During the summer we all become thirsty, however is it important to stay hydrated in the winter? Yes it is, your bodily and water functions it enables, if you often exercise it is very very important, water is a force that aids delivery nutrient in our body’s, it also aids in waste removal. Water helps maintain our body temperature, water serves as a source for sweat.

Water cushions our tissue and organs, also lubricates our joints, we lose in the neighborhood of 60% of our bodies’ water through our urination, up to 90% can be lost from sweat during exercise. Depending on the environment, our sweat output can change, Even though in the cool-weather months we are not sweating as much, it’s alway important to replenish constantly.

It is a good idea to monitor your body weight before and after you exercise, let us say you lose a pound from that day of exercise, you always should replace one pound of weight lost with two to four cups of water. Keep an eye on the color and volume of your urine. A small volume of dark colored urine is telling you that you are not drinking nearly enough water.

Adequate intake for men and women over 18 years of age is 3.7 liters (125 ounces) for men. Women should consume 2.7 liters (91 ounces).However, let us remember every individual is different, based on activity level, age, climate, and daily activities.

Before exercise, you should consume 16 t0 20 ounces of water two to three hours prior. About 10 to 20 minutes prior, you should consume 7 to 10 ounces, typical glass size.

During exercise, the goal is to match urine and sweat output with fluid input. Try to be aware of how much you are losing (via sweat and urine) during your workouts. Typical recommendation is 7 to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minuter. For long-duration more than 60 minutes this is very important.

I sincerely hope this have given you some insight into how important water is for your body and your workouts

Humbly your Paul Earl

May your workout be all that you want it to be.

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  1. Hi there, this is a great reminder for me of the importance of drinking water. I currently live in the tropics so it’s warm all year round so it’s even more important to drink water as we lose some through sweating like you said. I also try to exercise as well so I lose even more. Do you have any suggestions for ways to drink more water or to remember to drink more water? I find that’s often my problem as at work I get focussed on a task and hours go by without me realising…

    1. Good evening, I am happy that you enjoyed this article I am also happy that you understand the importance of drinking water. Especially with you living in a tropical climate, when you throw in exercising on a regular basis as you mentioned, is even more important to have that water intake. As far as  giving you suggestions so that you will not forget to drink water. What comes to mind is what I do, have a water jug on your belt, have a bottle of water where you store your lunch, always have some bottles of water in the front part of your refrigerator, have a couple bottles of water in your vehicle. It works for me, I thank you for your comments, I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  2. This was such a detailed and well written article on water weather excercise that I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all you have enlisted here. I don’t joke with water intake; I have always known the benefits of water. I drink water irrespective of the season either summer or winter.

    Thanks for this eye opener. it is well appreciated

    1. Good evening to you I am in great joy that you appreciate this article and that you understand the importance of water. I have seen so many that actually avoid drinking water, replacing it with sugary drinks, power drinks, designer water. Not having the understanding that water is life, that it is a must if one wants a long quality life. without water the protein drinks, and all of the vitamins one may drink or take will not do its job without a sufficient amount of water within their body. I thank you for your comments, I truly hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful Word again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl

  3. Awesome InformationWhat an incredible blog post!I really love the way you outlined this article about water exercise. I have always learnt water is very essential to the body as it does the body ma y benefits. This is very educative  and i must say i cannot help but agree with everything that you had written. This is the most extensive article i have ever read. Thanks for your indepth analysis.

    1. Good evening, I am very pleased that you enjoyed this article, I’ve heard so often from people how they don’t drink a lot of water. They will say that they don’t like the taste of it, instead they are engaging in drinking soft drink beverages, power drinks, and beer and wine instead of water. It breaks my heart that there is so many that really don’t get it. It is a essence if one wants a long quality healthy life, I think you for your comments. I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      humbly your Paul Earl

  4. Thanks for these wonderful article on water weather exercise. Water is essential in the body. It aids digestion and is needed to replenish the lost one via swears and urine. I drink a lot of water on daily basis and I do feel great. It’s been a norm for me to drink water before taking breakfast and exercises. Your article is appreciated and helpful. Thanks 

    1. Good evening, I am so happy that you have the full understanding in the importance of water, for the human body. So many do not have this understanding, to live a quality life with many years it is a must. I think you for your comments, may your journey on the road of good health rewards you with a long life of happiness. I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Earl  

  5. Paul, thanks for your post. A timely reminder for me to increase my intake of water. I don’t drink half the recommended amount. I think not drinking enough does lead to bloating and other conditions related to digestion. I do have a question though. What about other drinks (say tea. coffee or cold drinks)? Do they count towards the recommended amount of daily water intake?

    1. Good afternoon to you. first I say to you, drink water, drink water, please drink more water. It is a must if you want a long quality good life. As far as your question goes, no it does not count as water, however green tea is very good for you also the new medical findings of coffee suggests that coffee is good for your memory as well with doing physical exercise. sugar drink are never any good for you, if you must have a taste in your water use a little lemon or lime. I think you for your comments, I sincerely hope that you will visit Weightlifting for a Beautiful World again.

      Humbly your Paul Eaul

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