There is so much Hollywood hype, locker rooms talk throughout the health clubs about PROHORMONES. I have come to the conclusion it is time for me to speak on this subject. I have done my research to come up with the truth, as it is said the truth shall set you free. A large variety of supplements with hormone precursors have been and is used to promote muscle mass and the building of strength, Research on these substances has demonstrated a lack of true benefit with a significant risk potential in young to middle-aged athletes.

Dehydroepiandrosterone is produced naturally in our bodies and can serve as a precursor for androstenedione that, in turn, can be converted into testosterone and, or estrogens. There is evidence that older individuals who have low levels of naturally produced (DHEA) can benefit from (DHEA) supplementation. However, my friends, high serum DHEA levels are associated with health risks with one of them being cancer. Consequently, it is recommended that supplementation with DHEA be conducted under medical supervision. Older athletes are the most likely to benefit from medical use of DHEA supplementation.

OK this is the deal, Androstenedione, a compound that our bodied can convert to testosterone or estrogens, has been used in an attempt to boost testosterone levels in men. Because androstenedione supplementation in men has been shown to boost estrogen levels more than testosterone levels. Studies have been conducted with concurrent supplementation with natural compounds thought to inhibit the formation of estrogen from androstenedione to theoretically favor testosterone production. However, my friends, a combination of these inhibitors (Tributes terrestris, chrysin, indole-3-carbinol, and saw palmetto) has failed to enhance the testosterone production from androstenedione. My friends listen carefully, because of the apparent lack of potential benefit of these hormone precursors and the blockers and the real risks inherent in affecting natural hormone production, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, (Listen up people) SHOULD AVOID THE USE of these products without careful medical supervision. Also, my friends, most of these substances are on the prohibited list of the World Anti-doping Code. Despite all the hype, my friends please believe me it is clearly not worth its potential downside.

Don’t stop reading, there is more people, androgenic anabolic steroids are drugs designed to mimic the effects of. Testosterone. As you are probably aware of, these drugs have a long history of abuse by many of our athletes, their use is banned by all major athletic organizations for good reasons. There is evidence that these drugs can promote the building of muscle mass, with loss of body fat. With a big however, these beneficial changes are accomplished at the risk of serious adverse health effects. These undesirable health effects can persist even after drug withdrawal. Particular concern is that the use of androgenic anabolic steroids by adolescents can cause an early closure of the growth plates in our bones and stunt the development of normal height. All that I can say is wow, it is not worth it my friends


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META  DESCRIPTION  This article is design to give the understanding of the dangers of PROHORMONES



May your workout be all that you want it to be

Humbly your Paul Earl

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    1. Good evening my friend, today you have gave my heart much joy, because what you have stated is what we’re trying to accomplish. To educate people so they can be in good health, we spend many of hours researching to get to the truth. When we receive a response as you have given us, we know we have done our job, thank you.

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