with a comfortable weight.

(4)-(STAND UP BOWS) This exercise can be used with a straight bar or a curling bar. With a comfortable weight place the bar behind the lower part of your neck touching your shoulders and your upper back. Have your legs spread about two feet apart, place your hands on the bar approximately a foot past your shoulders on each side, holding the bar in place as you bow, each bow is a rep. Do (4) set of 10. Use a rubber sleeve or a towel to wrap around the bar that touches the neck, to protect your neck.

Be on the lookout for {OLD SCHOOL PART (4) }

May your workout be all that you want it to be.

Humbly your Paul Earl

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