On July 29th my team and I introduce you to the number one health & wellness company that is online, Melaleuca who cannot be touched as far quality, prices and services. Melaleuca is the King of online shopping for health & wellness products. Weightlifting For A Beautiful World has received from many of our readers, thank you notes for giving the information that we gave concerning this amazing company, Melaleuca. It has brought much happiness to all of us to know that we have helped our readers, to experience the best.



Since 1992, Melaleuca has hosted the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration along the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho, as a thank-you to America’s veterans, soldiers, and their families. To day my friends, the spectacular fireworks display is the largest show west of the Mississippi. The fireworks display was named a “must-see firework display on Independence Day” by the American Pyrotechnics Association. Why did this company do this? because Melaleuca cares about people.



Since 1985, Melaleuca’s progress has come step by step and product by product creating a foundation for online shopping for health & wellness products that is second to none. Melaleuca is definitely the smart choice for anyone wants to protect our ecosystem through intelligent product choices. Not only does Melaleuca select the highest-quality, and the most beneficial biodegradable ingredients, Melaleuca is the uncontested leader in laundry and home cleaning product concentration, which is the very key to reducing fuel, plastic, and greenhouse emissions.



The reason tens of hundreds of thousands of families around the globe are choosing Melaleuca products over the local grocery store brands is really quite simple. Most of our manufacturers are yielding to the tremendous pressures in the today’s marketplace to cut prices and therefore cut the quality. Walmart along with the other national chains control all the distribution channels. Even the big companies like Procter & Gamble are placed under tremendous pressure to cut prices in order to get shelf space in the stores.

They are forced to lower their prices on the one hand and still trying to maintain profit margins on the other. However, the only answer for these big manufacturers is to cut costs by using cheaper ingredients, and, or diluting their products with cheap fillers such as water. The trend for many of the big manufacturers to dilute products has gotten so very bad that Walmart announced that regardless of all the price pressures they put on manufacturers, Walmart would not carry any laundry products with less than a 2 times concentration, which is twice as concentrated as these products were previously.



Procter & gamble gave their response by finally bringing its products (like Tide) up to the minimum 2 times standard and then advertising their “improvement” on of course, national TV. quite frankly, I am not impressed. Melaleuca’s products have always been more concentrated than Walmart’s so call new standard. In fact, our research has revealed Melaleuca’s MelaPower was at 3 times concentration for more than 20 years, and now it is 9 times at concentrated.

Almost all of the Melaleuca 400 + products are significantly superior in quality, effectiveness, and safety to any of their competitors in the marketplace. My friends there are literally hundreds of very good reasons to choose Melaleuca over the grocery store brands. Reducing costs by diluting products with water or other fillers is certainly not the only way that the national brands violate their customers trust. Compromising quality ingredients to save a few bucks is also prevalent in many of the major grocery store brand.


When we the people are dealing with our health, we don’t want to make any compromises. And they know that Melaleuca will never ever compromise on effectiveness or safety. Because all the constant and the enormous amount of pressures of the mass manufacturers to lower price and the quality, the demand for Melaleuca’s superior and far more effective products are on a major rise in, online shopping.

I just experience a terrible sadness for what horrible things such as the quality of the name brand products being diminish that are being sold in our local grocery stores, I felt a guilt and a shame that I had been so unaware. At the same time I am experiencing joy that my team and I did the research that we did to come up with the information about this truly amazing company Melaleuca that is truly the king of online shopping.



What Melaleuca is doing is revolutionary, by changing the way we proceed online shopping, by given an unwavering commitment of quality with all of their products. Always putting the customer first, keeping the prices down so that everyone can experience quality products. By a shared vision of health and wellness that works for everyone. Instead of following what has been done, Melaleuca rather defy the future.

Melaleuca, I can truly say is the best of the best in every way. Let me give you example, Melaleuca skin care line combines advanced technologies, natural ingredients, with a powerful formula to bring you multi-benefit products that will deliver exceptional results. Melaleuca understands that what goes onto your skin is no doubt just as important as what going into your body. So Melaleuca developed an entire line to be safer for you, with incredibly effective at prices the other brands can not touch.



Another example is Melaleuca Peak Performance Nutrition Pack, which I now use and recommend it to all of my clients, as being a personal trainer a health product has to really impress me before I will recommend it to my clients. I am impress, the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack was created to do so more than just provide the basic nutrition. It was designed to let your entire body perform at the optimum levels so you can realistically feel better and accomplish much more. No other pack on the market delivers clinically proven results like the Peak Performance Pack, because my friends no other pack contains the same diverse, powerful supplements.

I could go on and on giving you an example of each and every 400-plus products, however I am sure you wouldn’t read it all, and I would become wore out. So I leave you with this, Melaleuca is indeed the king of online shopping, this company cares about you. This company will give you the very best online shopping experience, Melaleuca will always continue to have the best quality products available with the best prices. Once again my team and I give Melaleuca our stamp of approval with a 5-star rating, and highly recommend Melaleuca to everyone. For more information please click the link below.



May you be always in good health, humbly your, Paul Earl.


Melaleuca is a champion for the people, with a new generation of health and wellness products that really works.

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  1. Well this is nothing short of astonishing. Melaleuca is a really good company with the way they’ve been presented here. Being able to deliver top class products in cheap prices is totally awesome. That’s what I call perfection. Yes some producers reduce the price of products but dilute to get more products and this results to lesser quality of products. I’m glad that the company regulates this. I would definitely try out melaleuca.

    1. Good evening Henderson, this is such a outrageously professional stand-up company. My team and I became clients, everything that Melaleuca says about their products is absolutely the truth, I’m in love with this company. You can not go wrong with Melaleuca, we thank you for visiting us, we sincerely hope you will visit again. If it is anything that we can do for you please reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly your Paul Earl.

  2. Hello Paul, you have explained in details about melaleuca and their online shopping that they offer at such a quality that surpasses other. I like the fact that they are the leader in their brands region and the ease and pricing that they set their prices on is simply awesome for the quality products they offer. Seriously,this is great and I’m definitely going to try them out. Though not really familiar with them before but I hope I can get top notch products

    1. Good evening Derek, it is always good to see you. My brother as you know I have a research team, and we research all the companies before we say anything about them, and we try the products. This Melaleuca company my brother is outstanding, bloody will outstanding, and everything that they say about their products is true. I’m using the lotion, the face mask and the vitamins, they are A plus plus plus, you can not go wrong with Melaleuca,. my friend you’re going to love them. Thank you for visiting us again, and as always if you need anything reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly your Paul Earl.

  3. Any time I open your post to read about Melaleuca I just get this unexplainable feeling in me, maybe its born of my love for fitness, I don’t know. Reading through this post is really education and informating. I’ve been back to the gym for about 2months now and its telling one that I’ve been away for long. I’d love to have some of these product especially the one on bone and joint because I’ve been having so much aches around my joints since then. Would you sugges I go for it? 

    1. Good evening Dane, yes you are correct this company Melaleuca is extremely amazing. Their products are outstanding, the price is outstanding, everything that they say is truly true about their products. My team and I, are now customers of Melaleuca, everything that we have purchased from this company has done and been exactly the way they said it would do and be. The vitamins are outstanding, I’m happy that you are working out  again, this is a beautiful thing, take care of your body and your body will take care of you. Now my friend let’s talk about those joint problems of yours, I recommend you buy some CBD oil. I had arthritis in my two fingers on my left hand, the medication that the doctors gave me didn’t work. I tried a few brands of CBD oil that didn’t work also. If you go back to my website you will fine an article about CBD 0il, this brand My Daily Choice is the real thing it got rid of my arthritis. It also got rid of my friends lower back pain, and another friend anxiety, so for your bones and joint problems that is my recommendation. Thank you for visiting us, and if it is anything that we can do for you reach out to us. May you be always in good health, humbly your Paul Earl.


  4. Sorry if my comment wasn’t one you were looking for. But didn’t asked about weightlifting clothes, didn’t even mentioned weightlifting clothes. If you start to work out hard and/or find a very good coach and get a big muscular body in the future, you will figure out its more than a relevant question. But on the other hand, I understand if normal clothes fit for you and you are not interested to help people, I can and will order them within some other website offering stuff for higher-level athletes. However, have a nice day! 🙂

    1. Good evening Jesse, you have this all wrong, number one it was not relative to that particular article, number two I am a personal trainer, I have more clients than I can handle, over two dozen now. A lot of times I passed them on to friends that are trainers. I’ve been working out since 2001 and I workout mighty hard, my bench is 285, I curl with 125, I do shoulder rises with 45, I also put on the sled anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds, and I only weigh a hundred and fifty-nine lb. I can go on and on with this, however I’m sure you get the point. I don’t know everything about weightlifting however, I know much much more than the average bear. My main objective in life is to help others to get healthy, stay healthy, live healthy. Everyday of my life I do something that will help humanity, this is the main reason for my website, to help society to be healthy. Now that we got that out of the way, I did try to go to your website to tell you this, however, I couldn’t get in, also I thank you for the information concerning the video, I took care of it immediately. I sincerely hope that you understand what I have said. May you be always in good health, humbly your Paul Earl.

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