This outrageous search for a COVID-19 vaccine has been on the way since March 2020 with the huge drug companies such as Moderna and Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson who are competing to be the first to develop one, and I personally do not believe it is only for noble reasons, and that is what scares me. The Almighty dollar, is definitely sitting in the front row seat. The governments of this world and researchers hope to provide billions of people with immunity in less than 18 months, which is an unprecedented pace for the creation of any vaccine of this nature. And this my dear friends is totally scary.

Covid-19 outbreak: the key to quicker vaccine development

There are more than 100 vaccines that are in development, with only one approved for limited use in China and Russia. Here in the United States, Operation Warp Speed is hoping to make enough doses of this new vaccine for hundreds of millions of Americans within the first part of 2021, this hinges on mass productions of vaccines beginning while clinical trials are still being done. (My question is where and how are they being done?). It is stated that one way researchers are trying to speed up the process is by developing RNA-and DNA-based vaccines, which I am told can be created much faster. (However, is it safe?).

But many experts think it will take longer, COVID-19 is a virus that’s between easy to make vaccines like those for polio, measles, mumps and chickenpox, and very difficult if not totally impossible, diseases such as HIV, malaria, and herpes says William Haseltine, who is a PhD. Dr Haseltine predicts that in the interim, antiviral medications such as the drug remdesivir (already authorized for emergency use by the FDA) as well as other drugs in development, will serve as a bridge for the newly infected and those at high risk of being infected, such as frontline healthcare workers.

People More Likely to Keep Their Distance If You're Wearing a Mask

However, for the rest of us, so says, our government, the safest bet is to follow their advice and to wear a mask when near others, socially distance and practice good hand hygiene. However, I’m not giving you advice at all, only the facts, you alone has to make the final decision, concerning doing anything to protect you and your loved ones, with the new vaccine. I have read articles, that were written by some of the most well-known doctors in California, that says that these masks don’t do anything for us, they just don’t keep anything out that is the bottom line. Also, I have seen a video that Mr Bill Gates made, that says that this new vaccine, will change the DNA in humans.

The COVID-19 strains that has spread like wildfire across Europe and in the U.S. have mutated S “spike” proteins that makes them about 10 times more infectious than the strand that was originally identified in Asia, according to the research at the Scripps Research Institute in California, you can see that in how the virus initially entered the country, the first person that was infected in the United States, for example, was a Chicago woman who came back from Wuhan in mid January 2020, however the virus did not spread much. It wasn’t until the most infectious strains had arrived, first in Washington State and then in New York, that we begin seeing eruptions.

What to know about the COVID-19 vaccine - UChicago Medicine

While the mutations does not make the virus deadlier, it makes it much more contagious. The mutation not only makes it easy for the virus to infect people, but more likely to spread, because patients with the new mutation seems to develop a higher viral load when infected, so there are higher amounts of virus circulating in their body, Haseltine explains. And this my dear friends, is particularly bad news because the original strain of COVID-19 was already very infectious to start out with.

The amount of virus that is necessary to make you sick is called the infectious dose, and viruses with low infectious doses, which actually means (it doesn’t take much to infect you) will spread rapidly in a population that hasn’t already been exposed to it, Haseltine explains. And if you receive a high infectious dose, you’ll have a higher viral load, the amount of virus that ends up being presented in your body. Higher doses of virus are thought to make COVID-19 symptoms much more serious.

Loud talking could leave coronavirus in the air for up to 14 minutes | MIT Technology Review

It’s hard to pinpoint how much contact that you would need to have with someone who is infected to become sick yourself. The CDC defines high risk exposure as being within six feet of someone, (with or without a mask, which makes what our California doctors said reliabler) for more than 15 minutes. But the reality is, it may be much less than that, no one really knows for sure, a lot of guesswork is being use. Thousands of droplets from the mouse of people who are talking loudly can stay in the air for between eight and 14 minutes before disappearing, according to a study that was published in the journal PNAS in June 2020. What this means is, unfortunately, you could potentially become infected simply by walking into a room that an infected person had left minutes earlier.

I know dear friends, the news about COVID-19 may seem doom and gloom, and to get right down to it, scare The living daylights out of all of us, however, there are some rays of hope that are emerging, they are therapies now that seemed to help relieve the symptoms and improve outcomes among critically ill patients, Haseltine says. Given that we still may be at least a year or two away from a real vaccine, these seem the best we can hope for.

Among the findings:

  • DEXAMETHASONE, this is a steroid that’s been safely used for decades to treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. AU.K. study released in June 2020 found that for those on ventilators, it slashed death rates by a third, and for those patients requiring only oxygen, by a fifth. It’s thought to ramp down the over- the- top immune response that can cause your body to start attacking its own organs.
  • INTERFERONS COVID-19 is thought to do some of this damage by disabling interferons, proteins that protect you from infection. Now the researchers are studying whether synthetic interferons given before or soon after infection can disable the virus. One of the early Chinese studies found that almost 2,500 people taking daily interferon nose drops avoided getting the virus.
  • MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES there are lab made molecules that mimic antibodies in your immune system they have been used successfully before to treat a very wide range of diseases, some of the drug companies giants like Eli Lilly and Regeneron are now researching antibodies that can actually block the COVID-19 virus from entering healthy cells.

Our genes may play a large role in how sick we could actually become, one of the great mysteries of COVID-19 is why that some people have only a mild illness, or sometimes with no symptoms at all, while others develop such severe respiratory distress that they require oxygen or even a ventilator to help them recover And of course, some, succumb to the virus.
Who is getting sick? A look at coronavirus risk by age, gender, and more

It is very true that there are certain risk factors for developing COVID-19 complications, that includes being over 65, also being obese, or having a chronic conditions such as kidney, heart or lung disease or type 2 diabetes. However, COVID-19 is no longer considered just a disease of, or for the old and sick, as it can have devastating consequences even in people who are young and healthy, Schaffner says.

The explanation, he says, may lie in part of our personal genes. A study that was published in June 2020 in the New England Journal, found that gene variants in two regions of the human genome are associated with more severe COVID-19 symptoms and an increased risk of death. The first one found on chromosome 3 and covering a custard of six genes encodes which is a protein that interacts with ACE2 receptors. The second pops up on chromosome 9, which is right over the area of the genome that determines blood type. (However this might help explain some of the early studies that found heaven an A type m lookingay raise the risk of developing the disease, while having an O blood type appears to be protective).

Racial Disparities in COVID-19: Key Findings from Available Data and Analysis – Issue Brief – 9515 | KFF

And what is even more intriguing: the first stretch of DNA linked to COVID-19 was passed down from Neanderthals 60,000 years ago (wow), it’s more common in South Asia, which may help explain why there are so many people of South Asian descent have gotten so sick from the virus. One of the theories is that it’s the relic of an immune response that was effective against the caveman viruses, but had ended up overreacting against the new coronavirus.

Another analysis of more than 17 million people in England, which is the largest study of its kind, has also found that gender, race and socioeconomic status also please large roles. Men were 50% more likely to die than a woman of the same age, South Asians and Blacks were 48% more likely compared to whites. Unfortunately there are no clear answers as to why, although for men, it is more lightly a combination of biology and behavior.

Coronavirus explained: Symptoms, lockdowns and all your COVID-19 questions answered - CNET

My dear friends, researchers are still puzzling over way some people seem more susceptible to COVID-19, why it can have such deadly effects on our bodies, and why others remain asymptomatic. But as scientists search frantically for an effective treatment and vaccines, one thing is definitely clear: Absolutely everything, that we know about COVID-19 is changing and it is changing rapidly. I want to say this in a very delicate way, however it is just no other way to do this, so hold your heads up, pull your shoulders back, be logical and face the truth.

The truth is, we are just beginning the good fight, and this virus is not going to go away anytime soon, there is no magic cure, and the world is never going to be the same again. And if we were even blessed with a vaccine that could eliminate this nightmare, it would have to be given to every person on this planet, and that is very unlikely to happen, if at all. However, us humans are strong, and we want to live, we will eventually find a way to live through this darkness and go on.

Masks and Shields: A Breakdown of COVID-19 Armor

I have given you the facts, and they are the truth, now you must do all that you can, to take these facts, and create the armor that you need to keep you and your loved one’s safe. You cannot give up, and you cannot ignore this, you must keep your eyes and ears open, to any and all information concerning COVID-19, and live the best life that you can, and know in your heart, life will go on, and that you can do this.


May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.

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  1. Thank you for this comprehensive on COVID-19.  I agree with you that it’s going to be a long fight and I further agree with your thoughts on the vaccine.  The fact that this vaccine was not even thought about 1 year ago and now they want people to line up to stick as many as possible.  Because of this crisis, I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies will be immune to legal action if something goes wrong which is super scary! I will wear a mask and hope for the best but no vaccine for me!

    1. Good evening Cynthia, yes my brother I believe you fully understand what’s going on here. This Is The New normal, it’s never going away,you can bet your bottom dollar that the pharmaceutical companies are going to make sure that it never goes away. With this nightmare being in our lives, now the government can control us 100%. And only the rich and the elite outside of the government will know the absolute truth, and the ones that leak it out, well let me say this you won’t hear from them very long. Yes my brother these are scary times, and we must take care of ourselves and our loved ones. No one in my family across the US and Canada will be taking any of these vaccines, and definitely not me. Once again I think you for coming by and if my team or I can ever do anything for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. Hi,

    I found this read very interesting. And it’s good to know all these facts. So much has been said so I decided to come online to research.

    I’m happy to read this virus’ difficulty for making vaccines is moderate. Those are good news.

    Do you think COVID-19 has been targeted towards certain ethnicities/races?

    Thank you very much for this post.

    1. Good evening and and thank you for visiting us once again. These are very dark times and there’s so much going on behind closed doors, getting the truth on everything has been very difficult. Unfortunately dear sister I must tell you the world will never be the same, after this virus it would be two more strings of this virus to follow, which means we have to create another way to survive. As far as this virus attacking certain groups or should I say certain backgrounds, no I do not think so, my personal belief is those who are in power and the elite may possibly be targeting the older generation. The world is overcrowded,and the way that these people of darkness see things, those who are not able to give to the world in a big way are no longer necessary, I can only hope that I am wrong. No one in my family and the majority of my friends and myself will not be taking a vaccine, we see it as poison, even Mr Bill Gates made a video and he said it will change the human DNA, he is the one that also said in a new video that this virus will remain part of our world only in a higher form forever in a day.Please use good judgment and take care of you and your loved ones. We think you once again for coming by, and as always if it’s anything that we can do for you pleasereach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you humbly yours Paul Earl 

  3. Greetings, I share with you your doubts about the validity of the vaccine obtained in record time, which is distributed for free, and everything from media propaganda to sharing false information to vaccinating as many people as possible, and outcomes and side effects, are seen everywhere. I recognized it in the picture where two of them were sitting in Niska kay masks and she was pleasantly surprised. A big greeting from Niska Banja. It’s a lovely article, with a great message at the end.

    1. Good evening Jas, thank you for stopping by weightlifting for a beautiful world, and please forgive me for taking so much time to get back to you, it has been a lot on my plate. And as I read your words I see that we share the same opinion, something much more is going on in the background then our governments and the media are actually telling us. It’s one thing for sure, I will not take a vaccine and I also know that the majority of my friends and family are not taking this vaccine. I have also read where a few people have died from it, and people have had many side effects however, you don’t see any big news about that, a little odd don’t you think? Why is all this been covered up? Thank you for your kind words, my team and I just wanted to get the truth out to everyone that we can. And if it’s anything that my team or myself can ever do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

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