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A very good day to you my friends,  on this day I am giving you a review on wealthy affiliate,  let us start by understanding what you can accomplish by creating your very own affiliate market business. It can allow you to go from a life constructed by a lack of money to one where you can completely be free to do what you want to do,  and when you want to do it and how you want to do it. A life where on a Wham you could book a first class ticket to one of the Caribbean islands and hang out on the beach  work from your laptop if you desired. Where once you had said I can’t afford it becomes no longer a part of your vocabulary,  living a new life where you can experience real freedom,  this is one of the beautiful things by being a part of Wealthy Affiliate, will offer you.


When I was a child my mother taught me the value of doing the right thing being kind to others always remaining humble,  she always offered me encouragement and believed in me more than anyone else.  She was always by my side in my business ventures no matter how crazy at the time they seem to be. She gave me the solid foundation in life that I needed  that became a pathway for me to end up here at Wealthy Affiliate. That is giving me the education and the means to acquire my dreams. I am not here today to promise you for certain that the information that I share here today with you will make you rich,  because it all comes down to how hard are you willing to work,  your tolerance of taking risks and your dedication to success.


Not everyone who becomes a part of Wealthy Affiliate will make a ton of money,  however not everyone who tries to lose weight by buying diet pills and exercise equipment will get the results that they desire.  Some people would rather stay home and stuff their face with pizza rather than exercise and stick to the diet plan. These are lazy people the same thing is true for anything that’s worthwhile,  you must want it with all your heart your mind and your spirit.  You must be willing to work hard to put your all into it, for instance the majority of people who set New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them,  the majority of people who started exercise program they give up,  at the end of the first week,  how many people who buy exercise equipment from late night information on television end up with the results that was described in that information,  very few,  why because they used the equipment for less than a week then folded it up and put it in the garage.


It Is so hard for many to stay dedicated to something that’s different or difficult even if it can be life-changing,  and I know for a fact that the majority of people who start to read this article will not finish it. However I am not interested in talking to the majority I am interested in talking to you and to the people who are at a point in their lives where they want and need to make a serious change. I am talking to you my friend yes you I am focused on you I want to show you what’s possible If and only if  you put in the required time energy and work and dedication and use the training that’s offered to you here at wealthy affiliate.


You can be a success story,  you can have anything in life you want if you are just willing to help others get what they want,  and here at Wealthy Affiliate you have the training to do just that. In this review concerning Wealthy Affiliate  I’m giving you a solution to the 9 to 5 rat race.  Now before we go any further the first thing I want you to really understand is that most traditional business models are inherited with flaws,  that’s right my friends most of what you been told about running your own business is very misleading.


Now we all know there are many different affiliate programs out there,  some of them pay 10% Commission others pay up to 50% Commission and there is others that even paid more. It all depends on what their costs is for fulfillment and how greedy or generous they are. If they’re greedy they pay out a tiny Commission however it won’t be many affiliates that would be a part of their program,  and why should they,  there are plenty of affiliate  programs out there that will pay you well with large commissions.  How this work is,  there are searching for people to draw attention and traffic to their business,  they will give you an affiliate link that will be unique just for you then you place ads outlining the merchandise or venture. Facebook and Google search engines find these ads by keywords in order to send traffic to your website.


Let me give you a for instance that you may not know or you may know,  however a huge percentage of the ads that you click on online aren’t actually played by the business owners selling the product. They are place by affiliate,  who are placing these ads to receive clicks (traffic) in order to earn commissions. You could go on Facebook at this very moment post a link to someone else’s website and have someone click that link,   that is what drives traffic sending people to websites the only difference between you and an affiliate marketer is that you are not getting paid to send the traffic yet.  You might be wondering why don’t business owners who have websites just placed their own ads without paying affiliate a commissioned. Well in reality most do however the internet is so enormous,  large,  that they choose to get  traffic also from affiliates because in that way they reach a larger audience. This technique is one of the things that you learn here at  Wealthy Affiliate.


Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to earn money online,  there is a learning curve however  this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into the light, you will learn what you need to know about these methods. You will also be taught how to use the right bait to attract your ideal customers,  how to get into the minds of your prospects,  how to target a prospective buyer and receive a response,  How to not look at your competition as a bad thing but looking at it as a good sign, because it means  there’s people out there making money. The people within the most profitable and the most successful niches are the ones that are offering something to ease the pain. To give solutions to their problems no matter if it’s emotionally physically or financially. The pain is what drives prospective clients to go searching online for answers,  this is where you come into the picture, placing the right ads in front of them.  The pain it self is what helps motivate them to take action right then in there and buy,  this is taught also by Wealthy Affiliate.


You will learn the language of marketing,  you will have the opportunity to choose any niche that you desire. Whatever niche that you’re going to promote Wealthy Affiliate will help you to write the correct ads to get the right people clicking onto your ads, leading them to your website.  You must keep in mind you need to have the necessary tools to attract your customers,  you will be taught how to think and stand in the same shoes and to look out the same eyes as your customers.


You will have a personal coach to Hold Your Hand,  To teach you all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing,  you will have live training that you can interact with,  you will be able to go to Wealthy Affiliate store House of training video whenever you desire. If you have a problem or question you have a community of thousands of enterprisers that are more than willing to help you. You will also have the help at any given time of coaches and staff at your fingertips. Here at wealthy affiliate we have one of the most sophisticated platforms on this planet,  you are able to have up to 10 websites with ease. You will have at your fingertips the use of Jaaxy keyword research also alphabet soup which gives you many unique ideas for key words and much,  much, more.


My friends this is an opportunity truly like no other,  where can you find a organization that is this large that is already making lots of money that has already build up a reputation for excellent that will give you the first month free. That you will not need to sign any contract, or to worry about any fine print,  or to provide them with your credit card information or your personal phone number. I tell you where,  no where my friends I have checked out all the training programs on Facebook,  yes you have some that will give you a 7 day trial or 14 day trial however 99% of them are asking for your credit card information and your phone number.  During that 7 day trial or 14 day trial there are emailing you or calling you to convince you  to come out of your pocket and give them some of your hard-earned money. That doesn’t never ever ever my friends happen with Wealthy Affiliate. There are no lies going on,  there are no con men tricks going on,   here at Wealthy Affiliate the owners and their staff are truly committed in helping you to succeed to be successful to have Financial Freedom.


I’m here today to tell you  it does not get any better than this,  Wealthy Affiliate is truly the home of affiliate marketing it will be no dead end streets here,  if you will apply yourself to attaining success Financial Freedom you will always,  let me repeat myself,  you will always have the help that you need with any problem that has to do with your website or your affiliate marketing business,  there will never be a closed-door to you my friends.


If you’re truly interested in starting a affiliate online marketing business,  it’s never been a time better than now to begin,  large companies like the likes of Amazon are seeking people to become a affiliate. Because of the enormous amount of people who are now buying online,  the future is now the time to jump on this bandwagon is now. I know you may have a question how much does all this cost,  the answer is the first month is free and I mean free not one penny needs to come out of your pocket,  the second month will cost you $19,  the third month is when you begin to pay $49 a month,  after that there is no more increases. This my friend is the real thing you will have all the tools at your disposal that you will ever need in affiliate marketing.


When you make the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate I promise you,  you will have no regrets,  you will remember this day that you took your life back and created a life on your own terms. It will become a day that you will remember for happiness and contentment with tears of joy. Yes my friends this would become a day that your heart your mind your spirit will celebrate forever,  because you made the decision to make your life a successful,   a truly happy one. Today at this moment I am inviting you to come into the inside to experience all that I have been saying without giving your credit card information without making or having to make a  final commitment. Only to see for yourself,  to experience all that I have wrote about,  to begin your journey to Financial Freedom today my friends. In this review concerning wealthy affiliate I have gave you the keys to open the doors to your dreams, however it is up to you to make the decision to use these keys or not. May Prosperity be with you.

Humbly yours Earl Richardson





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2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate -Review

  1. Thank you, Earl. I’ve been struggling to promote my business’ page without any affiliates to bounce off of. The internet is an ocean and finding a way to squeeze a few more drops in to spread around can be an incredible struggle. I look forward to developing a new focus and ending the aimlessness of trying to accomplish these things independently.

  2. Good evening my friend, you are so correct in the terminology that you use, there are many wolves and vultures on Facebook that are searching for victims to lead down a dark alley to a dead end to only take your money. When I join Wealthy Affiliate I was blessed, with all the tools that I would need in affiliate marketing. Where the owners their selves are dedicated to the success of the W,A, community, where you have ongoing training from A TO Z. You will not find a better internet training organization then W,A, if you have made the decision to join W,A, you have made the right decision. If you need help at any time, please reach out to me. May Prosperity be with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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