Beautiful people let us examine our minds. What goals are you seeking from lifting weights? Once you establish that, you will have a clear path to follow for weightlifting. Is it your overall health from weightlifting that you are seeking? Is it to beef yourself up with big muscles from weightlifting? Are you thinking about being a professional weightlifter? Or is weightlifting a sport for you that you truly enjoy?


Once you establish the why, then you will know how many days a week you should lift weights, how much money to invest in the weightlifting sport, what kind of supplements should you buy. The why will give you the answers to all of these questions. I am humbly encouraging you today to spend some time in thinking about the why, before you go any further, before you lift anymore weights, before you spend anymore money for anything concerning weightlifting.


Please gain perspective on why so you will have a clear path.


Humbly your

Earl Richardson

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