It’s a new year, a year that you can truly make your dreams come true. A year of success, a year of happiness, a year of prosperity, it is all in your hands. However, you got to be brave, you got to take action and the doors will open. I am sure you have asked the question, why is it, all these people are successful?, what am I doing wrong? What do they have that I don’t have? Well my dear friends, if you want to face the truth? I will tell you. They have the training, the correct training, they have learned what tools they need and how to use them. They have learned what steps need to be taken, and so can you. And if you up for the challenge, 2021, can be the best year ever for you.

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I am sure you have heard the term, if you do the same old thing, the same old way, and expect different results, it is ludicrous, totally insane. You already know, the outcome of the ways you have tried to succeed in the past, and if it wasn’t successful, you know deep inside something is wrong. Let us please drop our ego, and do what’s best for ourselves and our loved ones, a life of abundance, a life of happiness, a life without the worry, where the money is going to come from to take care of our loved ones and give them a good life, if this is truly what you want, read this entire article, I’m going to help you, for real.

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But please promise me, don’t let yourself get caught up in doubt, in fear, or distractions. You have an opportunity today to be a part of a training platform that represents, honesty, wisdom and integrity. A training platform that has been around for over 15 years, with over a million members in the community, that is the largest University for internet and affiliate marketing on this planet. And today you can walk through the doors absolutely free for 30 days with no commitments. You will have the opportunity to decide if it’s a fit for you or not. So now, let us walk around this University, so you can receive a bird’s eye view of this remarkable one of a kind training platform.


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  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Local marketing
  • Keywords
  • Email marketing
  • Conversions
  • YouTube
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Optimizing your business
  • Amplifying your writing
  • The mind map to production model
  • Niche selection
  • e-commerce
  • Creating a successful business online
  • Creating quality videos
  • Affiliate bootcamp

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are a ton of more classes, everything, absolutely everything to do with internet and affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate has a class for it. There is nothing left out, absolutely nothing, you will not have to seek training from anyone or any place else. You can learn at your own pace, no one will rush you in any way. This is a 24-7 University, with hundreds of training videos that you can view at any time. If you ever have a question, it will be answered.

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You will also have your own website, up to 50 if you choose so, that is built with ease. Your website will literally be up and running in less then an hour, these are world press websites. If you ever have any problems with your website, sight support is ready to help you immediately. You also have a community with over a million members, that will help you as well. This is a community that sincerely cares about your success, and that would do anything to help you achieve your dreams. The owners, are always on board to help you also, they are an active part of the community, because they truly care, it is not just about the money.

You can have a life coach if you choose so, with no extra cost. Every Friday there is also a live class, that is taught by Jay, you can ask questions, and they will be answered, his classes are very popular in our community. Some of the major hitters receive their training from wealthy affiliate, and a lot of them are still members, because of the value that wealthy affiliate gives. I have also made a commitment to myself, no matter how successful that I may become, or how much money I make, I will always remain a member of wealthy affiliate.


Free Online Training Classes at Wealthy Affiliate Review | Online Passive Income Opportunities

  • Building your own traffic producing website
  • Getting your business rolling making money
  • Mastering social engagement
  • The customer purchase life cycle
  • Achieving maximum success through content
  • The diamond traffic program
  • keyword, niche, and marketing research
  • Authority & writing content
  • W.A. affiliate program
  • Everything worldpress

And there are so many more classes that you can attend if you choose so, on every topic imaginable concerning internet and affiliate marketing. This is the real thing people, this is not one of those wishy-washy programs, that will promise you the world, but never deliver. And there is never a surprise, with someone trying to sell something to you that you don’t need, in fact no one will ever try to sell you anything.

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If you truly want to succeed in internet or affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate is truly the place to be, it just doesn’t get any better. And don’t forget, your first 30 days is totally free, you have 30 days to decide if it’s a fit for you or not. As you can see, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. The very worst that could happen, you decide it’s not a fit for you, and you walk away with much more knowledge than you had when you join.

You now have the opportunity, to step into a new reality of limitless opportunities. Rise through the ranks and become not just a success, but a king or queen over your destiny. You will become overwhelmed with an unmatching sense of joy and happiness. This is your chance to break free from the same overwhelming obstacles, the same heartbreaking disappointments, the same painful struggles of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

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You will be able to live your life filled with unmatching beauty, and this new pathway to bring it into your life, is standing right before your eyes, wealthy affiliate. All you need to bring with you, is belief in yourself, knowing in your heart that you can do this. With a mindset for success. You will absolutely have, any and all the help that you will ever need, wealthy affiliate will not abandon you.

How many times have you thought that life is unfair? and how many times have you thought that you deserve much more than destiny has offered you?. This is your chance for you to move out of the past, and into a future filled with possibilities, and to have an amazing life, one you truly deserve. And that means taking chances and allowing new things into your life. You have today, a true opportunity, to open the doors that you need open. To become the person that you truly want to be.

My dear friends, let this day be the day that you choose you. Let this be the day, for you to always remember, you were brave, you believe in yourself, that you took the necessary action, for your loved ones, and for yourself. Let this be the day that you will always remember, for the beginning of your success, a story that you will be able to pass down to generation to generation. I believe in you, and I sincerely hope, that you believe in you and your abilities. Hold your head high, pull your shoulders back, take the necessary action, and click the link below. Walk through the door of your success, of your new life.

May prosperity and good health be always with you.

Humbly yours, Paul Earl.

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  1. This is very true wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn the skills needed to succeed online and it’s a wonderful place to start your business online probably the best there is honestly. They provide a great service that I have benefited from tremendously. I have been a member since 2018 and I truly love the experience at wealthy affiliate I’ve received. This is the go to place for being successful online.


    1. Good evening Jonathon Howard, and we think you dearly for stopping by to visit us. You said it all my friend and it is the truth. Every inch of success that I have at this moment is because of what I have learned from wealthy affiliate, I join also in 2018, April to be precise, after I got ripped off by two different supposed to be Facebook marketing gurus. A friend told me about welfare affiliate and it’s been all uphill since. And is less than a  good cup of coffee a day. There’s absolutely no where on this planet that you can receive the necessary training to be successful that compares anywhere close to what welfare affiliate will give you, and wealthy affiliate never ever abandons you. Once again, I think you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world, and if it’s ever anything that we can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  2. What a beautiful post and it is written in a most intriguing way. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the best place to learn affiliate marketing. Any place that has been doing affiliate marketing for over 15 years must know the business inside and out, and be able to teach it well. Having that large a membership shows that many people trust and learn from the university. What is your favorite part of the training that has served you the most?

    1. Good evening, Carolyn, and thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. After I had been ripped off twice by 2 so-called marketing gurus on Facebook, I was ready to give up until a friend turned me on to wealthy affiliate. And was I in for a big surprise, this was truly a university for affiliate marketing and it just doesn’t get any better. All of my success I owe too wealthy affiliate, and I made a promise to myself if I ever become successful I would turn on as many people that I could to just extraordinarily training platform, and that’s exactly what I am doing. My favorite part of the training is when one of the owners whose name is Kyle jumps in the soup and teaches you with his heart. I have so much respect for this man and his partner Carlson, they are the best. Once again, I thank you for visiting us and if it’s ever anything that me or my team can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  3. Hello,  I am very interested in Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.  I have been working on being able to create an income on the internet for the past 10 years or more.  Just recently I started to work on Affiliate Marketing and I have had many people tell me not to bother.  Well, I don’t listen to them  I keep reading and learning and trying anyways.  I do all the time find the negative reviews – I keep in mind.  My results may be different than the next persons.  Some people are doing it so i know I can too.  I just need a system and then need to repeat it.  Thank You for your site.  Much appreciated and I got a lot of encouragement from reading your posts. 

    1. Good evening Connie, and we thank you for hanging out with us here at weightlifting for a beautiful world. As I have said in this article there just isn’t a better training platform on this planet, anything, and everything that you may want to learn is here for you taught  to you by the best of the best. And if you’re serious about this journey you have made a very wise decision, if you have became a part of Wealthy affiliates community. And if it’s anything at all that I can help you with please reach out to me, I’m only a call away. Once again we thank you for visiting us and if it’s anything at all, absolutely anything reach out to us and we will be there. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  4. Your post is timely. At the end of 2019, I began reviewing my progress here on WA. I started in 2008, but didn’t get far because I always took breaks. Those breaks were due to fear. Fear I couldn’t succeed. Fear I didn’t deserve to be successful. I finally broke through. I became consistent. I started taking my business seriously. I started outsourcing – hiring people to do the things that were taking up too much of my time, while I focused on the other stuff that needed to be done. I’m sure 2021 will be an immensely successful year for me. 

    1. Good evening Shalisha Alston,  and thank you for stopping by, I do understand, however in order to secede you must be persistent, you must be focused, you must put your heart and spirit in all that you do. Even on a days that you don’t feel like it you got to kick yourself in the butt and take action, and no matter what you don’t give up, you keep going, because the majority of your people that quit are within inches of seceding. And you must remember all failure has value. Once again thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful worldif, it’s ever anything that I or my team can do for you by all means reach out, I’m very happy that you decided to put your all into your business. May good health and prosperity be always with you humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  5. Hello there, This is was impressive. I really appreciate you alot for sharing this beautiful piece of information. I really enjoyed going through this every part of the article. I am very happy I came across this because it has alot of usefulness in the world at large. Wealthy affiliate makes one a very happy person becuse learning first then making money with the same platform is honestly the best thing that can happen to someone.

    1. Good evening Oviss, and thank you for visiting weightlifting for a beautiful world. Yes indeed, without a doubt wealthy affiliate can be a lifesaver for many, it sure was for me. It’s the very best platform for training on this planet and that is the undeniable truth. However, you have to do the training and if you will you can be successful, because nothing is left out and you have all the help that you can ever use. To this day I’m one of the happiest people in the world that I joined wealthy affiliate and I join in  2018 April, and because of welfare affiliate I am living my dream. Once again, thank you for visiting us and if it’s ever anything that we can do for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you humbly yours, Paul Earl.

  6. Hi there, Thanks for sharing another impressive piece of information. Your efforts on making such an admirable article is most appreciated. Really glad I came across this. I really do agree with every bit you have said here! I joined wealthy affiliate this year! Really the best decision I have made In a while

    1. Good evening Rorodote, and thank you for stopping by weightlifting for a beautiful world. And thank you kindly for those wonderful words.You made the best decision ever my friend, as I am sure you aware of. Wealthy affiliate was definitely my savior, and now I am living my dreams, and it could not have been done without wealthy affiliate.I made a promise long ago if I ever became successful I would tell the world about wealthy affiliate, and that’s what I’m doing. Once again thank you for stopping by and if we could ever do anything for you please reach out. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

  7. Oh, this is the main reason why I always tell people that they should never forget to red reviews from the internet because it will help enlightening them about those scams that claim to help one make so much for doing very little wealthy affiliate is a good program mad everyone you’ll try to taninntoo the full duty of e platform and make money from it

    1. Good evening Aug, thank you kindly for hanging out with us.Without a doubt, it is the undeniable truth, welfare affiliate is the best training platform on this planet, and no one, absolutely no one can touch this. If a person truly wants to succeed in what we are doing, they need the best training possible, and wealthy affiliate is the place to be as you know. Thank you once again for stopping by, and if we can ever do anything for you please give a yell. May good health and prosperity be always with you, humbly yours Paul Earl.

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