It is your time, take advantage of this unwanted disaster in our world, you have more time than ever to walk through the door of a new life. Take a leap of faith and start the new year right. It’s time to listen to your inner wisdom, infinite possibilities are right here under your nose, you only have to open your eyes to wealthy affiliate. This training program is for people who are willing to put in the work, in order to enjoy lots of true financial freedom in the future. It’s time to take a bold step forward in the directions of your dreams, don’t pass up this extraordinary opportunity, open your arms to the success you desire. Don’t let the struggles and hardships of the present hold you back. Let wealthy affiliate guide you towards an incredible destiny that can most definitely be yours.

Telecommuting will likely continue long after the pandemic

It is not very surprising that the interest and working from home has skyrocket over the past 12 months or so. Across this planet there has been a huge shift in the way people work and earn, internet and affiliate marketing is the new normal, and you don’t want to be left behind only to scrap for crumbs.

This is not some quick get rich organization, wealthy affiliate has been around for over 15 years with over a million members. It is one of the most respected training platforms on this planet. Some of the most well-known big dogs that are into internet and affiliate marketing receive their training from wealthy affiliate, and this is the undeniable truth.

A Prayer for Open Doors and New Opportunities

This can now be the beginning of your exhilarating journey. The worries, apprehensions, and uncertainties, will say goodbye. It is high time for you to take on a new challenge and be receptive to new opportunities. My dear friends, this is not the time to be in your comfort zone, take that leap of faith and this might be the lifelong chance that you have been praying for. You can now start your own unique path, that you have buried down deep inside of you. Be strong, stand up and claim your rights to prosperity and true freedom.

7 Things You Should Know To Reach Your Dreams

I have personally gone through this training, I can honestly say it changes my life, in fact it was the savor of my life, after I had been ripped off twice on Facebook by two different so-called marketing gurus that left me in a dead-end alley with there empty words and my empty pockets. Find the courage and confidence in your decisions and take a big step forward in the direction of your dreams. So if you are ready to take back your power, read on to discover how you can magnetize every hope, aspirations and dreams that you have for yourself this year.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program (Essential Info)

Wealthy affiliate is the real thing, it is a university for internet and affiliate marketing, and everything, absolutely everything concerning internet and affiliate marketing is taught, nothing is left out, and you are able to work at your own pace, and receive a personal coach if you want one with no additional costs. You will also have your own website, that you will absolutely build with ease, no experience will be necessary. And here are some of the classes that will be available for you.

  • SEO

As you can see there is a ton of value waiting for you, and these are not even half of the classes that are available. There are always hundreds and hundreds of training videos available for you 24/7. There are many live classes available also, one of the most popular is on Friday at 8:00 Eastern standard Time with Jay. He is an Einstein concerning internet and affiliate marketing, and to this day you can bet your bottom dollar I’m there every Friday like a sponge soaking up all of his knowledge that I can gain, and I have been a member since April 2018, wealthy affiliate just gets better and better.

America's middle class doesn't really exist - Vox

The American dream has become a joke, all you have is debts, bills, and the fear of a complete economic collapse. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, you just can’t provide that life you want for yourself and your family. It’s time to wake up my friends, step out of your comfort zone, and let wealthy affiliate give you a hand up. Let wealthy affiliate help and guide you towards that incredible destiny that can be yours. Let wealthy affiliate empower you to achieve more.

11 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs

You can have that glorious comeback you have been long for, you deserve wealth and happiness. What you are being offered, what your future could hold is rare, an opportunity like this won’t come around twice. Don’t lose your greatest chance, don’t let go of your dreams, open your arms to the success you deserve. Open your eyes wide, and you will see the new world of the internet. People are going to school, attending every class known to man on the internet. By each given day, more and more people are doing their shopping on the internet, no matter what that shopping may be.

Tips on how to make the most of online shopping

The internet is the new shopping mall, the internet is the new school, College, University. The bottom line is, everything that we used to do throughout the world can, and is being done on the internet. The time is now, this is the future and the future is now. You want to be prepared, you want to have the best training possible, because the doors of the future are now open, and the ones who walked through these doors will prosper, will secede beyond their dreams. However, you must have the correct training, or the big dogs will walk over you, because the big dogs, did receive the right training and they have been a part of internet marketing for a while.

Wealthy affiliate is the best internet and affiliate training platform in the world and absolutely no one can honestly say any difference. You can now walk through the door, absolutely free, for 30 days with no commitments at all. You don’t need to give out your credit card number, you won’t need to give your phone number, and you won’t need to buy anything at all at any time, and no one will ever ask you to do so.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform - Video Tour -

Wealthy affiliate is the real thing, this opportunity for you is the real thing, you will have 30 days to decide if wealthy affiliate is a fit for you or not. After the 30 days, if you want to remain a member, the second month will only cost you $19, the third month, if you want to continue to be a member, it would only cost you $29 a month, that’s right you hurt me correctly, however, if you want to be a premium member like myself it will cost you $49 a month, less than a good cup of coffee a day, you have coaches on many of the social media platforms, that are charging anywhere from $200 and up per month and you would not even receive 10% of what wealthy affiliate will give you, and you can have a coach if you want at no added costs. If you doubt me at all, check it out, my dear friends, it just doesn’t get any better than wealthy affiliate.

True happiness isn't about being happy all the time

You deserve wealth and happiness, if you are willing to put in the work, your life can be as you want it to be, filled with happiness, success, prosperity and a sense of purpose. The time is now, don’t overthink this, you know in your heart this is the right thing to do. Embracing a new perspective isn’t always easy, but like a caterpillar struggling to become a butterfly, the struggle will give strength to your wings so you can fly. If you’re ready for your life to change, stand up for your dreams, click the link below and walk into a new world, where all things are possible.

May good health and prosperity be always with you.

Humbly yours Paul Earl.


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    1. Good evening and thank you for visiting us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. Yes indeed wealthy affiliate is the number one training platform on this planet. And if you have ever thought about working from home, now is the best time ever to do so.More people than ever are looking to the internet to do their shopping to go to school and everything that they used to do in the world, this Is The New normal. Wealthy affiliate is now allowing people to join up free for 30 days with absolutely no commitments, no credit card information is needed you don’t even have to leave your phone number, this is the real deal.You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, you will have your own website that you will be able to put together with ease no experience necessary.And absolutely everything to do with internet or affiliate marketing is taught at wealthy affiliate. And the community of over a million people is out of this world absolutely everyone will be rooting for your success and help you in any way that they can. I sincerely hope to see you in the inside, and if it’s anything at all that I could ever do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  1. Working from home, I believe, can be described as before COVID-19and after. In the midst of these difficult times and even unemployment, many have turned online to bring food to their tables. But as it happens in many other areas of life, training is needed. It’s wonderful that we can get enrolled in this platform for free.

    Do we have to have some experience as writers to benefit from this training?

    1. A beautiful good afternoon to you Ann, and it’s very nice to see that you have stopped by to hang out with us. Without a doubt the times are changing, and we must adapt to the new world, or we will be left behind with regret. You are very correct, the internet is the new frontier and like the old west those who have bravery in their hearts will cross this wonderful new land of the internet and fine the new pot of gold, as in the gold Rush of yesteryears. However, we must keep in mind, as with any career no matter what it might be we must have the correct training in order to prosper, and that best trust training is with wealthy affiliate, who are the champions of creating the new warriors of the internet. Once again, I think you for stopping by and hanging out here at weightlifting for a beautiful world, if it’s ever anything at all that we can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity hold you tight always. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. I tried doing it on my own for five years, doing everything on my own, refusing to pay for services or invest anything into my site thinking I could do it all organically without any help. Boy was that a mistake. Wealthy Affiliates did more for my blog in two months than I managed to do in five years. They are amazing. Kyle is attentive and helpful. He answers back right away and help me when I screw up.

    1. A most wonderful evening to you DashDNations, we humbly thank you for stopping by. I have also had a similar experience as you, I put out lots of money for off the Wall training that promised me the world however did not deliver. I got ripped off by two supposed to be marketing gurus from Facebook. Then by the mercy of almighty God, a friend turned me on to wealthy affiliate, and my life begin to change, the sun shine of prosperity shined on me, and I will always be indebted to wealthy affiliate, what a beautiful thing it is.With all my heart I think you once again for hanging out here at weightlifting for beautiful world. And if it’s anything, anything at all that we can do for you by all means reach out. May good health and prosperity always walk by your side. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  3. As you well mention on your article, last year it was a huge change around the world, with more people staying at home most of the time, thinking about getting a job or starting an online business have been a thought in my mind over and over, so I decided to talk to one of my sons and he told me about starting a website on something I love to do could be a good idea for a person who is willing to start its own online business, so I decided to look for some information on the internet and today I found your website, it looks like Wealthy Affiliate has everything I need to start learning all about a website and affiliate marketing, my question is if this is something I can do even if I’m a late babyboomer and living in Canada? 

    1. A most wonderful good evening to you Alejandra, and welcome to weightlifting for a beautiful world. This is the time, for everyone that wants a prosper future, to pull up their sleeves open their computer, and add value to the world. The internet is the new shopping mall, the new schools and colleges, the new way of receiving legal help, the new way for all things that we once done throughout the world before this nightmare of a virus intruded in our way of living. However, as I said in this article, for one to secede with a internet business, he or she must have the correct training, as a doctor would go to medical school before becoming a doctor the same applies to a internet or affiliate marketer, and this is the undeniable truth, wealthy affiliate is the best training platform on planet Earth. To answer your question a big yes, you are a perfect candidate for internet or affiliate marketing, I say this because you have seen the world in many different colors and flavors throughout your life, and you will work with logic love and value, and it definitely does not make any difference what country you may be from. We thank you once again for hanging out with us here at weightlifting for beautiful world, if it’s ever anything that we can do for you give a yell and we will be there. May good health and prosperity be a part of your life always. Humbly yours Paul Earl.

  4. I joined Wealthy Affiliate mid September of 2019. I’m still active on the platform, have a steady traffic train from SEO, and have been lucky enough to start seeing real change in my life regarding financial freedom. It takes time to fully understand what everything is all about but regardless of that, anyone can join. I joined in not even knowing what affiliate marketing was, and right now I’m improving my work ethics and my knowledge on my online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a great start for anyone. 

    1. Good evening Stephanie, we thank you for visiting us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. I also joined in April a 2018, I was a complete dinosaur to computers all together, and I did not know very much about internet or affiliate marketing at all. I read blogs on  the social media platforms concerning affiliate marketing and I knew this is what I wanted to do. After being ripped off a couple times by the so called marketing gurus on Facebook, I was lucky enough that a friend pointed me in the direction of wealthy affiliate, and my life has been changed in a very big way, wealthy affiliate save me. So I can definitely relate to all that you have said, and you are 100% correct Wealthy affiliates training platform is definitely the best for anyone that wants to be involved with internet marketing, it’s just isn’t a better training platform on this planet. Once again I thank you for hanging out with us, and if it’s ever anything that we can do for you by all means please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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