My friends, today my team and I are overwhelmed with excitement, because today I’m going to introduce to you one of the most significant discovery for mankind health since penicillin. My dear friends, the future is here, now. No more will you have to buy a dozen or more different kind of vitamins, that you are always hoping will keep you  healthy. No more question marks in your mind, if the vitamins that you have purchased are actually doing the job, you will no longer have to be in doubt, because you will feel and see the difference.

The science of genetics, with-a- one of a kind DNA base designer nutrition, that is just for you, is no longer a dream. The days of wasting your money on nutritional can now be over. This is the future of Wellness now, this is the most significant Wellness breakthrough in the history of mankind, no more one formula for all.

The company that brings you this unique gift of Wellness is UFORIA. With a simple DNA test you will be provided with a detailed 35-page Wellness report revealing your genetic SNPs, and the scientifically validated ingredients, which amplifiers Wellness through properly supporting specified nutritional needs. You will begin your journey with a 35-page comprehensive custom report base on science, your report will give you access to critical information all about you.

This personalized DNA report will give you results that will be easy to read and understand. A personal genetic assessment overview with ingredients details, and dietary recommendations. With this technology, a personal vitamin will be made just for you. Your name will actually be on the bottle because, it was designed for no one else in this world but you because, no one else in this world has a DNA structure like yours. You are unique, so the vitamins that you take should be as well.

Let me break it down for you, my body needs a different amount of vitamin A, B, C, D, and all the rest of the vitamins and nutrients than your body does. It is only logical because, our DNA is different. So how can we buy the same vitamins and expect for them to do the job of keeping us in top condition. This has only been done in the past because the technology was not there however, it is now. And we can be in the best physical and mental condition of Our Lives, the door is now open, and you can walk through.

When I first heard about this technology, in the process of being created was in the early 90s, and from that point I have kept my ears to the ground and my eyes open for this breakthrough to become a reality. Then a few years ago, I heard about a company in Chicago that was offering just a little of this technology however, you had to fly, to Chicago, spend a couple days there, that required a place to stay and it was going to cost thousands. And they were offering very little compared to UFORIA.

I can honestly say that UFORIA is a superior company, compared to the one in Chicago. (no I will not give you the name, I don’t like bad-mouthing) UFORIA, is more sufficient, and the cost is less than a good cup of coffee a day. And you don’t have to leave your home, this is a company that truly cares about Humanities good health. A company that will go down in history for bringing the future of Wellness to mankind now. My team and I, was so excited about this technology, we immediately hop on board for the vitamins, nutrients and became affiliate. So we could spread the news throughout the world.

The way that it works, UFORIA will send you a DNA kit, so you can send your sample of your DNA back to them. From that point science takes over, and creates a vitamin that is designed just for you, with your name on the bottle. With recommendations, on what foods your body actually needs. They also will give you recipes, how beautiful is that. You will receive the best that science has to offer, to help you be the best you can be, and by the way, your data will never be shared with, or sold to a third party, for any reasons.

The bar of Wellness has just been raised, you can now say goodbye to the old limitations of a vitamin that fit everyone, no more one-size-fit-all. Today the tune has been changed, so that you can have true Harmony with your health. No investment is more important than the investment of having good health. You will have the Holy Grail of nutrition’s in your life. No more wasting your money, on buying Bottles & Bottles of vitamins that are not doing the job, that you were hoping they would do.

Your DNA can help you design your meals for outstanding good health. Every day, you will have a state of intense happiness, worth, and Wellness. Always remember, health is a habit not an event. If you truly want to be in the best health that you possibly can, UFORIA is what you have been praying for. I am now giving you the keys, to that door of good health. It was once science fiction, until UFORIA made it a reality.

UFORIA is the solution for wellness, that you have been searching for. This is a company that believes people health should come first. A company that is changing the way Humanity looks at Wellness, this life-changing technology has the power to change your life. To give you the world of excellent health, and it is all in your DNA that will lead the way. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter what Sex You Are, it doesn’t matter if you exercise or not. With UFORIA revolutionary science for wellness, and your DNA, the perfect vitamin will be created just for you.

Uforia Science At Home DNA Kit Recommendation | Max Health DNA

Help yourself, to build a better future for you, by being in the best possible Health that you can be in. The care and the compassion that UFORIA has for Humanity to be in the best possible health, can shape your future. If you’re ready want be in the best possible health that you can be in, click on that link below, and learn more about UFORIA and what they can do for you. Don’t overthink this, if you’re serious about being in the best health that you can be in, take action, click on the banner below.


My dear friends, with all of my heart, and the hearts of my team, we sincerely stand behind, and highly recommend UFORIA. Weight lifting for a beautiful world gives UFORIA a five star rating. When we realize that this technology was now available for mankind, tears of joy exploded from our spirits. And you can bet your bottom dollar, we are clients.



May good health be always with you.

Humbly yours, Paul Earl.

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12 thoughts on “THE FUTURE OF WELLNESS

    1. Good evening Ritah, you are very welcome. As I have said in the article, this is the future of Wellness and if anyone truly wants to be healthy, it is no doubt about it, this is the way to go. We thank you for visiting us here at weight lifting for a beautiful world. If it’s ever anything that we can do for you please reach out to us. May prosperity and good health be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  1. Great idea and concept! As a scientist who has worked with genetists at our human genome labs, I would like to read more relevant & detailed studies regarding the efficacy of your product including testing reports. Can you please tell where that is & who published them. Thanks & best wishes.

    1. Good evening Lee Weinland, we thank you for visiting Weightlifting for a Beautiful World. Yes indeed, this is amazing, as I said in the article I have been waiting for the reality of this to surface into society. And I have to tell you my team and myself, since we been taking these vitamin, nutrients, and the suggestion that they gave us for the food, that we should eat as individuals. We are in a new reality of living, we all have more energy, with more clarity, Our bodies are feeling better, than it had felt since we were in our team. We can’t wait for a couple months down the line to see what happens next. If you go back to the article, there are videos and links that you can click on to, that will give you all the information that you need. And if you still want more information reached out to me, and I will send you more. I can only say this, this is definitely the future of Wellness for real. Once again I thank you for visiting us, and if it’s anything, absolutely anything that my team or I can do for you by all means reach out to us. May good health be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. That is game-changing. I’ve never been a fan of those one-sized, fits all vitamins for the obvious reason that we all have different needs for our bodies. With differences in DNA, hardly anyone on this Earth will require the exact same quantity of vitamins and minerals as the next person. 

    You may’ve mentioned it in the article, but I might have missed it. How long does it take for you to get the results back for this test?

    1. Good evening Todd Matthews, I think you for visiting weight lifting for a beautiful world. And I am so excited, my team is so excited what this company is doing, is a most marvelous thing. Since I have tooken my new vitamins and minerals, eating the way that the suggestions have been made for me, I feel 30 years younger. I have more energy, I have more clarity, and for the icing on a cake, my wife says I have never been better in bed. So all in all, I am very very happy, it takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days to get your 35-page report and your new personal vitamin / nutrients to you. We thank you for visiting us once again, and if it’s ever anything at all that we can do for you, by all means reach out to us.May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  3. Hey Paul, This is a very cool concept but doesn’t lots of your required vitamins have to do with your diet and not as much with your genetic make up? Maybe I’ve just been believing that for all of these years when it doesn’t actually work that way?

    Do you just do the test one time and then the vitamin they create just for you provides sufficient nutrients for years to come? I know you say it doesn’t matter your age but our bodies must require different vitamins as we age. Or again that could be another sales gimmick so they can sell 3 different types of vitamins that are all the same in the end. 

    Thanks for the great article, this is very interesting technology! 

    1. Good evening Tyler, thank you so very much for visiting us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. The way it start, you take a home DNA test, you send it back to the company’s lab. They make a 35-page report that they sent to you explaining what’s going on with your body and what your body needs and how each one of your parents DNA affected your body. And they also give you recommendations on what food that your body actually need. And of course, as time goes on you will be going back and forth with the company with a new DNA test from time to time. As you age, because, you are correct as you age your body will need different nutrition factors. I hope I have shedded some light on your question, and one thing you need to know for sure, there are no gimmicks here, my team and I are all clients and I can tell you first hand, I feel 30 years younger. I have more energy, more clarity, and to be absolutely truthful with you, I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager. This is the future, and the future is now, so if you want to be truly healthy, the best that you can be. I strongly recommend you to get in contact with this companies, so  that you can get your Holy Grail of nutrition.  Once again, we thank you for stopping by, and if it’s anything that we might can do for you, please reach out to us. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly your Paul Earl.

  4. Being that health is my #1 priority & I do believe that HEALTH is the ULTIMATE WEALTH… this is so exciting!! I can’t wait to explore this more & get a bottle of vitamins with my name on it, designed specifically for me! Thanks so much for sharing!! I will be back to order some. & Just curious, as you said you’re a client… do you take just this or other supplements as well? 

    1. Good evening Emerson, we thank you for visiting us here at weightlifting for Beautiful World. And I must tell you, I am still excited about this technology, and so is my team. I have never felt better, I mean I haven’t felt this good since I was 18, and it seems like my team and I alike are getting healthier each and every day. This is indeed the holy Grails of Wellness, it’s just isn’t anything better anywhere on this planet as far as a personal vitamin is concern. I am a personal trainer, and two of my four-man team, I should say three men and one woman, they are personal trainers also. Our whole mission is to help mankind live a long healthy quality life,  and we are very sincere about this mission. And I’m here to tell you today, if you truly want the best in Good Help contact this company. We thank you once again for visiting us, and if it’s anything, and I mean anything at all that we can do for you, please reach out to us. May prosperity and good health be always with you, humbly yours Earl.

  5. Incredible!!!

    I don’t take Vitamins but this seems great to determine what should I eat the most from fruits and vegetables and other vitamins resources

    but it is weird why didn’t Uforia become popular as it can change lives, I think a product like that must be now widespread all over the world, or they didn’t release it yet?? 

    I think it will get more well-known in the upcoming days. This kind of discoveries deserve our attention.

    Thank you very much,

    Best Regards,


    1. Good evening Al-Motaz, thank you for visiting us here at weight lifting for a beautiful world. These Are Not Mere vitamins that you received from his company, after your DNA test, you receive a 35-page report that tells you everything about your body and what it needs, and how your parents are involved in your DNA. These are vitamins / nutrient, you also receive a scientific recommendation on what foods that your body actually need so you can truly be healthy,  As far as the popularity of this company, there are a mess of people all over this planet that has found out about this company, that only has been around in the flood lights of the world a very short time. And the word is spreading by each moment by people like me that can see and understand the true value of what this company is doing. If you seriously want to be healthy and be the best that you can be in everything that you are involved in in this world,  and  if you truly sincerely want to be the healthiest that you can possibly be,  you need to contact this company and sincerely understand the true value of what this company is doing for mankind.  It is the future and the future is now, it is the holy Grill  of nutrition.  Once again we thank you for visiting us, and if it is anything at all that we can do for you by all means reach out to us.  May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours, Paul Earl.

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