I have been asked by many of you, what are my recommendations for men’s weightlifting shoes. Also my recommendations for weightlifting shoes, woman. My answer is not going to be anything that you may think. My recommendations for men’s weightlifting shoes, and for weightlifting shoes, woman, are you ready?


A good quality comfortable running shoe or tennis shoe with ankle support. You do not need to go out and buy shoes that are solely for the purpose of weightlifting.


Throughout the many years that i have been in the weightlifting sport, people that i have met, and the people that i know that are in the weightlifting sport, none of them or me wear anything other than tennis shoes or a running shoes. However, i have seen a few people at powerhouse with steel toe boots on. It is not necessary unless you’re a little paranoid or a little clumsy and you are dead lifting with very heavy weight. Well alrighty now you have my recommendations for men’s weightlifting shoes, and weightlifting shoes, woman.


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